Trapped (Scar & SkieNight)

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Re: Trapped (Scar & SkieNight)

Postby SkieNight » Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:14 pm

At first it didn’t look like much had changed with the experiment, aside from the snake being a little bit more irritated than before, though that wasn’t a surprise. Fabian didn’t let himself be disappointed, however, he just sat back and listened. Things began to change when the experiment snarled, flashing his bright fangs. Fabian had noticed the teeth before, longer, thinner and considerably more deadly than the usual incisors belonging to a human. But they’d been smaller, appeared almost weaker. Now with ever hiss the dripped some viscous substance onto the floor. Fabian would need to get a sample of it later.

The experiment insisted that nothing had changed, but he didn’t know what he was looking for, didn’t know what to expect. Fabian, on the other hand, was knowledgeable. It was all a waiting game, as much of science happened to be. The scientist cocked an eyebrow as something in the experiment’s expression changed. The snake looked dazed and confused, almost. “Are you sure nothing has changed?” The scientist asked.

The experiment was no longer choking and gagging as he once has as well. That much was clear, when he spoke without coughing, his voice clearing up slowly. A rush of euphoria bubbled up through Fabian’s chest. It worked, again. He turned to the machine. A small smile that looked more like a cold smirk was the only hint of what he was feeling. “It worked…” he breathed and turned to the experiment, who watched him as though glaring would reveal all the answers.

Upon giving the experiment another look over Fabian’s eyes widened. Where skin had once been scales had begun to form, slowly flickering and growing along the snake’s arms as though being painted on by an invisible hand. It worked, and worked well, better than the first time almost. He was getting the same results but in less time. What would happen with the next one?

The snake asked a question, which pulled Fabian from his drifting thoughts and caused the scientist to let out a huff, something that was a mixture of a laugh and a sigh. “Not sorcery, science,” Fabian corrected. “Science did this to you. Beautiful, isn’t it?” For a moment, an almost fond smile played upon the scientist’s lips, but it was gone in a second. “There must be more internally too. We should begin the studies to see.”

Fabian crossed the room, mumbling a list of supplies to himself as he picked vials and stethoscopes and syringes off of tables and grabbed other tools from seemingly random drawers. “Do you have any cravings?” Fabian asked as he walked back towards the experiment, arms full of tools. “Does the world look different to you?”
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Re: Trapped (Scar & SkieNight)

Postby Scar » Tue Aug 22, 2017 6:03 pm

    "Same difference," Xavier clarified, shrugging his shoulders. To him, both were the same; both required studying, testing, trial, and error. It was beyond him and not worth his time, yet he stood there as part of this damned experimentation.
    "I wouldn't call it beautiful, twisted and vile, yes, but I'm a simple man," Xavier admitted. "If it stops the pain, I don't give a damn about how it works or what happens." crossing his arms, the scales actually seemed to make him look bigger than he was. Like any human being, Xavier didn't like pain nor did he handle it well. It only made him irritable and uncontrollable, but that did not mean he didn't have a sense of reason. He'll barter away his humanity if it means he doesn't have to feel pain.

    Eyes focused on the human-shaped blob of heat, Xavier couldn't quite make out what he was doing. But he didn't seem very alarmed by it. Quite the opposite, despite what occurred, he felt a sense of peace or it could be weariness. 'Had this room always been this cold?' he pondered, a sluggish quiver running down his back. Brought back to attention, Xavier looked to the source of noise, a lazy hiss escaping him. "Cravings?" the question caught him by surprise, giving the scientist an odd look. Yet, before he could give an answer to the first, another question appeared so soon after the other. Xavier's expression morphed to one lacking amusement and his answer was as blunt as his eyes.


    "It looks the same as it was before." he sighed. "Varying shades of blue, depending on shadows and light or how cold things are," he paused. "The only exception is body heat which ranges in various shades of yellow, orange, and red." This not being the first time he's had to explain this and he didn't want to think about it, it was almost like being blind. Everything was cast in a world of dimmed blues and blacks save for body heat or any type of heat for that matter. He couldn't see any other colors nor did he trust himself to walk alone. Having already run into something once in this room today.
    "As for your first question," he still seemed kind of wary of it but he considered the question. Thinking it over until coming to a conclusion that this reptile instinct aided in. "Huh..." his expression changed to one of shocking realization. "I've always been the sort to like a lot of things," recollecting, Xavier appeared amused. "I've never been picky, yet, the thought of eating anything other than meat disgusts me." Scratching behind his ear, feeling there too the scales that had taken over a little over a quarter of his skin. It was an alien sensation, these scales.
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