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Post role plays that center around the real world. From high school, camping, or just living everyday life. Can be centered around movies, books, or games as long as they stick to real life situations/romances.

*Stolen* | NEW! Accepting! |

Postby Bunnyhop627 » Sat Jun 20, 2015 10:24 am

Female Characters:

Meghan ((MAIN; Babysitter)); Age: 12; Height; 5' 3" ; Weight; ((Not needed)) Description of Meghan's part in this: Meghan is a character that is babysitting two six-year-old kids. They're watching T.V, when a mysterious man dashes down the stairs for them and kidnaps them and Meghan has an idea to save them.

Rosie ((Kid getting babysat)); Age: 6; Height; 3' 7"; Weight; ((not needed)) Description of Rosie's part: Kid who gets stolen. She helps Meghan and Jamie by getting clues in the message.

Jamie: ((Kid getting babysat)); Age; 6 ; Height; 3' 9"; Weight; ((not needed)) Description Of Jamie's Part: Sisters with Rosie, her and Rosie fight a lot. They all get kidnapped, hoping to get out.

Male Character:

John ((Kindnapper)) Age; 27 ; Height; 6' 4"; Weight; ((not needed)) Description: He kidnaps the kids and makes videos telling their parents they're ok. But, Meghan has a plan.


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I want to be (Instert character name here)!

Why would you like this character?
Avaliable RP Hours/Mins:
What do you think Meghan's plan is?

Thank you for applying!

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Re: *Stolen* | NEW! Accepting! |

Postby Aralas » Wed Jul 01, 2015 10:10 pm

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