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PostPosted: Wed Jan 06, 2016 2:12 am
by .Dancer.


PostPosted: Wed Jan 06, 2016 2:58 am
by Evermore

From the shaded underside of an abandoned, rotting car, a pair of yellow eyes peered out from the darkness. A fuzzy muzzle wiggled under the edge, scouting for any immediate dangers before receding a brief moment, only to be followed by the whole creature. Stretching, Gil squinted at the glare of the sun against the windowpanes- already the summer sun had made the morning just a little too warm for comfort. Not a cloud in the sky, either; the idea of rain had become a faint hope at best. Down the street, the city crumbled into forest, and the sounds of the green world were tempting, but also daunting. The infected were too unpredictable in there, with fewer places to run if one couldn't climb. Shaking his head with a sharp yawn, he towards the inner city, where most his kind lived, and kept an eye out for any other early-risers.


The pale vixen slept curled into ball, hidden in a den nestled in the roots of a tree, just big enough to fit her. A rustling in the grass outside her small den alerted her into wakefulness, and she cautiously inched forward to see what it was, when a mouse nearly landed on her nose before scurrying away. She laughed incredulously at her own foolishness, sitting down to allow herself to wake up fully. The thick canopy of the forest had created a suffocating atmosphere, and she felt more lethargic than usual this early in the day. Small animals squeaked and songbirds chirped, though, so she didn't worry about whatever threats lay hidden in the woodlands. The fact that they hadn't silenced themselves meant she was safe- for now.


It would not be inaccurate to say that he would have gladly slept another five hours, if it weren't for the unfortunate positioning of the sun. Brilliant idea, Harv, sleep in a display window...., he cursed himself as he tried to hide his eyes from the light with his paw. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, really, all closed off from view on the inside but... actually, he couldn't recall what sort of advantage he'd thought sleeping here would have. Disgruntled, he slunk out of the empty department store and licked his nose; the air was dry, and he had a sinking feeling that finding a good watering hole would be more trouble than he wanted to deal with right now. Pouting to himself over this inconvenience, he reluctantly rose and starting following the sidewalk- humans usually made these things lead to something, right?

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 30, 2016 6:06 am
by .Dancer.

From where the ebony vixen was curled up inside the peeling leather seat of the abandoned car, Delphi had her sleek tail wrapped round the slender body, striking yellow orbs alert and gleaming, surveying the dilapidated buildings that peeked out from the fringe of trees in the distance. Certain that there were no immediate dangers she slowly got to her paws and let out a single weary yawn, signalling the end of her slumber. She had to admit she could not remember what had made her sleep in this large pile of junk --- decomposing mice were scattered about the dashboard, and as she tilted her curved muzzle up a blob of magpie excreta splashed onto the cracked windscreen. Definitely not the best place to snooze, but beggars could not be choosers. Coiling those lean muscles, Delphi nimbly sprang out of the vehicle, only to be greeted by a splatter of unpleasant substance an inch from her right paw. She turned her head away in disgust and scanned the gloomy alleys for any early-risers like herself.


The scarlet vixen would have gladly slept on for another hour, given that her cardboard box was wonderfully snug, and it was tucked in the corner of the alley away from the Infected's sharp eyes. But she had to get up and going for the gnawing hunger at the pit of her belly was growing more persistent. A soft yawn escaped her maw as she stretched her slim build and loped out of her delightful resting spot. Slanting rays of light filtered through the dense foliage that had swiftly devoured the buildings, and she stood basking in the sudden warmth for a moment, eyes shut.