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Re: Edgecliff Estate RP! Open!

PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2017 9:46 pm
by NightAssassin
(Ooo... Another Ancient? And it's sarcastic summoner? Oh, this'll be good! *Evil smirk* Also, who's Valeris? And I can't see the pic either. Must be my school's firewall.)

Glitch couldn't help but to smile seeing Valkas dressed in matching (pug themed) wool apparel. "And my fashion sense succeeds to appeal again. Hmm... Who should I get stuff for next? And I guarantee these next accessories will totally not be embarrassing at all!" Glitch said.

Then the door creaked open. In the door stood a girl with a... a... Rune Dragon that looked like a rubber duck? Oh, did Glitch mention there was a Liger too? Wait. Was she intentionally avoiding Glitch? "But hey, at least there's more pets I can buy cringy wool hats for," Glitch thought.

(Ahahahaha you guys like my signature's new addition?)

Re: Edgecliff Estate RP! Open!

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 1:08 am
by WereW0lf
Valeris is the Gatekeeper Ancient in Tundra's signature ^-^ Also I love what you did with your own siggy xD And welcome to the RP, Mathcat! x3))

Sanguine broke away from the amusing scene infront of her and gazed over to the newcomer, her ears perked up and she slowly rose to her four, her glowing white orbs pierced into the new human's ones. She's wary of the creature that had tagged along with the human instead; a liger. Sanguine would probably looked a bit more intimidating if she wasn't wearing a dorky matching Elkrin wool scraf and hat.

Kurono noticed the presence of another woman, she quickly strided over to her, flashed the woman her signature smile, her dimples showing "Hello! Welcome to the Estate! You can call me Kurono." She then pointed to the Jader, who was slowly approaching from behind her "That's my Oriental Jader, Sanguine, and..." She looked over her shoulders to where her sleipnir was, turns out that Valkas was already up on his feet, his whole body tensed at the sight of another predator in the room, he neighed in warning for the liger not to come any closer to him, she wouldn't blame Valkas, after all, all of their encounters with predator creatures in the past had never ended up well for the poor sleipnir. "Valkas.." She warned, he was being a bit rude to the newcomers, the sleipnir huffed and turned his head to a side in return.

"My apologize, Valkas's pride has been damaged quite a bit today." She gave a soft laugh when her sleipnir snorted loudly, shaking his head vigorously, finally successful in shaking the embarrassing hat off of him. She noticed that the addressed woman was avoiding the Ancient in the room it seems "And there's Glitch, don't worry, she won't going to do anything bad" She gave her a reassuring smile "I believe that you've come here in a bad time, ma'am, if you've noticed the awful blizzard outside, we're trying to fix this mess somehow." Kurono explained slowly, not wanting to stress anyone more than Sanguine already was, but then widened her eyes, she gave herself a soft smack on the forehead "Where are my manners, may we know your name, please?"

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 4:24 am
by Tundra
(shhh Vals a secret! lol JK. But you won't really be meeting val until you travel to the underworld. Just Kuar. You can find almost ALL his info here. I have so little built for him viewtopic.php?f=27&t=7238&hilit=+golden#p422672

My post is long as well, intos usually are. Your not working with others so you can build your own little dialogue etc.)

The cold crisp air filled Kuar's lungs as he takes in a long breath. The cold, a familiar feeling. He grew up in the mountains among the Nor's. He missed his home sometimes, but what would an immortal have left in a world where everything aged. As he finally let the breath out, the cold vapors left his lips and quickly crystallized on the edge of his lips. It was indeed, ver cold. But then again, this was normal to Kuar. It also didn't help that the tiny rune sitting on his shoulder in itself was made of ice. Pyry let out a trill of happiness seeing the frost on Kuar's lips and eagerly bounced.

Kuar was not amused, pulling the reins of his massive sliphner to continue down the path. It's not that he didn't care for Despona, it's how she was trained. Since they were not bonded, communication was not a thing for them. Her tiny foal playfully flapped her wings to catch up. Kuar smiled, he was indeed glad he was able to save these a few years back.

He came upon the mansion and paused, sensing something off about it. He lightly messed with the amulet on his neck, the stone glowing slightly as he thumbed it. His mental link with the stone allowed him to communicate with someone, who that was he wasn't about to say. Dismounting, he made his way closer to the mansion. It was then he knew why he felt uneasy. The weight of the misguided souls here almost made Kuar gag. He shook his head saying more to himself it seemed "looks like there is work to be done here"

He sighed, pushing one of the doors aside, disregarding the fact that this was someone else's home. He stood inside listening for awhile, the hair on his neck seeming to rise, and goosebumps crawl across his skin. He pushed it back, though, this was not the first time he had encountered the dead, after all, he practically lived with them every day. The sound of clattering chains seemed to echo in the air, the spectral form of an ancient suddenly whispering from the stone "Are you well summoner? I can sense much dread and death where you are" Kuar smiled slightly knowing Vals concern is sincere " I am well Guardian, no need for concern". Seeming happy with the answer, the clattering of chains dissipated.

Finally, he made his way slowly into the mansion. He paused, sensing the immense power residing inside the room not far from him. He knew this feeling, as he had once felt it before. But, his sense of caution was interpreted as a spirit passed through him. "Gah!" he gasped, it was NEVER a good feeling to have a spiritual being pass through you. He had to regain himself when he hears a woman speak. On his guard, he listens, not wanting to interrupt. He knew, though, it wouldn't be long before that ancient sense him, especially since the summoning stone kept within his necklace began glowing again. A massive clawed hand reached from the stone grasping a wayward spirit and dragging it back into the stone. "VAL" Kuar said in alarm, not expecting such an act to happen. For sure now he would be discovered. He could hear Val chuckling and let out a huff in defiance at the ancients antics.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 1:03 pm
by Mathcat
Kyra stared at the dog for a moment. Well, perhaps the sleipnir and the Ancient weren't the strangest things in the room after all. On the other hand, this was coming from a woman who routinely carried a rubber ducky rune dragon perched on her shoulder like a very odd parrot. The dog was, well, probably better dressed for the weather than she was. At least it looked friendly.

Luckily, before Kyra had a chance to get too worried about the way the dog was staring at her, the dog's owner came over to introduce herself and her creatures. The dog's name was Sanguine, which fit. Better than Mister Quackers, at least. Kyra smiled back at Kurono. "I'm Kyra. The rune dragon is Mister Quackers - he chose the name - and the liger is Claude. You don't need to worry about Claude," Kyra added. The sleipnir, at least, looked nervous, and she was fairly sure that neither she nor Mister Quackers were the cause of that. Funny that the room as a whole seemed more at ease with an Ancient than with a liger. "He is - or was, at least - a recruiter for the Keepers. Never seemed to think I was Keeper material, though - probably just as well. He's more civilized than some humans I've encountered. I've often wished we had a language in common so we could talk properly." Claude glanced at the nearest bookcases, then at Kyra, then at the other individuals in the room. With a sigh, he sat down at Kyra's side, curling his tail around his legs.

"As for the blizzard, I'm sure you have as much of an idea of what's going on as I do," Kyra said with a shrug. "I mean, I had noticed that this seemed to be a particularly hard winter, but that's about it." She shook her head ruefully. "I've been on the road long enough that I couldn't tell you what month it is, let alone whether it's unusual to have blizzards this late in the season. As for doing anything about it, well, I'm no Ancient of Weather." Ancient of Winter? Ancient of Snow? There had to be some Ancient who made blizzards. "On the other hand, if it'll get me out of the cold for a few hours, I'm sure I can find some way to help."

Kyra thought she heard someone call out from the hallway and turned to look. Another new arrival?

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:14 am
by Livingdebgirl
{{Welcome Tundra and Math!}}

She watched the snow fly from the uppermost tower of Edgecliff Estate. The dead trees swayed in the wind, not a creature could be seen, and it seemed EverWinter was truly taking its toll as lost souls gathered like a wave of distress upon the Estate.
Oblivions human armies, as well as EverWinter, that Dis Pater had cursed upon the land because of Oblivions evil minions had caused many lost lives.
She felt the cold reassurance on her shoulder, as Igor appeared next to her.

Madame, you have new guests. Here is the map of the fork in the 5 rivers. Only one leads you to Dis Pater, Pina, the ferryman and the Return of Spring. I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but I chose to remain here and not seek the Underworld. You and your friends must find it yourself. Now I must prepare tea for our guests, and maybe a hot stew for your Journey

And he was Gone.
She studied the map and knew where the fork was. She was sure she had been there with Korono, Sanguine and Valkas. All the lost souls sitting on the banks of the river...
She raced down the steps of the tower to the library. had a wardrobe Malfunction with her gown,(Thank Goodness Glitch suggested pants)
And came face to face with the most curious scene.
Igor served tea and stew as everyone chatted amongst themselves.
She knew the newcomers, some way, somehow.
Kyra took her breath away. She had met her in many different forms, many different Worlds.Kyra was much more than a wanderer.
Hmmm, a Summoner Necromancer, called Kuar, I may need them to help with all the lost souls. I cannot send the lost souls to Oblivion for that will not bode well. Dis Pater may take them in..

Hello everyone! I have the map to five Rivers and 1 will lead us to the Underworld. I know not what we will face there, so I suggest you all bundle up, gather your weapons and On to the Five Rivers!^^

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:34 pm
by NightAssassin
"Well hello Mr. Quackers and Claude! So, what's up? Bad weather I'm guessing? Yeah, Dis Pater is probably super depressed right now. He kidnapped Pina so now we're kinda trapped in this eternal storm of Dis Pater's angst and snow. Plus, everyone's dying. I would check the death toll, but I'm too lazy to. Yeah, I'd rather stay here and read. Also, I'm kinda waiting on Deb to introduce us to 'Visiting The Underworld 101.' Well, we all are," Glitch said as she accepted a cup of tea from Igor. "If anyone's pets need some winter clothes, just tell me," Glitch chirped as she pulled out her phone and plugged her headphones in. My Chemical Romance started playing.

I am not afraid to keep on living
I am not afraid to walk this world alone
Honey if you stay, I'll be forgiven
Nothing you can say can stop me going home
- Famous Last Words, My Chemical Romance

"How appropriate," Glitch thought sarcastically. She figured that she would take the opportunity of this awkward silence to examen the newcomers. Kyra seemed fairly normal, only Deb seemed to think that there were multiple Kyra(s) from different worlds. How odd. Mr. Quackers was your average Rune Dragon and far as Eldemorians went. Same with Claude. Although Valkas did seem a little unnerved my the Liger's presence. Glitch chuckled at the fact that Valkas successfully removed the hat. Sanguine didn't seem to have the same skill set.

There was someone else right outside the door. Someone with an Ancient. "An Ancient huh? Well, let the games begin! We'll see who wins. Gatekeeper VS. Glitch. Intriguing. Fate is by far weirder than me and that's saying something." Valeris grabbed a stray spirit into his Summoning Stone. "I'm so glad I don't have a Summoning Stone. That would be annoying."

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:02 pm
by WereW0lf
She smiled "Nice to meet you, Kyra... and Mr Quackers, yes? Glitch is absolutely right though, we're in the middle of this trouble with a..well.. someone from the Underworld who's the cause for this snow storm." She tilted her head to a side, leaning a bit forward to take a better look on the Rubber duck Rune Dragon, then turned to studied the only Liger in the room with a keen interest "I see, a recruiter for the Keepers, eh? I guess that explained why he hadn't jumped onto Valkas the second he saw him. Hm, that reminds me that it has been quite awhile since I've last visited the monks again, I wonder how are they doing now.." The last sentence is addressed to herself than anyone else in the room, but she shook her head, there's a more important thing to be concerned of right now. Valkas seemed to have calmed down a bit, but he warily wandered over to where his owner is standing, flicked his tail in victory he looked proud at himself like he had achieved some kind of grand conquest; taking the ugly hat off of him. He shot the Jader a victorious and teasing grin, Sanguine looked highly unamused, with a swift sweep of her paw, the hat was off of her head aswell, without messing her own coat up like Valkas did with his mane. The sleipnir agape, and Kurono swore that her Jader was smirking instead.

Kurono was about to said something in response to Deb, a call from the hallway interrupted her. Startled, she turned her head to the library's door and the main source of the noise coming from behind it. For some reason, there's a sort of unexplainable aura coming from where she was looking, she must have felt it through her bond; Sanguine. This feeling was strange and she does feel a bit distrustful, it was like the first time she has met with Glitch, but it's different somehow. She gave a nod to Sanguine, who right away headed toward the sound, Kurono padded her sheathed daggers as the Jader slowly emerged from inside, spotted the stranger standing in the hallway, her white hued orbs trained on him carefully, her ears perked and she gave a curious sniff, she has yet to bared her teeth at him, it was not wise to be the one that showed their hostile toward their opponent first. The Jader kept on pacing slowly until she's fully out of the library, her tail standing straight up as if warning the stranger that she won't hesitate to pounce if he made any sudden moves. Her eyes then focused on the glowing stone on his necklace, she could senses an amount of magical power coming from it.

All the while Kurono also showed up behind her Jader, her brown eyes studied the stranger infront of them "Hey now, San, be still.." She reassured her Jader "Hello there, are you here to take shelter from the blizzard too?" She bit her tongue, chose her words carefully, she doesn't know whether if she should trust this person just yet, asking for his name is out of the question, but due to her outgoing and friendly nature, she couldn't help but being a little nosy aswell, just needed to selected her words carefully when dealing with this person, and to avaoid unnecessary conflicts. Slowly taking steps toward to stand beside her Jader, her eyes not leaving him, she took a quick glance over to the sloghtly crouching Jader beside her, and noticed that Sanguine seems to be having her eyes on stone kept within his necklace.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 5:51 am
by Tundra
(Person behind the screen speaks to the glitch, breaking the 4th wall.
pssst, Glitch my darling ALL Ancients have Summoning stones. Your even TECHNICALLY a copycat as your based off the ancient of pestilence but that makes sense for you. NORMALLY once used they disappear depending on the pact made with the human/creature (cursed pacts are eternal and result in immortality quite often, blessed pacts are until the summoner dies USUALLY, but both can result in immortality). Val's summoning stone is the ONLY way he can speak, as he has no physical voice(Long story). So, it stuck around.)

(I also want to state, almost all humans/mortals dont even KNOW what a summoner is. Its legend to them and most summoners keep it completely secret who/what they are bonded to. )

Kuar was not pleased that he had been found. After all, he actually preferred his solitude. Having to deal with the spirits of this world wore down on one's mind. He seemed to look to the side and sighed, knowing him speaking to them was inevitable. When the Jader approached, Kuar was uneasy. Though the creature seemed harmless, though Kuar knew very good and well that behind that face lay quite the set of razor sharp teeth. His hand fell onto an ornate dagger as he keeled before the jader. He slowly put his hand out, his palm up. As for the dagger, it in itself seemed to be an artifact of time. The runes on the blade seemed to change text from modern day language to the old script.

Once he was satisfied with the jader not attacking, he removed his hand from his dagger. The LAST thing he needed was to become wounded again. He unconsciously rubbed his teeth scarred arm he had received when he was in the wrong bar, at the wrong time. Val had given quite the firey show to protect his summoner from further harm. Kuar then let his gaze leave the Jader to the woman before him "I wouldn't call it shelter really, the snow in the Norland's is far worse. And there, you have to deal with drakes utilizing the snow for a quick snack." It was about this time, most would notice he actually looked like a Nor, from his eye right down to his clothing. But then again, the whole situation would get a lot more uneasy once they realized he had 2 colored eyes. Not that he was a mix breed, he just had heterochromia(one eye is bright mystic purple, the other sharp Carribean blue). But many jumped to conclusions without many questions.

"You mind coming out from hiding dear Snafu? It would be quite rude you know. Especially since the magic hands on the other side of the screen took the time to type these words yes?" In fact, Kuar broke the wall just as much as Snafu. But, it came with his age and numerous encounters with ancients who, well as you say, could do just that. His memories of the Ancient of time were not the best. He laughed and smiled slightly before returning his eyes to the female before him "I came here because I felt...lets say an uneasy feeling upon this place." He motioned with his hand, which in turn reviled the rune marking emblazoned on ist top. Usually, he was wearing a glove over it, but, being as the gloves got in the way of riding properly, he had taken it off.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:18 pm
by NightAssassin
"You mind coming out from hiding dear Snafu? It would be quite rude you know. Especially since the magic hands on the other side of the screen took the time to type these words yes?"

"Unfortunately the magic hands on my other side of the screen also typed the words to get me in this perfect position and don't feel like making me leave my pillow fort while listening to MCR cause reasons," Glitch shot back. "And as a quick FYI, I'd rather not be called 'Snafu.' Mainly because I'm too cool to be called that dorky name." Glitch would have put on a pair of sunglasses to sharpen the effect, but it seemed a little cruel to pull a Terminator reference at this specific point in time. Mainly because there were about 15 BILLION spirits flooding in at this point. Okay, maybe not 15 billion, but still more than 15.

"And in case you were wondering, no, I have no idea where my Summoning Stone is. And no, I do not want a bond. I'd rather not have to listen to someone and do stuff, Pokemon style. If you haven't noticed by now, I'm kind of rebellious," Glitch shouted, making sure Kuar could hear her from the other side of the door when really, all Tundra had to do was log in and read the new posts. She mainly just yelled for the sake of consistency. And maybe because her music was really too loud.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 8:25 pm
by Livingdebgirl
{{I applaud you all for your wonderful and Informational posts! I had no idea "Glitch" was formerly the "Ancient of Pestilence" PPfft! But I must say she had an awesome makeover!(not familiar W/CS) (Thanks Tundra!)
We SO need more Music references! (Thanks Night! Include a link if possible!)}}

She chose a quiet corner to study the map of the 5 rivers Igor gave her as she enjoyed the conversation and interactions between her friends. Well, she considered them friends. Some she knew for what seemed like forever, some new. All that mattered was that they found their way here and decided to stay. For now...
She took a cup of tea from the table, although she would have preferred a stiff drink, including a shot of whiskey.
She looked out the window, the Moon nearly full. It was time for Korono and Glitch to continue the Adventure.
For anyone interested, I run an Adventure thread that follows along My stories, in my sig^^
The lost souls were uneasy. She understood the New Summoners hesitancy, for being a Necromancer, We see the Undead. I. myself, am not a summoner. I chose the Old ways of The Necromancer, not one of good or evil Just Balance

Thanks Math! :D