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Postby Meda » Sun Apr 02, 2017 6:14 am

Official Roleplay Thread


You slowly blink open your eyes, looking around at the sandy beach you lay on, while taking in the strong scent of ocean water that is overwhelming your senses. You take in a deep breath and jumped to your paws as you almost were hit by an incoming wave, but had avoided it just in time. Shortly after you blinked your eyes then shook your fur, trying to rid it of the tiny shimmering sand shards. Once this task was done, you took a deep breath and began to walk along the shore, looking at the many familiar sights around you. In the distance guarded by large moss covered stone walls lays your camp, home to the cats you've known all your life. You've shared memories with them, you've lost battles with them, you've gone through tough times and good times. You've been though it all. From the day you first set a paw in the camp you call home, you knew you would want to spend the rest of your life here. You were sure of it.

Welcome to BayClan

Posting open, please join first.

Quick note, I originally created this Clan on Xanje, but it eventually died out as our members grew inactive. This is my attempt to revive it, so incase you recognize it from there, this is why.

Hello everyone! You can call me Meda,
I love wolves, cats, foxes and deer. I also am a fan of Warriors,
as well as Harry Potter and a couple other book series,
Want to know more about me? Sendme a friendly PM
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