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Re: A Jader Fairytale~ Sanguine's Search~

PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2017 8:24 pm
by Livingdebgirl
"Oh No! It's Danse, my messenger Jack rustling the grass, trying to bring me a message! Be prepared! He has company!"
There was no mistaking the low growls of the hunting dires, and although they had no interest in the 2 humans and Jaders, they kept a keen eye on the Jack, she called Danse.
Obviously, this message must be important, for Danse Macabre only did his signature "Dance of Death" he was named after in matters of Vital importance.
More pairs of eyes appeared in the forest, joining the first Dire. The moonlight night making their eyes glow as if the moon itself sought to help the 2 humans and their Jader Pack.
Danya and Eclipse also stood, and she could tell this was NOT going to be fun.
She dreaded this day when the growing Jaders would have to face the reality of Eldemore.
Oh, how she wished that she could protect them in the temples of the Oriental Isles like their Imperial ancestors were, never to face these situations!

She glanced as Danya slowly inched towards Sanguine who stood, warning the Feral dires with a flick of her tail and menacing Barks. It was kinda funny, Dan tried to mimic the Blood Moons stance, as well as her mannerisms. At least Danya had chosen an excellent teacher, one of her own. There were some things She could not teach the pups, and perhaps Sanguine will be able to help teach the ways of Jaders and Life in Eldemore as well.
Eclipse also was poised to fight, if need be. He crouched low, glancing at his little sister who seemed to be more intrigued with the Blood Moon Imperial than the Impending danger they may be in.

The feral dire Pack, too hungry to heed the Warnings of Sanguine, bolted into the meadow, intent on having Danse, the jackalope for dinner.
Of course, Danse did his maneuvers, for which he was well known for. It was his "Dance of Death", and he had not lived this long without it.
All Hell broke loose as Danse seemed to be everywhere, feral Dires were all over trying to chase, and Eclipse seemed to disappear in the fray.
The sounds and barking of the hunt, as well as Eclipse's menacing howls trying to detour the Feral dires filled the air.
She Immediately stoked up the fire for protection and yelled across the chaos that now ensued.
"Korono! I'm going after Danse, and help Eclipse fight off the pack of Dires!"
She took off, and unbeknownst to her, Danya left the safety of Sanguines guard to follow.

Re: A Jader Fairytale~ Sanguine's Search~

PostPosted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 5:38 am
by WereW0lf
Sanguine was immediately on guard at the growling sounds that announced the presence of the Dire wolves pack. Her gaze darted to the two younger Jaders for a brief moment before switching back to the hungry Dires again, her hackles raised as she bared her teeth at them, barking menacingly, her white glowing eyes illuminated in the night, given off a somewhat mysterious and intimidating aura to the Jader. Her tail raised as a warning, but they didn't take it.

"Deb! Be safe!" Kurono called out to the woman, however, Sanguine was quick, faster than any of them. She took off into the meadow, swiftly stride through the grass. She ran pass Eclipse and passed Danse before any of the Dires could get to the Jackalope. Her loud snarl was enough to send even a Rune Drake on its edges. She has rarely been like this, it might have something to do with the younger Jaders that were with her, especially Danya, she felt like she needed to be protecting of them.

Kurono can only watched as her Jader lunged for the one that seems to be leading the other Dires. She'd bit into the Wolf's neck and pinned it down by the sheer force of her push. She wasn't as muscular and definitely weren't made to go up against bigger and heavier creatures for her, but her speed made up for what she lacks in strength. And of course her deadliest weapon, when the Dire managed to get a bite on her shoulder, it drawn blood and the Dire immediately retracted, yelping in pain as the corrosive acid eating away its flesh. The sight of their leader made the other Dires backed away in fear.

Sanguine growled at them and took a step forward, she tried to make herself bigger than she seems, all the while the acid blood dripped on her shoulder and onto the ground, searing it as every step she'd take made the Dires turned tail and bolted out of there as soon as they can, yelping with their tails tugged between their legs. Sanguine snorted before she'd turn around again, she was injured but still, it had saved Danse and kept everyone else safe.
Kurono quickly make her way over to the Jader on Valkas. She examined her wound "Thank you.." And whispered to the Blood Moon Jader, who made small noise to show her appreciation to the thanks and closed her eyes as her human carefully patched her up, without hurting herself.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:47 pm
by Livingdebgirl
The retreating dire pack ran as fast as they could out of the meadow with their tails between their legs. They glanced back very afraid that the fearless BloodMoon Jader would follow. Eclipse was right behind them, snarling, growling and biting at their heels to make sure they left.
He, like San, was not as big nor as strong as the dire pack, but San had shown an ancient Jader defense, their Imperial blood.
This particular Feral dire pack would not be back.

What Sanguine had done, to protect their smol family gave Eclipse courage, he hoped someday he would be able to help protect their "pack" like Sanguine did that day. He also had become quite protective over his new family.

But for a couple of minor scratches and very little Jader blood spilled Danya seemed to be OK. Danya ran over to Sanguine and sat as close as she could to Sanguine as if she was trying to comfort her. Danya's scratches also dripped the black Jader blood like Sanguine.

She could see the young jader as she looked at Sanguines wounds and then at her scratches, as a new light seemed to soften Danyas eyes.
She began to patch Danya up, like Korono was with Sanguine and spoke softly to Korono as they both attended their Jaders.
" It was a hard lesson to learn. They are smart pups, and Sanguine has taught them well. With each day they grow stronger and learn more thanks to Sanguine. Their Mother may have taught them Manners, but Sanguine is teaching them life in Eldemore."

The sun had set, and the night skies danced with stars in the now quiet meadow. Danya and Eclipse didn't dance with the stars this night.
Danse, her Messenger Jack, waited patiently by the now smoldering fire, his job accomplished thanks to Sanguines love and bonds with her existing family of Korono and Valkas as well as the newcomer pups.

Eclipse returned, and dropped a piece of wood on the fire, instantly bringing warmth to their smol circle in the meadow. He nodded and took the same stance Sanguine had previously to watch the meadow and his family. Sanguine must heal.

She tucked herself into Danse for sleep hoping that Korono and San did the same.
She noticed Danya lay silently, propped upon Sanguine. She thought she should bring her closer to the fire and knew that was where Danya wanted to be, by Sanguine.
But were they ready for the message Danse Macabre brought?

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:40 am
by WereW0lf
The Jader huffed, that'll show the dire wolves alright. She then settled down carefully, grimaced a bit as the wound on her shoulder continue dripping blood, destroying the beautiful flowers it touched. Sanguine looked over to see Danya sat down close to her, the Bloodmoon Jader felt a strange sensation shot down her spine as the other Jader comforted her, she rumbled softly, showing her appreciation for Danya's concern over her. Though she watched Danya's own black blood, intrigued with how their blood matched in colors. This was the first time she had ever seen another that carried the Imperial blood like her.

"I hope so.." Kurono murmured quietly as she finished patching Sanguine up and gave the Jader an encourage pat on her shoulder as the Jader made a noise in return. As they sat by the fire, they seemed to be at peace finally, Kurono leaned against her sleipnir as they indulged themselves in the warmth that the fire provided. While Sanguine was on her belly, watching the group keenly as Eclipse and Deb prepared the fire and keeps it going, with Danya propped upon her, she huffed, in somewhat amusement by the younger Jader's antics but she felt comfortable being by her side.

As they sat back and ready themselves to see what Deb's Jackalope, Danse have anything to say to them.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 6:21 pm
by Livingdebgirl
Danse snored loudly for a jackalope, but she was glad he felt comfortable enough to rest soundly.
Eclipse did not sleep, guarding the meadow until Sanguine and Danya healed.
With the Autumn Equinox arriving tomorrow in her area of Eldemore, she longed for the cooler temperatures and Edgecliff Estate, her home. She had been away for the whole season of summer and hoped Patia and Sea Star had fared well in her absence. Although she enjoyed the Oriental Isles, she longed to be home, to see her creatures and wondered if her garden she planted in the Spring grew.
Many mundane thoughts ran thru her mind as she watched Danya curl up beside the still healing Sanguine. She was obviously smitten with the brave Bloodmoon Jader. She had no qualms with her young Jader's choice of Soulmate. They were very much alike, yet years apart.
Sanguine was an asset in battle, as well as Korono and her valient steed Valkas.
That being decided in her mind, she carefully removed the message from Danse's pouch. He snored and rolled over, his job done for now.
She held the scroll in her hand.
It smelled of a forest in autumn, reminding her the crunching leaves under her feet, warm fires on the cliff overlooking the lake. The 1st snowfall that heralded the arrival of winter.
It reminded her of home.
She slowly unrolled it, it simply said:
We request your presence at your Estate. The Autumn Equinox arrives shortly and we fear for our Kingdom known as the Endless Forest. We require the assistance of you and your Adventurers.
We await your arrival"

The message carried a feeling of urgency, yet sadness surrounded it. She sensed the dead that attached themselves to the message. And the evil that caused it.
Oblivion had been running rampant, all over Eldemore, unchecked and with no adversity since last year. No one or no land was safe.
She hesitated, unsure.
Would her fellow Adventurers step forward? Would her closest friend Korono join in the Fray? Should she dare bring Danya and Eclipse into her World?

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:16 am
by WereW0lf
Sanguine was pretty much surprised by how the younger Jader had chosen to stay by her side instead of her brother's but she welcomed the care that Danya offered. She didn't think much about it, probably because she was unfamiliar with the feeling slowly grow within her. The Bloodmoon Jader leaned down a bit and gave Danya a soft nudge on the head, her glowing white eyes softened as she look down at her.
They watched in amusement as the Jackalope was worn out after his trip to deliver the message to them, Kurono couldn't help but to snort in amusement at how loud Danse was snoring, even she didn't snore that loud, or did she?
That she'd have to ask Valkas and Sanguine later, she thought with a slight blush on her cheeks.
And they sat back, patiently await for Deb to unroll the message and read it out loud. They perked up in surprise,
it looked like they were needed again, they were ready, the trio never turned down an opportunity to venture far and beyond and help out as much as they could before
"Deb, we'll help." Kurono offered, and her two companions nodded in confirmation to her, Sanguine was suddenly more awake now after the message, she was curious about their next adventure, craned her neck a bit to look down at Danya, she wondered if the younger Jader and her brother had ever been in anything like this before.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:02 pm
by Livingdebgirl
It was settled then. They would return to Edgecliff Estate. if it still existed that is.
She wondered the same thing as Korono as she gathered her things, in preparation for the journey. How would Eclipse and Danya fare on an actual Adventure? Sanguine was teaching them the abilities of an Oriental Jader, but would they be able to utilize them as Sanguine does?
And what of this Adventure they had been offered? Why so mysterious? The scroll-writer only mentioned the Endless Forest.
She remembered the Endless Forest well, the Adventurers had traveled through it to reach the place in Alabaster City where the Drake trials were held. That Adventure had ended well, What could have happened afterward?
Too many questions, not enough answers. She would have to remedy that!
Eclipse and Danya, their youthful exuberance returning after the ordeal they shared, excitedly danced around her, Korono, Sanguine, and Valkas, as she readied for the journey home.
It even awoke Danse, the Messenger Jack as he slept.
She took the scroll and wrote:
We will arrive Home within a Moon's Phase.
She put the scroll in Danse's pouch as he sped off, doing what he loved the most, Live Dangerously.
She smiled at Korono as she finished packing her bags, armed to the hilt with every weapon she had.
Is Sanguine healed? it will be a long Journey back to Edgecliff. And What awaits us there may not be what we expect or how we left it.
Ready to go?