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Postby 1.21 gigawatts » Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:41 am


Ray returned the steady gaze of the shifter, saying nothing as she cooly watched him settle into his unprofessional stance. Hardly a greeting befitting a superior, surely even a creature of his origin would be well aware of that.

The light touch to his steel and the lack of respect that surrounded him did not escape Ray's attention, but she allowed no outward reaction of displeasure towards his actions. While she took no pleasure in working alongside the beast, it was a necessary burden for the time being. They were important, for now, if expendable. It would not do to allow them a grandiose sense of self, particularly while working for her. Perhaps it was time to take matter into her own hands.

Ray took a moment to examine their surroundings, hardly paying attention to the man before her as she started a slow pace. "As this may be the last chance we have of some privacy before our journey continues, I wanted to make sure you had my intentions clear," Ray began slowly, turning to face him after a long pause and meeting his eyes with a steely gaze.

Around them the air began to move, circulating lazily in an almost imperceptible manner. Ray paid no attention to it yet, though watched Darth with a curious air.

"I will target the prince. He will not return home alive. You are here to make sure no one gets in my way. Leave the boy to me," Ray continued, voice still not taking on any tone of true passion. Rather she remained almost detached, watching Darth with a critical eye.

Without so much as a moment of warning, the air around Darth seem to thicken and stir, swirling with a life of its own. Not yet enough to do any true damage, but the vortex was but a play of dominance, not quite that of malice. Simply another move in the game. Yet Ray kept her power in a delicate equilibrium, strong enough to perceive, yet not quite enough to cause a significant change in pressure. It would take no more than an instant for that to change, however, and should Darth's grip on his weapon so much as tighten it would take but an ounce of her will to force the breath from his very lungs. He may not quite be human, but even that would surely force him to the ground.

"I wanted to ensure we had an understanding," Ray said cooly, not so much as batting an eye as she ran a steely gaze over Darth. "So, do I make myself clear?"
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Re: ~Beaugro~ |Elemental Role Play| Semi-Lit

Postby Oriel » Sun May 22, 2016 7:48 pm


He looked at the tattered books and back to Shahar with resignation. "I'm passable in spoken feline," he admitted. "Never learned to read it. Though if we find anything written in serpent I may be able to help." Rather than wait for such texts to be presented, he began his own search of the shelves for familiar scripts.

He found one book on edible fungi and another of feline poetry translated into serpent. As academically interesting as such subjects might have been, he hoped the others were having more luck and in due course kept his attention partly focused on their conversation while he continued browsing the shelves.


"I'm very much familiar," he offered. Able to read both older and modern texts, in point of fact, and fluent in the language, though they didn't need to know the extent to which he was able to translate. There had once been extensive trade between felines and wolves, and although he was far lower in the wolf social hierarchy, no small part of his medical training had been spent deciphering older texts.

Owen smiled brightly at Shahar. "Just give me a desk, some ink and paper, and tell me which parts you'd like translated."
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Re: ~Beaugro~ |Elemental Role Play| Semi-Lit

Postby Manx » Sun May 22, 2016 11:57 pm

      {"I studied a bit of the language in my youth, I may be able to remember enough of it to be of some help," Elwin piped up in reply.

      Shahar gave a quick nod as they each delivered their responses. "I'm passable myself, I should be able to recognize enough phrases to at least locate some leads," she added briefly, closing the weathered volume in her hands and glancing towards Owen. "I imagine those skills of yours are going to become invaluable by the end of the day."

      Crossing over to a shelf a few paces away from the others, Shahar allowed her hand to gently thumb over the covers of each old tome as she glanced at their titles. A certain sense of contentment settled in her gut, the simple action bringing forth warm memories of her youth. Though it was not what it once was, this library had essentially become a second home in her childhood, and the impressions left by that time were not easily extinguished.

      It took more effort than she expected not to pick up and leaf through the next book that her eyes fell upon, forcing herself to casually breeze by it in the attempt to look for more relevant titles. A record of the history of the royal feline family, it held within it's pages her entire line; and herself, no doubt listed as deceased by now. After all, she had never been meant to return.

      Casually withdrawing a few more books from the sprawling shelves, Shahar flipped through the contents, her eyes scanning for the key words that would aid in their search. Anything on the old whereabouts Snowden would be immensely useful, and as she searched through a multitude of volumes, narrowing down to a mere handful as she strode back to Owen. Most of them contained nothing of use to them, unless they were planning on writing a scholarly article on the old cities. Facts, figures, and legends did little to aid them if they could not find the collapsed ruins after all.

      "I don't know how much use these will be, but there do seem to be a few passages that mention Snowden. Perhaps you'll be able to make more sense of them," Shahar said as she set the stack down on a desk alongside Own.

      "I'll grab you that ink and paper," Elwin added in return, setting the scroll he was studying aside to dart away, returning a few moments later to set the required items down alongside Owen.
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Re: ~Beaugro~ |Elemental Role Play| Semi-Lit

Postby Redsparrow » Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:15 pm

Darth was pleasantly surprised by Ray’s stance, though he had to resist testing her farther. As the air wafted mincingly around him he released his weapon and let his hand rest at his side. Lowering his eyes to a more respectful manner.
“Very well. Is there anything in particular you would like me to do, or am I merely to keep the others distracted?”
She was not an alpha by any account, though her aggression was amusing to say the least. He wondered who would be a quicker draw, her element or his knife, it was a question he’d love to test out at another time.

Ren’s attention fell on the various new sights and smells. He struggled to pay attention while Anita questioned various people.
“What is that?” Not hearing Anita’s comment on Snowden’s location. Instead his attention was on a market selling food he had never seen before.
"We are going to die...... That makes us the lucky ones."
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Re: ~Beaugro~ |Elemental Role Play| Semi-Lit

Postby 1.21 gigawatts » Sat Jul 30, 2016 7:31 pm

“What is what?” She asked, stopping to look in the direction his sight was set on. A young couple was selling fruits at their stand while their little child was picking flowers. Anita could tell Ren was eyeing the delicious fruits set out on display. “Come.” She lead him over to the stand where the two greeted her with a bow of the head.

Your majesty,” the woman greeted in their native tongue, her cheetah tail brushing the ground. “What can we do for you this evening?

I was showing this refugee around our tribe and he was especially interested in your delectable fruits,” Anita replied.

Well in that case,” spoke the man. “he must try my favourite.” The man handed Anita a fruit that looked like a large potato.

And he must try mine,” Anita said as she picked up a red spiked fruit. She handed them some currency and bid them farewell. “This is a Platonia,” she said, holding up the potato looking fruit. “and this is a Rambutan.” she gestured to the red spiked fruit. “They are both delectable but I do favour the Rambutan.”

Using her claws, Anita peeled back the protective skin on both fruits and handed them to Ren. She hoped he would enjoy at least one of them.

She watched as the shifter’s hand eased off his knife and returned to his side. Ray knew she had his obedience for now, but didn’t want to test his loyalty too much. She relaxed the wind, returning it to its natural state but kept it close to her. When Darth spoke his question, a smirk spread across Ray’s face.

“Now that you mention it, you could be of more use to me. You have a knack for petty theft. As you are likely aware, the prince possesses the cure to the disease that ravages the feline tribe at this very moment. When he returns to his human form, the cure will be within our grasp. I need you to take it from him, preferably without anyone knowing, and hand it over to me. Without the cure, the feline tribe will slowly die away, leaving one less annoyance to deal with when I am ruler.”

If her plan worked out exactly how she hoped, Ren would be dead and she would be in charge of the realm and everyone would be under her command.
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