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PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:20 pm
by Manx
      {Ronan recovered from his initial shock in a matter of moments, fixing Anikalo with an unimpressed stare; one every member of the IAF had witnessed at some time or anther.

      "Your parents were good soldiers, Kelane. I won't -can't- deny that," Ronan said calmly, sinking back into a standard at ease military position. "But that does not entitle you to the details of the inner workings of the IAF. All you need to know are the officers are doing what is required of them and until further notice, you are still considered a civilian."

      Viera shared a glance with Tairad, caught off guard by the reunion taking place in front of them. The name 'Kelane' brought some vague memories to the forefront of her mind, but nothing of much importance. Obviously, though, there was some history between the two. Just none she had ever heard of.

      Ronan's head tilted ever so slightly as a message came into his earpiece, and without another word to the children he turned to the officers at his side.

      "Valois, Demaio, grab your shuttle and get yourselves, and them," Ronan said, giving a nod toward the children, "back to headquarters. I'll meet you there, and we'll get this entire thing sorted out."

      He turned and marched away before Viera and Tairad had even completed their snapped, "yes sir," leaving them to glance warily at one another, then at the children before them.

      "Ah... Guess we should be getting back to HQ, then," Veira said after a moment, still a bit confused at whatever had just taken place.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, 2015 12:50 am
by 1.21 gigawatts
When Ronan finally started talking, Kay was not impressed. It was nowhere near what she was looking for in this answer. Sure she had never been officially part of the IAF, but even as a civilian she deserved an explanation as to what was happening in her neighbourhood.

Then it clicked. Maybe if she acted like those incredibly scared civilians hat were scared for heir life and demanded an explanation she might get something useful. But then she realized who she was. She could never seem that vulnerable even if it was an act. And she could never give Ronan an excuse not to trust her. No matter how much she despised the thought, she needed Ronan's help on this one; even if it was just for information.

Seeing the two kids look wearily about, Kay's focus tuned in to their emotions. She could tell that they were perplexed at the recent events. Although she didn't need her power to tell her the obvious. She just couldn't control it and it decided to take a trip inside their thoughts.

"I guess so." Kay mumbled as a response to Viera's words. Kay took a few steps forward, arms crossed and looked about. "So? Which one's yours?"

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2015 12:29 am
by Manx
      {Viera and Tariad exchanged a look as Ronan strode away, glancing at Anikalo from the corner of their eyes. If the look in his eye was any indication, he was just as confused about the confrontation as she was.

      “This way,” Viera replied after only a moment of hesitation, leading their group away towards her vehicle.

      With only a brief glance back to ensure they were all following, Viera opened the back doors and ushered the children and their Dion inside. Once safely inside, she closed the door and took her own seat as the driver, joining Tariad in the front of the vehicle. Whistling, Viera summoned Amos to join them as well. The Dion leaped into the passenger side, making himself right at home sprawled across Tairad's feet.

      Without further interruption, Viera coaxed the engine to life and easily took off, setting a course towards the IAF head quarters. Allowing silence to prevail for a few moments, she finally glanced over her shoulder at their passengers.

      "I suppose if any of you have questions, this would be the time to ask them."

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 25, 2015 4:25 pm
by 1.21 gigawatts
Kay sighed when Ronan left, leaving them alone with the two young officers once again. When the ushered them inside her vehicle, Kay waited for the two boys to enter first before following. She hated being stuck in the middle of vehicles. It made her feel trapped and restless. Aralio plopped right in the middle of Demari and Anikalo. She was glad because she really didn't want to deal with him at that moment. If he wanted to pout about her choice, she would let him. Rashcleigh squeezed herself between Kay's legs and the seat in front of her and sprawled out. Her large body was a tight fit in the back of that small vehicle but she managed to fit in.

Hearing the girl talk, Kay huffed and stared out the window. She really didn't want to talk to those amateurs. What would they know anyways?

"Did you know our parents?" Aralio piped up from the back seat. Kay grunted.

"No they don't. They're too young to know them. And for all we know Ronan could have wiped them clean off the IAF database."

"Why not give them a chance, Kay! What have they done to us huh? They haven't sent us to jail or given us to child services. It's been five years Kay. Why shouldn't we give them a chance?"

Kay's fists were shaking at her side. The road began lifting in a few spots, causing the car to bounce up and down many times. Finally she gave up. The road stopped lifting.

"Fine. Go ahead and talk. I'm not saying anything."

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2016 12:18 am
by Manx
      {There was something in which the way the young girl spoke that put Viera at unease, a certain edge that was not commonly present in one so young. It was... A bit off putting to be spoken to in such an abrupt manner. She may not be much younger than herself, but the difference was in both rank and age was typically significant enough to command at least some respect from the general public, regardless of their backgrounds. The IAF was nothing if not a well respected organization.

      "I'm afraid I don't know who they are," Viera confirmed, glancing at the children in the backseat through the rearview mirror as she piloted their vehicle with ease through the busy streets, despite the minor disruptions that materialized in their path.

      "Our commanding officer, Ronan, may be able to answer a few more questions in regards to that once we arrive- he did seem to recognize you," Viera added. "I can't claim to know any answers off the top of my head that may help you, but we may have slightly more luck in that regard once we arrive at headquarters. If your parents were involved with the IAF, they should still be listed. Our database is rather extensive; and information purges aren't exactly standard procedure."

      The road they travelled was one Viera was quite familiar with, and it required little concentration to weave through the streets. It allowed her some time to process the recent information, attempting to recall if she had ever heard their family referenced before, either by the higher ups or Ronan. Despite her best efforts, no immediate knowledge came to mind. It would seem she would have to wait just as long as they to find out such facts.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 27, 2016 12:20 am
by 1.21 gigawatts
When Viera denied knowing their parents. Aralio’s body drooped and he looked down at his feet that were covered by Ash. Kay huffed, knowing that was the answer he would receive. Talking to the two officers was a dead end for what her little brother was trying to discover.

At the mention of Ronan, Ray grit her teeth. It was bad enough they ran into them after five years of avoiding him. Being brought into the same building as him and being told he could have the answers we sought wasn’t reassuring in the least. Kay knew exactly what he would tell them. The same story every time.

“Ronan can stay out of this,” Kay spat. “I know Ronan knows a lot about us but we aren’t here for answers. We know what happened to our parents and who they were. Ronan was no help in their downfall. He’s the last person we want to see. We agreed to come with you only so you could get your questioning done. After that, you’re letting us go back to our lives with no further interruptions.” Kay was tired of these officers. She wanted to return to their life in the streets. After five years a person gets accustomed to that way of living and finds it relaxing.

Ash began licking Aralio’s ankle in attempts to cheer up the saddened boy. After wetting his leg, she rubbed up against him as if she were a cat. Aralio giggled quietly at his best friend and reached down to pet behind her ear.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 5:28 am
by Manx
      {Watching their reactions from the corner of her eye, Viera felt a pang of sympathy for the child's reaction. If their situation on the street wasn't indication enough, it was obvious they had had more than their fair of bad luck over the years. How they spoke of their parents also said much of their status, and as one who had also suffered the loss of her parents, it wasn't difficult for her to empathize with them.

      Still, there was doubt in her mind that Ronan had played such a significant role in their parent's loss, as the girl described. Losing one parent, let alone both, was always a remarkably traumatic event, and often times the details of the event could become skewed in the grief that followed. While the implications were still... Troubling, to say the least. Viera had hope the search of the database would provide some answers, if not for their passengers, then perhaps at least for herself and Tairad. While she couldn't claim to know any more on the subject, it had left her quite curious.

      "We'll do our best to make this process as simple as possible," Viera replied amicably, undeterred by the coarse response.

      Ahead the headquarters came into their field of view, and with ease Viera steered the vehicle into the designated area. Ronan would not likely be back for some time, but it was certainly possible for them to get started without him. Reaching for the door handle, Veira eased herself up and turned to open the back seat, and across the way Tariad followed suit, with Amos waiting patiently at his heel.

      "So," she continued, in hopes of establishing a decidedly less touchy subject as she lead the way into the facility, "what are your names?"

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 5:17 pm
by 1.21 gigawatts
As they approached the IAF headquarters, Kay’s heartstrings tugged. It had been so long since she had last seen the building that served as their second home. She remembered walking through those front doors every day with her parents, dreaming that one day, she too could wear the uniform with pride. The friendly faces that welcomed her and her family every day had faded in her memory. All that remained was the sorrow that occurred five years ago.

When Viera opened the door, Demari jumped out first, followed by Aralio. Ash wobbled out, trying to squeeze between the seats. Being a fair bit larger than most Dions, Ash was never fond of vehicles and preferred to either run beside or even ride on the roof. Kay emerged from the vehicle, shoving her hands into her hoodie pockets as she followed behind the group.

“My name is Aralio and this is my sister Anikalo but everyone calls her Kay,” Aralio piped up when Viera asked about their names. “This is Demari. We met him a while after our parents died. He’s an orphan too.” Kay didn't bother interrupting her brother. They had gone in for questioning and if Aralio wanted to answer them all, she'd let him talk.

Emerging through the front doors of the IAF, Kay felt the familiarity. You could almost say she felt at home... Almost. While her heart wanted to be embraced in the happy memories the place once held, but her brain was frantic with the destruction it had caused. If it wasn't for the IAF, her parents would still be there.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 09, 2016 3:57 am
by Manx
      {"Well, Aralio, it's a pleasure to meet you," Viera replied warmly, offering the child a gentle smile as she lead the way. "And you as well, Anikalo and Demari."

      Tairad echoed the greetings at her side, and accompanied faithfully by their Dions, the company began striding purposefully towards the building. A grand entrance, built far more for aesthetics than practicality greeted them as they moved through the high glass doors. As the recognized headquarters stationed in this galaxy, the IAF had spared no cost when it came to creating a remarkably built public building. Although the upper floors were all reserved for officers and the important business they each conducted, the main floor and exterior had been developed into little more than a popular tourist stop. Perhaps not the original intent, but all the same the organization had created quite a name for itself. Intentional or not, they had a certain image to uphold, and with government funding, they had accomplished just that.

      Viera never had cared much for the grandeur of the headquarters entrance, often preferring to avoid the main entry altogether and use one of the many side entrances to accomplish her daily tasks. These days the front was often filled with far more than tourists too as locals sought vague answers to the oddities that had seemed to crop up throughout the city in the past while. People were unnerved, and as such they were constantly seeking answers; answers, as it would happen, the IAF did not currently have.

      Today was not as bad as usual, and with the help of the large animals that padded at their sides, it was an easy enough task to skirt by the relatively sparsely populated room and make their way up to the far more secure upper levels. Both Tariad and herself were well known officers in the force, young though they were, and aside from a few exchanged greetings they were able to usher the children along uninterrupted, until at last Viera halted their little procession at a door way. With a swipe of her badge it was unlocked, and together they entered the office room.

      Although not much in the way of furnishings, a few chairs surrounded a round table, and Tariad ducked away for a moment to fetch enough for each of them.

      "This should do it," Taraid said a with as he placed the last chair inside.

      "Let's get this under way, shall?" Viera added brightly, doing her best to maintain an upbeat attitude. Sending off a brief message to Ronan, alerting him of their progress, before booting up the computer.

      "Alright then... I do believe we need full names, dates of birth, and fingerprints from each of you. It'll help save us a fair amount of time if we can get all that information inputted."

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by 1.21 gigawatts
Entering the IAF building was like entering a memory. One that was pushed to the back of the mind in hopes that it would never find its way out again. Ash brushed up against Kay’s legs as they walked. Even though Demari had abandoned her and Aralio was his usual self, annoying and stubborn, Kay was glad Ash would always stay by her side no matter what she did.

Kay sat down in the chair she was offered and watched everyone else take their seats. At the sound of Viera’s voice asking the questions, Kay looked over at Demari. She wasn’t sure what he would do. If he knew there was no getting out of it he would write his name down for them to read. If not, he would keep silent and they would never know. Demario had never actually told them his last name, nor did they tell him theirs. Being orphans did distance them from many things, including their families. Their last names were the only thing tying them to their parents and the sound of them brought up only sad memories.

“Aralio Manfred Kelane,” Aralio replied. “Born March 22, 6818.”

Kay waited for Viera to type in the information she was just given before speaking. “Anikalo Ingrid Kelane. Born April 4, 6815.” Kay looked over at Demari who was staring deeply into the wall. He had avoided eye contact with her the whole time and never made the slightest gesture in her direction. Was he going to confess his identity or would he cause them even more trouble?