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Sunclan | Accepting | Started

PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:40 pm
by Squirrelstar123

Once a kitten was born with her coat as golden as the sun on a hot summer day. This kitten was named Sun but she didn't seem like any normal kitten but one who had a look in her eyes that was beyond her age. She was smarter and more wise than her siblings and one day a fox attacked them. Sun followed what her gut feeling was telling her and she ran, little did she know that it was going to be the last time she would see her mother and siblings alive. She returned later but only it broke her heart when she found her mother dead and her siblings either dead or missing. Sun nuzzled her mother and asked her to wake up but she never stirred. Sun spent a little bit longer mourning over her family knowing she would have to leave soon. When she left she ran blindly, eventually falling off a small cliff into a pool of water, looking like a drop of sun which had fallen. Only a pair of eyes saw this but the creature vanished before her head even broke the surface. From there Sun learned how to hunt and defend herself while living by this small lake. Moons later, Sun had left her paradise to traveled the forest, still alone, hardly ever seeing any other cats like they didn't exsist. After each day she grew more and more lonely until one day she came across another cat. This cat was very old and weak so she hunted and took care of this sick and old cat. That cat's name was Sparkstripe. In return for her kindness, Sparkstripe told Sun about his younger days and about the clan named Sunclan. By this time the clan was long gone because twolegs had destroyed their homeland and killed the clan off when he was a kit. Sun was saddened by this and was devoted to make the clan for Sparkstripe to live out his days. She had Sparkstripe to tell her the way of the clans and about Starclan so she could make this possible. So Sun and Sparkstripe traveled out of the forest and around before Sun met cats and eventually, later formed the clan. Sun became Sunstar and took care of the clan and everyone in it. Sparkstripe on his dying day told Sunstar that he had a prophecy of a golden cat from the sun would rebuild the ancient clan that died long ago. When he first met her he knew that Sun was the cat that Starclan had spoken about. Later he died in his sleep and went to Starclan peacefully. They were faced with a challenge that winter with a snow storm and famine. If they were to survive then Sunclan was meant to be but if they were to die then Sunclan dies with them. They made it through the storm with Sunstar's bravery and leadership. Proving she was worthy of being leader and that Sunclan was meant to be. That is the history of Sunstar and the revival of our clan little one, now close your eyes and go to sleep.


PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:02 pm
by Squirrelstar123

Follow Eldemore's Rules
No Bashing, Trolling, Flaming, God-modding, or Powerplaying
Ranks Are First Come First Served
Deputy Will Be Polled
No Being Your Own Mate/Mentor. Past Relationships Are However Okay
Please Fade To Black When Mating, Kitting, Ect.
No Special Powers Without Asking


PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:12 pm
by Squirrelstar123
The Forest


The River


Trainning Place


Leader's Den


Medicine Cat Den


Warrior's Den


Apprentice's Den




Elder's Den



PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:15 pm
by Squirrelstar123

Sunstar - Golden tabby she-cat with golden eyes (Squirrelstar123)

Blackmoon - Black muscular tom with yellow eyes (Tumbleweed)

Medicine Cat:
Dappledrain - Long-furred brown and white she-cat with green eyes (bubble1234)

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Stormheart - Brown and white tabby tom with light green eyes (bubble1234)
Shadowflame - Black tom with firery eyes (Squirrelstar123)
Beetleflight - Brown and white tom with amber eyes (FallingPanckaes)
Minnowbreeze - White and pale ginger tabby she-cat with pale blue eyes (FallingPancakes)
Finchwing - Brown tom with blue eyes (FallingPancakes)

Lightcreek - Beautiful ginger and white tabby she-cat with amber eyes (bubble1234)


Icepaw - Long-furred white tom with blue eyes (CorruptedNinetails)
Silverpaw - Long-furred silver tabby she-cat with green eyes (CorruptedNinetails)
Applepaw - Red and white tabby she-cat with hazel eyes (Squirrelstar123)
Flamepaw - Ginger and white tabby tom with hazel eyes (Squirrelstar123)




Gold - Black and brown tortoiseshell tom with golden eyes (Tumbleweed)


PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:18 pm
by Squirrelstar123
Crush <
Likes Each Other ><
Mates <3
Exmates </3
Related /
Mentors -->
Sunstar --> Silverpaw
Stormheart --> Icepaw
Beetleflight --> Flamepaw
Blackmoon --> Applepaw
Want to be a mentor or don't? PM me.
Blackmoon < Sunstar
Lightcreek <3 Finchwing

Important Extras

PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:20 pm
by Squirrelstar123
Fresh Kill Pile
Mouse x4
Vole x3
Shrew x2
Fish x3
Squirrel x3
Rabbit x4
Thrush x2
Magpie x1
Blackbird x2

Time of Day
[ ] Dawn
[x] Morning
[ ] Afternoon
[ ] Evening
[ ] Dusk
[ ] Night
[ ] New Leaf
[x] Green Leaf
[ ] Leaf Fall
[ ] Bare Leaf

[x] Sunny
[ ] Cloudy
[ ] Rainy
[ ] Snowing
[ ] Icy
[x] Soft Breeze
[ ] Windy
[ ] Chilly
[ ]Warm
[x] Hot
[x] Humid
[ ] Cold
[ ] Wet
[ ] Damp
[ ] Hail
[ ] Thunder
[ ] Lightning

"When the time comes that what is green turns red, the young brother shall bring forth the dawn of evil and a time of war. The land will die and skies turn into endless night when the sun disappears and isn't there to light the way. Rain will try to keep the hope alive before the cats slowly fall, one by one, to the lost faith in the most ancient of them all. The warrior of the moon shall bring back the sun and together will end the war at last, while a cat with firery eyes shall rid the evil away. The breaths of new life at the end of the darkest night will mark the beginning of a promising future, brought by the bird and the light."

Autumn will come when Gold with his pack of evil cats will attack and take over Sunclan. Winter hits and Sunstar disappears as the plants die and prey disappears. The cats of the clan will lose their hope and some will succumb to the sickness and famine and Dappledrain tries to give the clan a reason to put their hope and faith in Starclan as they lose their faith to the ancestors. Blackmoon will leave the clan to find Sunstar and bring her back. Together they fight the evil pack cats while Shadowflame deals with Gold, his own blood and brother. The last day of winter in the night when the evil falls, Lightcreek will have Finchwing's kits which brings hope and future to the clan as dawn approaches and the stars fade away.

Prophecy Cats
Gold - Tumbleweed
Lightcreek - bubble1234
Sunstar - Squirrelstar123
Finchwing - FallingPancakes
Blackmoon - Tumbleweed
Dappledrain - bubble1234
Shadowflame - Squirrelstar123
Kit #1 - Tumbleweed
Kit #2 - Anyone
Kit #3 - Anyone
The Clan - Everyone


PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:59 pm
by Squirrelstar123
Code: Select all
Wanted Rank:
+ Traits:
- Traits:


PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:05 pm
by Squirrelstar123

Open to Forms

PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:06 pm
by Squirrelstar123
Open to Forms

Re: Sunclan | Accepting | Not Started Yet

PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 7:13 am
by Nebullama
Name: Blackmoon
Age: 21 moons
Gender: Male
Rank: Warrior
Wanted Rank: Deputy
Personality: Aggressive, trusting, secretive
+ Traits: Good fighter, trustworthy, etc.
- Traits: Slightly aggressive, can trust almost any cat that is nice to him, etc.
Kin: Deceased
Crush: Sunstar
Mate: ---
Kits: ---
History: Ask him, he may tell you!