Roleplaying Rules- Please Read (Updated 1/12/14)

Post role plays that center around the real world. From high school, camping, or just living everyday life. Can be centered around movies, books, or games as long as they stick to real life situations/romances.

Roleplaying Rules- Please Read (Updated 1/12/14)

Postby Benathorn » Mon Aug 19, 2013 9:50 pm

Though our roleplays are not as restricted as some, we still urge our users to please be respectful and mindful of our rules, as this site is largely oriented towards young teens. Keep in mind that if you break any of our site rules you will be given a warning and your posts/thread removed. Here are some guidelines that we ask you to follow.

Follow all our site rules in addition to the RP rules. You can find our forum rules here~

Do not post any excessive violent posts or obscene/sexual scenes of any sort. This includes scenes with rape, forced mating, or graphic descriptions of killing, death, or torture. Just stay within reason if you are playing an RP that includes war or strife and the like.

Do not post any obscene or violently graphic images when creating form/threads. Again, we expect you to stay within reason with these and we will remove images that are not fit for younger viewers.

We do not mind you using mild curse words such as hell and damn, but please refrain from using the more vulgar swears (for the most part these are already censored on our site) and rate the roleplay as PG13.

Cuss words and my leniency on them only apply to the RP forums. The worst of the worst are already censored on our site and the ones that are said in RP's should only ever be in character and not every other sentence of the whole post. For the most part people tend to keep the cussing in a moderate amount in posts, but I don't want to see every swear in the book said just to come off as some cool bad guy. It is unnecessary and not in good taste.

Now as for every other thread on here, besides the RP forum, I don't won't anything besides hell or damn to be used but they are to never directed at anyone else. Even if the syllables are starred out, no one has the need to say anything worse then the two words I just mentioned. This goes for giffs or any images containing such words. We still have a lot of young users on here and I would just like to keep cussing to the RP's.

Though our site does allow you to use images within your forms we do not allow you to use stolen images of any kind! Please give credit to the artist or photo that you use, if they allow people to use their work, or have given you specific permission to use their images.

Shepard here! If you need a character reference but can't get art, I suggest you check out Doll Divine. Just about every character generator there is free to use, and only requires a link back to the original page for credit; and the site has... just about anything you could be looking for!


Commander Shepard here! I have been speaking with Benathorn, and there are a few other things we would like users to keep in mind.

-Roleplays, public or on the 1x1 forums, may not center around: Pregnancy, mental asylums, relationships between students and teachers, self-harm, or any form of abuse (human or animal; this includes things like puppy mills and dogfighting rings). While we trust the Eldemore community has the best intentions, these roleplays tend to be in very poor taste, and can be incredibly upsetting, or even triggering to other individuals; and in the case of (most) student-teacher relationships, illegal. We want to keep Eldemore as safe and pleasant for all users as possible.

-Characters, however, may: Be pregnant in rp (for humans, as long as they are 18+. Yes I know, it can and certainly does happen earlier, but once again, legal issues) and have children, have a history of depression/mental illness and it can show up in rp, have a history of abuse (say, dog rescued from a fighting ring or someone who was hurt as a child), but it absolutely cannot be occurring in the rp itself, whether described in a scene or even glossed over off-screen, have a history of self-harm (but once again, the act cannot occur in the rp itself, on or off-screen), etc. However, if we find people trying to skirt these rules, we may have to tighten this up some.

-Drug use is limited. Characters may be mentioned as having a drink or cigarette/smoking habit; and of course, take any legal drugs. However, characters getting drunk to the point of becoming abusive/forcing sexual acts/out and out alcoholism, or using any illegal drug (or purposefully abusing legal ones), is out. (For made-up drugs, it depends on the legality in-universe. So, for example, red sand *from Mass Effect* would still be banned.)

Our site loves to allow users to RP on here and we want to give you all the ability to do so. However, if any of our rules are broken on a constant basis then we will be forced to become more strict with what we allow you to post. We want you guys to enjoy and have fun with these RP's. So if you see anyone who is breaking the rules please report it! It is up to you guys how strict we are with how you roleplay and what you can RP about. By following the rules and making sure others follow them as well ensures that you can continue to have fun while you roleplay.

Please keep in mind that we are a more child friendly site and we expect you to know the difference between what is right to post and what is wrong. These rules will be edited if need be and you are always welcome to PM a mod or admin with any questions you may have.
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