Welcome to the Land of Eldemore!

Anniversary Event is Over

Our anniversary event has officially concluded! You will have until August 21st, 11:59 pm, EDT to collect and turn in tokens, or to collect any of the other anniversary pets or items. At that time, the event tokens will become useless, and active token trades will be canceled.

Thank you all so much for joining us for another great year! We hope you enjoyed it.

August Pets Released

August pets are out now, along with new Elemental Ligers in the Bazaar. Also, stay tuned for our 3 year anniversary event coming up this month!

New Avatars Available

Scmarshtacky, Benathorn, and Sphye have made some new profile avatars for our avatar gallery! You can change your avatar right here, or normally by clicking the Account link above, then going to the Profile Tab -> Edit avatar -> Display Gallery. Click the pull down menu and select a category to see the avatars. Simply select the one you want, then hit Submit. Enjoy!

New Eldsona Items in Bazaar

We're offering our first item sets in the Bazaar! We've got gold, silver, and jet jewelry sets for male and female eldsonas. We are also now offering item slot expansion under the "Extras" tab. Go check it out!

Codex Update - Lore Section

We've updated our Codex and Wishlist system, and also introduced a new Lore section! You can check out the complete announcement right here.

Announcing the Eldsona Beta

We're proud to bring you the beta version of our new avatar system, called Eldsonas! Since we're in beta, there are still bugs and unfinished features, but we wanted to roll this out so everyone knows what we're working on, and can give feedback.

For details and a tutorial, check out the official post here.

Want to know what time it is in Eldemore?

This site runs on Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5), so content generally changes and comes out around midnight.

Welcome to Eldemore!

Big Red

To start off, you can register an account for free! This will allow you to adopt pets and post in the forums. We have lots of species waiting to be found, so make sure to adopt them all! None of these pets require clicking or grinding to make them grow, just wait, and over the next month, they'll all grow on their own. Here is a guide for new users. It includes a list of some site features, rules, and an idea of what the future holds.

This site is still a work in progress. We have many features still being worked on, so improvements will continually be coming along. If you experience any glitches, errors, or other flaws, please report them. You can click on "The Team" button below to see a list of Administrators and Moderators. They are here to help you out!

Problems? Eldemore's support email address is:  support@eldemore.com

Enjoy your time in Eldemore!