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Post forms specifically made for either 1x1's or private group role plays. Can include anything from animals, humans to fantasy based role plays. These can be based off of movies, books, or games.

Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

Postby LadyLeStraud » Mon Nov 09, 2015 8:21 pm

xlooking for:x
xxxxx ( elde ) i'm looking for elde roleplays, especially ones with elvian/avian/human characters. My bearers and wardens are looking for rivalries, friendships, and everything in between. I have a couple of plots in mind, please PM me if you're interested.

• • I mirror posts, but 3+ paragraphs is preferable.
• • I can post about once every 2-3 days, more on weekends. My timezone is elde-1.
• • I don't like stories with no plots, because no plot = no story, and I won't be able to post. So please make sure that either you have a plot in mind when you PM me, or be willing to create one with me c:
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quizzes search ♥

Postby Qυızzч » Thu Nov 26, 2015 2:42 pm


Hello hello uvu
My name is quizzy but you can just call me Quiz
I'm a looking for a 1x1 partner who is interested in either a Game of Thrones, Dragon Age, LoTR, Until Dawn, Maze Runner, Borderlands or an Infamous: Second Son RP. However, if you have any ideas outside of these, I am open to them uvu
[[ the # of asterisks = craving/3 ]]

♥GoT**: I have watched all seasons of GoT, and read up to the second book. ♥ Dragon Age***: I have played all the games with the exception of a few expansion packs and DLC's, but I still know a great deal about the games/lore/characters..etc ♥LoTR*: I have seen all the movies, including the Hobbit, and have read all the books for The War of the Ring + the Hobbit ♥ Until Dawn**: Haven't played the game, but I have seen multiple playthroughs of it ♥ Maze Runner*: Seen the first movie only, haven't read the books ♥ Borderlands*: Played the first and second game, but not the Presequel. Played a part of Telltale's Tales from Borderlands ♥ Infamous**: Second Son: Haven't played the game but have seen playthroughs of it

I have no limits when it comes to character orientation, pairings and the likeness. I am willing to canon x oc or oc x oc - and I am 110% cool with doubling up for characters. I can pretty much work with anything.

I have a few ideas for plots, but I like to plan out the RP with my RP partner first. Generally semi-lit, unless I have low muse. Most often post anywhere from 500 - 1k + per post/character c:

Have a lovely day ~
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Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

Postby Ticklicous » Tue Dec 08, 2015 2:49 am

Ticklicous wrote:
What I Seek:
-Activity; As in at least one post a week. Nuf said.
-Literate; Please, a minimum of 2 paragraphs with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
-That once we PM, you can assuredly be active and not just disappear!
-Writer's block is okay on occasion, but if you tend to get it a lot then no thank you.

What you can expect from me:
-Active; I can easily post at least two times a day if I am not terribly busy.
-Friendly; I love to just do chats a lot too, like ooc. So expect some random conversations in PM mainly.
-Plots; My plots are always open ended which can easily allow us to make a lasting RP without trying to drag it out until the end. X3

What I Like:
(Things with a * are especially liked, with two *s is loved.)
-Teen Romance**
-Realistic Animals
-Fantasy Animals
-Fantasy Battles/Wars

What I Dislike:
-Weres/Vamps; Too mainstream. >_>
-Real Life
-Schools/Boarding Schools
-Comic Heroes

Plus of course I am always open to suggestions of things unlisted.

So, yeah that's me. If you wanna RP then please PM me. :3 I am always good for a fun plot.
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dear my loathsome past;

Postby wonho » Tue Dec 15, 2015 5:15 pm

300-1000+ words or mirrors
posts at least once a week
sometimes a wreck, so please be patient
will not play canon characters
strongly prefers anime/manga face claims
usually prefers male/double up
anime/manga trash
fluff queen
bad with pms!!
write in my range or mirror
mature personality and writer
active with plot
no god modding
interesting/well rounded characters
comfortable with lgbt+ character!!
let me know if you want to leave/quit!!!

looking for;
(bold = craving; underline = i will love you forever)
*note; i prefer romance as a side plot*
[prefers mxf or mxm]

ao no exorcist (blue exorcist) - i have two ocs (1 m. & 1 f.), so i would like to double up. i have a small plot idea,
and i would like this to take place sometime after the true story. lots of fluff romance for this one please. owo

toukyou kushu (tokyo ghoul) - i have a main male oc who is my sweet sinnamon roll son. i have a few plots, but
i'd like to do some new ones! i have several other ocs, too.

rakudai kishi no cavalry (chivalry of a failed knight/a tale of worst one) - i think the concept is cool. not sure about
a plot, but i guess they could compete in the seven stars festival.

✰ sao/trapped in video game - ye

✰ soul eater - i have multiple ocs. i prefer doubling up or be the meister.

✰ feudal japan with supernatural themes - hmu with those yōkai yo

✰ based off a vocaloid song [ex. x , suggestions]

✰ anything with demons and fluff tbh.

✰ inheritance cycle - have a male character but no plot

✰ pokemon - only trainers pretty please. i don't find it super fun to play pokemon. (has no plot)


please send an average post example! feel free to ask for examples, too.
last updated; 12/15/15

just a note that i'm not super active on here since i'm still trying
to figure out how to trade properly; replies may be a bit sluggish as i'm trying to be more active
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Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

Postby Kankri Vantas » Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:54 pm


Please don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with me, I don't bite :lol:


I can usually be found on Chicken Smoothie, Deviantart, or Furaffinity just being a nerd

To start I'm not the real Kankri sorry, I'm a teenage girl, I'm mostly on my computer all day on the weekends and weekdays 3:30+ till 10ish (when it's not vacation), I'm mostly open for any/ most fandoms so feel free to ask, also I don't mind doing a 1x1 or 2x2 or even 3x3.

-I can write up to 2-3+ lines, but it's hard when two characters are just talking
-If we do MxM or FxF I prefer being the Uke over Seme
-I love talking to my RP buddy so try to be friendly with me too I use ()
-I'm open to idea's
-I'm patient if you're patient with me
-I prefer forum over PM, I can also do other rp websites if you prefer that


-To post as much as me or more
-Proper grammar and spelling but it's fine for mistakes I do it too
-Try to be active
-Try to keep the rp interesting, ideas are always welcome
-Be friendly
-Lastly if you quit please tell me I won't be mad at you


Anything underlined is what I'd like to play as but can probably switch depending on how comfortable I am with rp the character, and anything with a ♥ is what I crave:

♦What I'm craving right now♦ ♥♥♥
Prince/Princess and Dragon shifter: We all know the fairy tales of a dragon stealing the fair maiden and the knight coming to her rescue and slaying the dragon. What if the dragon shifter takes the prince/princess for their mate? The rest is up to us to rp out :D

(PM me if you have any other ideas)

mxm ♥♥♥
fxf ♥
mxf ♥♥

(For my sanity the same sex Oc's will be called A and B)
Arranged marriage ♥: :If MxF: Our parents set us up to be wed in two months, and in that time the female oc is sent to live with her husband to be for a month in his family home. Will they fall in love?

:If MxM or FxF: A is set up to wed the B's sibling, but as they stay with B's family and them A and B slowly start to fall in love with each other, will they keep their love a secret and have A marry B's sibling or break off the wedding and face the consequences?

A brothers in arms: It takes place in like WWI or WWII where both our characters are in the war together, they can be from opposing armies who form a friendship/romance or are in the same regiment and form a friendship/relationship, what happens from there is up to us.

Childhood love ♥: Our Oc's have been friends since forever and oc1 has had a crush on the oc2 for a while, when suddenly when oc1 is about to confess their feelings to oc2, oc2 tells them that they just got a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Love at first sight: This can be in school, college, or work. When our characters see each other and fall in love, if we want it can be popular x geeky love or for work it can be coworker x coworker or boss.

Doctor and patient ♥: One of the Ocs comes in for a routinely check up when the other oc who is their doctor finds out that they have cancer/(anything else) now the patient oc has to go surgery and other medical help, as the doctor oc is with them along the way.

Rich and poor ♥: One of them is rich and the other's poor, as the rich oc see's the poor oc on the street feels some pity for them and either takes them home as a guest or hires them as a worker in their home. It's up to you.

Police and criminal ♥: the Criminal oc is well known among the police force and has a big sum over their head, when the police oc is put on their case to catch and jail the criminal they get a small crush on them.

Supernatural creatures: Well this one is open to anything really

Teacher and Student ♥: -w-

Master and maid/butler: OC1 is a servant who recently was purchased by OC2, Eventually the two will start falling for each other. OC2 tries to keep the romance a secret, in fear of embarrassment, how will OC1 react and will they stay together.

Prince/princess ♥: I'll leave this up to you

Taboo love


Doctor Who:

America and Britain
Austria and Hungary
Prussia and Hungary
Prussia x O.c
Germany and Italy
2pAmerica and2p Britain
2pGermany and 2pItaly

Black Butler:
Sebastian xO.c
Sebastian x Hannah
Sebastian x Ciel
Claude x Hannah
Claude x O.c
Claude x Alois
Ciel x O.c
Ciel x Elizabeth
Ciel x Alois

Kankri x Cronus ♥
Mituna x Latula
Kankri x Porrim

(I've never rped from it before but would love too)
Haru x Rin ♥♥♥
Haru x Nakoto
Nagisa x Rei ♥♥
Gou x Seijuro ♥♥
any other pairings I missed :)

Dangan Rompa:
(possible just pm me about it I can do o.cs or cannon ♥♥
of the first game just started the second)

Spirited Away:
ChihiroxHaku ♥

The Cat Returns:
Baron x O.c
Baron x Cat Haru
Prince Lune x Yuki
Prince Lune x O.c
Prince Lune x Cat Haru
Prince Lune x Baron

I'm a little iffy on SPN since I haven't been keeping up on it
Dean x Castiel

What I won't do:
MLP (I'm a fan I just don't rp it)
Warriors (^same as above^)
Animals (I find 1x1's boring)
Any band

Well Bye for now, and I will eagerly await your response

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Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

Postby FairyCharmed » Mon Jan 04, 2016 5:46 am

L o o k i n g × f o r × 1 × 1!
(Or a private group RP)


      Hello! My name is FairyCharmed, but please feel free to call me Fairy. I am looking for mainly a 1x1 Doctor Who or WhoLock (Doctor Who × Sherlock crossover) RP, though I'm not opposing a small group (3-5) RP c:

      About Me
      I am an English Language and Literature major college student living in Korea (South). I love to write fanfictions, especially for Doctor Who, and my English is good enough (I hope!) c:

      What I Will Do
      Doctor Who
    • 10 × OC (platonic/friendship)
    • 10 × Rose (friendship/growing love for each other)
    • 11 × OC (platonic/friendship)
    • 11 × River (romance/adventure)
    • 11 × Missy (frenemy status ☞ friends)
    • 11 × Rose (reunion/friendship)

    • 11 × Sherlock (friendship)

    • (if there has to be pairings) m × f (I don't hate the other pairings but I feel most comfortable playing just m×f right now)

      (Key: Ones in italics are the one that I prefer to play)

      What I will NOT Do
    • m × m or f × f pairings (I have nothing against them; I just haven't done any of these types yet)

      What You Can Expect from Me
    • 3+ sentences per post (introduction post(s) may be ~2-3 paragraphs with 3+ sentences each)
    • Checking RP/Posting replies at least twice a day (sometimes I will get distracted by Chickensmoothie so please bear with me!)
    • Friendly OOC/Chat along with RP posts (if you like this, of course)

      What I Expect from You
    • Online at least once a week
    • Know quite a lot about Doctor Who (and Sherlock if you want to do a WhoLock RP) c:
    • Write at least 2 sentences (or mirror my posts)

      Other Information
      I don't expect you to be able to post with fancy coding and stuff, partly because I can't do that ^^' also, I'd rather do RPs on the forums, not through PMs.

      Thank you so much for looking over my post and hope to start RPing with some of you ^-^
Hello ^-^ I'm Fairy. Nice to meet you! Signature is a WIP for now.
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Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

Postby Silvereil » Sun Jan 10, 2016 4:50 pm

    Aʟᴡᴀʏs ʙᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀsᴇʟғ
    Eᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴇʟsᴇ ɪs ᴛᴀᴋᴇɴ

    Hello! I'm Silvereil, but you can call me Silver for short. Obviously, I'm looking for a 1x1 Forum (Not PM) RP. At the moment, I don't really have anything too specific in mind. Mostly it would be just something to do in my free time when I have it. Interested? PM me!

    » I prefer Semi-Lit to Lit since I like
    giving/receiving something to reply to
    » I can play one or more characters
    of either gender
    » I prefer mxf pairings (this doesn't
    mean I dislike others)
    » Good/excellent grammar & spelling
    » I try to be as active as possible
    » My timezone: EST
    » Posts equal to or greater
    than my own
    » Good/excellent grammar & spelling
    » Try to be active
    » Be friendly and polite
    » Tell me if you want to quit; No
    hard feelings c:
    » Don't have me be the only one
    pushing the plot forward

    What I will do:
    Fantasy, shapeshifters, elemental powers, dragons, realistic humans, racing, sci-fi
    What I won't do:
    Fandoms, pure romance, vampires, high school, college, anime/manga, bands, youtube
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    Nira’s 1x1 Search (Closed)

    Postby .:Nira:. » Wed Jan 20, 2016 5:45 pm



    Hm hm, where should I start... oh yeah, I probably should introduce myself!
    Alright, sooo... hello there, I´m Nira! ╰(^ω^)╯
    I´m that type of nerdy|crazy|chatty (& slightly pervy ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌) girl with passion for anime. (♡∀♡)
    I love MxM pairing (honestly, most of my OTP if not all are MxM (✧∀✧))
    I´m kinda freak & most people find me annoying, since I´m all buddy-buddy from the start usually talking way too much. (╥_╥)
    However, I love RPing probably as much as anime, so I´m currently looking for someone to RP with. (^▽^)

    What can you expect from me?
    • Semi-Lit and usually write a paragraph (depends on muse and what you give me)
    • Can play for 1 or more characters (but not too many)
    • Active at least once a week
    • Timezone ~ CET
    • Do only MxM (okay with either - uke or seme - role)
    • Love to talk OOC (^∀^)
    • Prefer forum over PMs
    • Patience (I won´t make a fuss if you take a break from RP (⌒‿⌒) )
    • Flexibility (if you don´t like the RP anymore, we can still change it (^ω^))
    • Open ended RPs (one never knows where will the RP lead ╰(▔∀▔)╯)
    • Honesty (I´d tell you if I´m not interested in the RP anymore/want to quit)

    Other Information
    • I´m not going to lie. Sometimes it takes me a longer while to reply just because I´m too lazy. It´s not like I abandoned the RP, I just don´t feel like answering. (you know, all of us have those days when they feel like not doing anything at all and being too lazy to even move, so please don´t hate me for that. I´m simply one hell of lazy girl that´s all. (">_>))
    • I´m usually not very good playing a canon characters (Gomen! (>.<))
    • I prefer anime|manga characters (not realistic)
    • I always discuss the plot with partner (though I have some pre-made plots|ideas)
    • I prefer to make up plot|story as the RP goes on, not to set one with start & end
    • I do only MxM RPs mainly because I find MxF boring (no offense) and I have no experience with FxF
    • I hate to strictly follow the set plot and drag the RP on just so it will come to it´s official end
    • Changing whole theme & plot in the middle of RP? No problem!
    • Unreal and impossible actions of characters (e.g. throwing 10 fridges on someone out of nowhere)? Bring it on!
    • I believe that RP (unless it´s realistic based) shouldn't have any borders of imagination. If you want your charrie to teleport out of an embarrassing situation all of the sudden, then why not? Who cares if it's physically impossible?

    What I expect from you?
    • Write at least a paragraph (it´s kinda hard to work with only 3 sentences ( ̄  ̄|||) )
    • Good grammar & spelling (little mistakes are okay, I´m not perfect myself after all (-‿-") )
    • Be friendly and polite (not mind writing OOC (^ω^))
    • Be active at least once a week
    • Flexibility & imagination (I literally HATE RPs that "must" follow a pre-made|set plot)
    • Tell me if you want to quit

    What am I looking for?
    ◘ MxM (obviously! \(★ω★)/)
    ◘ Romance (must include (o´▽`o))
    ◘ Comedy ( ̄ω ̄)
    ◘ Psycho (*cough* my characters are often yandares *cough*(¬ ¬ "))
    ◘ Supernatural (demons, nekos, vampires, etc.)
    ◘ Stereotype (yeah, this girl doesn´t mind cliche love stories ☆⌒(≧▽​° ))
    ◘ School romance (any kind ~ rivals, love|hate relationship, popular & nerd, etc. ♡(。-ω-))
    ◘ Love|hate relatioship (oh, I love those (-3-)
    ◘ Love at first sight (preferably students)
    ◘ Cross-dressing
    ◘ Childhood friends
    ◘ Royal & pauper (righ & poor)
    ◘ Forbidden Love (enemies of some kind)
    ◘ Criminal & Police Officer/Detective
    ◘ I´m open for any suggestions of yours (^ω^)

    I like|love & Fandoms
    AoT|Death Note|Durarara!!|Junjou romantica|Noragami|Sekaiichi Hatsukoi|Hybrid Child|K project|Naruto|Diabolik Lovers|No.6|Parasyte|Mirai Nikki|Kaichou wa maid-sama|Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun|The Cat Returns|
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    Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

    Postby Darkcrescendo » Sat Jan 30, 2016 11:29 pm

    I'm not a romantic person, but I'm fine if you want to rp like that.
    I prefer Apocalyptic, Fantasy, or Horror, but I'm pretty much open to anything because I adapt quick.
    I'd like it if you could go on at the same time as me and if you'd post once a day, if you can go on more well...I'm always online anyways.
    I prefer to do original ideas and not some plot you stole from a story/anime/manga/TV show but again, I can adapt pretty quick given how many things I've read.
    Thank you.


    Hello! My name is Darkcrescendo, also known as Seto! I go by he/him or they/them, and write mostly horror/tragedy. Feel free to DM me at anytime,
    I'm always up for some chatting.


    Art commissions are currently closed!
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    Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

    Postby Startedraining » Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:19 pm

    *slips and falls* I haven't posted here in a long time, though I am still looking for a roleplay partner, or more than one!

    L o o k i n g f o r :
    - Eldemore!
      I love Eldemore's lore and I'd absolutely adore being able to grow my eldesonas in context!

    I don't expect much. Just a regular poster. Pls don't let them die.
    Basically anything. Sometimes I forget to reply for a few days. Just remind me.
    I can match post length, or at least try to.



    Helpful links!

    Site and Forum Rules
    Eldemore Lore & Info
    Eldemore Trading Rules
    Site Help
    Report Glitches

    The greatest thing you will
    ever learn is to love and
    to be loved in return

    he/him please


    Hey there! I'm Star, one of the
    General Helpers. Feel free to reach
    out if you need help or want to chat!

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