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Re: Gem and Coyote 1x1

PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 2:12 pm
by Gem
Without missing a beat, Gem slipped into the space on the right and waited. She took a peek around the corner once it sounded as if the human had gone. “Wonder what their ‘original objective’ is…” she wondered out loud in a soft whisper. She glanced over to the gryphon and wondered next if it was safe to move from their hiding places, she doubted if humans were smart enough to wait and see if they reappeared in the area, but it wasn’t impossible either. “Thoughts?”


This confused 26 for a moment, for as far as he knew knights were not clad in satin, but he held a look of amazement all the same. Without further question he followed Smith once more through a door way, luckily this one didn’t rotate or spin, and upstairs until they reached there destined floor. 26 fidgeted with such excitement that he was nearly flapping his arms at his sides and a he all but glowed with a bright smile as a giggle of sorts bubbled up from his throat.