Belden- (Pre-Beaugro) 1x1 Oriel and Redsparrow

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Belden- (Pre-Beaugro) 1x1 Oriel and Redsparrow

Postby Redsparrow » Thu Oct 16, 2014 5:11 pm

Elemental Background

Shapeshifters are the masters of the country. The five ruling groups control between them the major centers of population and trade. Elementals, those who call on the forces of nature rather than taking an animal form, are a small but growing part of society. Most are too weak to be of any consequence. The few that are stronger and potentially dangerous are divided into “elite” and “guard” classes. Guards are typically employed as border patrols and city police forces who work in tandem with shapeshifter counterparts. All elite-strength elementals, recognized as potential hazards to the public, are required to receive training and report directly to the governments of their resident provinces. Those who resist these rules or who are unable to secure patronage are viewed as a menace to be hunted down and destroyed.

Elite elementals also serve a unique political purpose as proxy fighters for territorial disputes that might otherwise lead to all-out conflict. Although each shifter group maintains its own class of fighters, it has come to pass by mutual agreement that most battles are left to elemental servants in the direct employ of prominent political leaders. Disputes may be settled by the results of a formal challenge between two groups and their elemental proxies. These challenges, now sanctioned by social convention and even popular as spectator events, are subject to a strict formal dueling code with little protection for the combatants. It is common for one or both of the fighters to die in challenge and death is in fact seen as the only honorable outcome for a losing elemental. Those unfortunates who lose and survive may choose to seek out other employment if they can find it.

The strongest and most dangerous fighters often support or reinforce the prestige-granting patronage system. Many use their relative power to build personal fiefdoms. This state of affairs has so far been able to quell any stirrings of rebellion among the increasingly discontented elemental population.

Canine Tribe:
~City of Belden~

"Family, Blood and Bone..."
The City of Belden was born of hard work and strong leaders, a fact that its loyal citizens are proud of. Run by the high council, a group consisting of an unbroken blood line of Wolves, Belden adheres to a strict Alpha system similarly to their wild wolf cousins. This means that only wolves born of Alpha families will be able to join the high council. With the acceptation of Wolves, shifters are free to marry who ever they like.

Economically speaking, Belden has a class system similar, but not as strict as, the Feline tribe of Snowden. Wolves are the wealth and power holders, all others fall into line somewhere under that based on skill, family and education. Elementals are a subservient class, hired for various odd jobs or skills.

A city build of stone, Belden has cobble streets, towering stone buildings and hand lit street lights. Surrounded by farm land Belden looks similar to a mediaeval style castle and village. Also worth noting is their army, Belden has the largest standing army. Its existence makes other tribes nervous but so far not threat has come from the Canine Tribe.

Avian Tribe:
City of Faypine

"Feathers, Fame and Fortune.."
Faypine, the trading central of the world, if there is a profit to be made the birds have stock in it. With major roads to each kingdom, tribe and port, Faypine is the a world power build on goods. Thought the city itself it build high above the ground. All Faypine residence reside in structures build upon some of the largest trees, towering skyscrapers that allow the people to never touch the ground.

Faypine has the highest number of skilled craftsmen found anywhere, shifters and elementals alike. It was their original interest in elementals that has breed the current elite warriors.

With little to no standing army, they instead employ the Eagles as highly skilled guards for the city and its wealth.
A falcon lead economy, it allows for all citizens to vote and hold positions of authority within its culture. Thought it is most common to find falcons in the various positions of power, its not impossible for others to achieve wealth and power. They have a Royal linage of Falcons that give advice for the government, similarly to the royalty of England.

Feline Tribe:
City of Snowden

"By Claw, Whisker and Tradition..."
Snowden is in the far reaches of the land, it experiences harsh winters. The city itself is only kept warm by its compassionate and caring community. Its said that Snowden is home to all, no matter heritage, past or present. The Feline's rich culture is rivaled by none and is envied by all.

Despite their welcoming nature to new arrivals, they frown upon inter tribe marriage. While its not outlawed its not encouraged and considered unruly.

The worlds producer of everything metal, its houses the world's finest metal workers. Besides its citizens skill with metals it has the richest land anywhere. Growing more food then they need, you can find their goods worldwide.

Equine Tribe:(Nomatic)

"Strength, Will and Freedom..."
Equines are found world wide, they call each city their home as well as living in small villages throughout the land. Some even live as horses grazing and migrating as their animal counter parts. Its a simple and peaceful life. Whenever an Equine tribe member makes his/her home in a city it's meet with great joy, for equine workers are some of the most honest and skilled of all shifters.

Retile Tribe:
City of Esterbrush

“Wisdom, Faith and Fang”

Esterbrush is home to some of the finest artisans and physicians of the shifter tribes. “Serpent” medicine is known far and wide to be able to treat previously incurable diseases, for which many people beyond its borders are willing to pay dear.

Cobras dominate the upper levels of government and some of them – though outsiders could never say why – are revered as messengers and near-prophets with a special connection to the spirits. Shifters who either are cobras, themselves, or descendents of cobras, use honorific matrilineal and gender-specific titles in place of the more common middle or surnames.

Venomous serpents, although valued by their people, tend to be somewhat rarer and do not commonly reveal their heritage to outsiders. Cobras are the conspicuous exception and, if other shifters must distrust and dislike them for their venom, they accept that as the price that keeps the more numerous viper species unnoticed and unmolested.

The “true” cobras (Veres and Veras Sirya, for males and females, respectively) have wielded political and spiritual influence for a longer span of time than that covered by the official records. Although they are the oldest and most venerable of the cobra lines, the Vere Sirya share power with the Kere Visan (“wise”), the Aden Tal (“fierce”), the Gul Haje (“shining”), and notable members of the broad reptile community.

The source of cobra power is mysterious to most outsiders, but within the community it is the simple fact that – among all reptiles – cobras (and some vipers with either cobra ancestry or natural talent) are able to consciously manipulate the properties of their venom. A skilled venomchanger is welcome in any community and those who choose to live either on the outskirts of reptile lands or in the diaspora populations in other city centers are fiercely protected.

Esterbrush is under constant pressure to feed and water its growing population and thus has an uneasy political relationship with the shifter tribes immediately to the north – many of whom claim the valuable farming and grazing lands that the reptiles badly need to expand.

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Re: Richard's Era - (Pre-Beaugro) 1x1 Oriel and Redsparrow

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The Leader
Richard Lucius Ashmore
Born and raised in Faypine Richard (Luke) showed an affinity for his element at a young age. Pushing the very limits of what fire is capable of Richard quickly grew to become one of Faypine's most lethal alliances. Working under the governing classes Richard is well versed in the politics of the tribes.
Appearance Luke stands at 6ft even and sports copper colored short hair. His light skin is dotted with freckles, he is lean and in fantastic shape.
Age 35
Element: Fire (Subclass Electricity)
Family: None to speak of.

The Spy
Cacique Fey Brawdwing
Cassie or Fey was born and raised in Faypine, the daughter of a diplomat. She has seen great power and wealth in her time. Now she serves under the guard, one of the few falcons among eagles. Her high raking and unique position often sets her as a spy, ever keeping an eye on the other tribes.
Appearance Fey stands at 5ft 2 in, with long dark black hair and tan skin, her shifter from is a stark contrast. When letting her hair hang down its easily three feet long, however she usually keeps her hair tied up in various buns.
Age 25
Family: Her father is part of the elected leaders and her mother is a member of the high court. She has one sister and one brother. Both are in following in their parent's footsteps.

Name: Rolsovier Razorwing (ROSS)
NPC: Prince of Faypine.
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Re: Richard's Era - (Pre-Beaugro) 1x1 Oriel and Redsparrow

Postby Oriel » Thu Oct 16, 2014 7:32 pm

Oriel's Character Sketches

The Agent
Alec Greenheart wrote:Full Name: Lykos Alexander Greenheart
Called: Alec, Siryan
Age / Gender: 37, Male
Element: Earth Elite. Affinity for worked and shaped metal as well as raw stone and particulate or aggregate material (i.e. sand, gravel).
Characteristics: Middle height, lean, green-flecked brown eyes, close-cropped light brown hair, distinctive scarring over his forearms (most often covered by the sleeves of his shirt), usually patient but becomes irritable and restless when troubled by old injuries.
Background: Trained under Faren Sweetspring (Fire Elite) and Carina Greenheart (Aunt, Earth Elite). Hired at age twenty by Amiran Veres Sirya, a cobra leader, to help expand and defend the serpent border north of Esterbrush. Given the honorific title 'Siryan' after eight years in service coordinating patrols and leading border skirmishes. Lost formal challenge to Jossan Keystone (Wind Elite) at age 31 and resigned his commission. Traveled from Esterbrush in search of other employment, met Richard Ashmore, and was recruited to the cause of the rebellion.
Family: Estranged. Two sons (12 and 10) with different women in the elemental community near Esterbrush. One is a promising fire elemental of some strength and the other is an earth elemental with minor powers.

The Recruit
Tess Stillwater wrote:Full Name: Theresa Honore Stillwater
Called: Tess
Age / Gender: 30, Female
Element: Water Guard, Affinity unknown.
Characteristics: Middle height, fine boned, light blue eyes flecked with darker motes of navy, black-haired and fair-skinned. Wears a silver ring with an etched grape leaf pattern on the fourth finger of her right hand.
Background: Born into a wealthy merchant family and married into another. Joined Richard's cause after her husband suffered an 'accident' during a routine shifter-led inspection of their business. A noted artisan and master dyer, she more often verifies the quality of the goods rather than dyeing cloth herself. Has connections among the avian shifters and is capable of fighting if trained.
Family: Widow of Lucas Whitebark (Water). Continued to use her maiden name even after her marriage and now somewhat regrets the decision. Has a pet rabbit named Chrysanthemum (Chrys for short).

The Cobra
Idris wrote:Full Name: Idris Veres Sirya
Age/Gender: 26, Male
Shifter: Melanistic Egyptian Cobra (Naja haje), Venomchanger
Characteristics: Brown-skinned, tall, very dark brown eyes. Unfailingly polite.
Background: Junior negotiator, trained spy, rumored assassin. Not from the main cobra family branches or heir to any particular power, but well-placed to keep track both of shifter politics and of the elementals each nation controls. His specialties include a truth serum, a paralytic venom, anesthetic, poison antidotes, and compounds specific to fighting half a dozen common diseases. Considers Lydia and Alec near-family. Was trained by Alec in scouting and tracking, but is a more traditional cobra weapons specialist. Prefers daggers and, at need, crossbows.
Family: Nephew of Amiran Veres Sirya
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Re: Richard's Era - (Pre-Beaugro) 1x1 Oriel and Redsparrow

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Folk music, the kind common to the pubs of Faypine echoed through the night cloaked forest. It was coming from The Pinto, a slum so similar to the filthy dirt mount it was dug from that Fey found it hard to stomach the smell as she approached. Her mission was straight forward, find and retrieve the Fire Elemental known as Richard Lucius Ashmore.

"General Brawdwing, meet me in my office after your done training this sorry lot." General Kern's voice was deep and stern, nothing like the high pitch eagle scream she was so used to hearing from him during their flight squad exercises.

"Sir, yes sir." She responded, quickly before snapping at the new recruits for being off beat. It was the sixth new batch this month, and this lot did seem worse than the last. Fey was not sure why, but as of lately every able bodied falcon, eagle and hawk had been called in for training. It was almost as if the Tribe was expecting an attack, regardless some training wouldn't hurt these weak yearlings. Training finished, her flight to his office was quick and Fey found herself among the other highest ranking officers.

"Men and Women, I have called you all here to talk about something long overdue." General Kern scanned the group as he spoke, similar to the way he spoke to a large audience. His eyes meet Fey for a moment and she could see fleeting concern in him. "As you have noticed we, as well as all other sections of the armed forces are being flooded with new recruits. This is because the Councils has received a threat, the source is unknown and most likely a farce, but non-the-less they have deemed the threat serious enough to act upon. Due to this I have also been given a list of missions that each of you will be contacted about on a one on one bases."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I can't caution you enough to take these missions serious and above all confidential" The last statement came after such a pause that it made Fey jump when he uttered it followed by a dismissive gesture. Turning to take her leave Fey felt a hand upon her shoulder.

"Fey you’re first." Kern's voice was gentler now, she could hear a dab of affection return to it. Her ties to the man were old, he had taken her on as an apprentice at the age of nine and the two had worked closely ever since. She could feel her cheeks flush at his touch and she desperately attempted to correct her posture. She had no illusion of his awareness of her feelings. He was a healthy 20 years older than her but that didn't do much to stop the crush she had on him since almost hatch.

"Sir?" Fey responded, pushing the rush of feelings away.

"So formal." He chuckled, "Even after all these years." Fey cocker her head at him curiously, his pause was so long and his voice seemed sad.

"Fey, I.." He cleared his voice. "Fey I have a mission for you, but I must warn you that is not to be taken lightly. The Council has been looking for and believes they have tracked down a man." Kern moved away from Fey and plucked a bottle of spirits from behind a book on the stand by his desk. Offering a glass to her to which Fey shook her head.

"Richard Lucius Ashmore, he is one of the tribe’s most skilled elementals." He paused to drink some of the golden colored fluid. "A bought of alcoholism has rendered the man unusable by the Council. However dire times call for drastic actions."

"So, let me get this straight. I am being sent to collect a drunkard?" Irrigation was hard to keep from her voice.

"You don't like the task?" Kern seemed amused by her reaction.

"Honestly, if I may, I feel there are better uses of my skill." Fey responded.

"You are not familiar with this Elemental Fey. Mr. Ashmore is extremely lethal at best, he was disqualified from the arenas after the "incident".


Kern seemed suddenly interested in the fluid in his cup. "Yes, rules are shaky in the arenas as is, but Ashmore makes spectating a little too risky."

Fey had never seen an arena battle, watching two men fight to death was not what she called entertainment. Upon Kern's mentioning she could vaguely remember the report of the night half the crowd was killed when a blast from one of the elementals was re-directed by the opponent into the audience. There was rumor of foul play, involving electricity: which was a banned element for the arena. If she remembered correctly a blast from a young fire elemental was re-directed onto the weak force filed that protects the autidicne. Once it gave to the blast, fire sprung into the audience. However this should have only harmed and killed a few people, not hundreds. Heart failure was the suspected cause of death, caused by a sudden surge of energy. "Why employ a man who kills indiscreetly?"

"Let’s just say Ashmore doesn’t take hostages. He is sent only when Faypine doesn't want any chance of retaliation."

"So I am to find this man and?"

"He was last seen in the southern district, I’d try looking in pubs, brothels and well alleyways to be honest. He is to be brought back to me and I will handle the rest form there."

Fey nodded "I well get ready to look this evening." Bowing out of respect she reached for the door knob.

"Fey, one last thing. Be careful with this one, he usually does not lash out, but he can be unruly and hard to predict. I chose you for this because mission because I feel you’re the only one with enough speed to... to deal with his powers, if things go that way."

Fey smiled slightly at Kern trying to reassure him. "When have I ever let you down? I am sure he will be no trouble. With any luck he will be passed out cold. " Fey wasn't entirely sure of her statement, but how hard could it be to fetch a drunkard?

Fey had spent all day flying the slum street of the Southern District. Most of Faypine was built high above the swampy ground in the Swam trees that grew hundreds of feet height. However the Southern District was built on logs and was made to float on the muck water of the swamp. Log and rope bridges weaved in between the shacks were a mix of poor avian, elementals and a few other nomadic tribal creatures lived. The stench of the swamp water mixed with rotting garbage creating a sewer like effect that seemed to create a strange fog.

It was as the sun began to set that Fey started to ask bar tenders and brothel grads for the man by the name of Ashmore. Harassment and cat-calling awaited in most of the bars, especially when she asked about the man. It appeared he had quite the reputation, not at all the kind Fey looked fondly on.

At the Ladies Lander a tuff looking man was able to point her to The Pinto." He likes the blond there, good place to check." Fey thanked him and after getting directions flew straight there.

Entering The Pinto, Fey found a large poorly lit room scattered with tables and adorn with a small stage. The whole place had a moist feel with humidity and pipe smoke hanging heavily in the air. Making her way to the bar tender she side stepped a few men's attempts at talking or grabbing at her. "I am looking for Richard Ashmore." She called to the bar tender who had lazily made his way to her.

"Who?" Responded the haggard looking man, a butt of a poorly wrapped cigarette hung form his mouth. "Oh Luke. He be over yonder." He pointed across the room. "Red hair, shaggy beard. Should be with a blond right now. Can't miss him."

Fey looked in the direction the man had pointed and almost groaned out loud. She would have to make it through the crowds of drunken men who swooned and swarmed around the scantily dressed waitresses. Reluctantly Fey began to side step and slide between the fowl smelled individuals, pausing time to time to scan the area looking for the man the bartender had described. The flame red hair caught her attending suddenly, of course he was in the farthest corner of the pub.

After untangling herself from a few individuals including one waitress Fey finally broke into a cleaning next to Ashmore's table. Exasperated she worked to compose herself before approaching the group.

"Hey Luke, looks like you've got yourself a guest." A man sitting across from Ashmore called to the group after eyeing Fey.

The way Ashmore lifted his shoulder and head from the embrace of the young blond lover, reminded Fey of a cat lazily sitting up after a long nap. It seemed to take effort for him to lift his head to look at her, despite this he remained slumped forward onto the table. Whatever delay his body seemed to have his eyes were surprising sharp, they moved quickly and locked firmly with Fey. It made shivers run up and down her spine, she had seen the look once before. As a young girl she had been playing in the dryer parts of the swamp when she noticed a cougar stalking her. The look of a predator eyeing prey.

"Richard Lucius Ashore?" Fey asked, she was surprised to find strength and confidence in her voice despite how trapped she currently felt.

"Who wants to know?" Luck growled at her before taking a swig from the nearby mug.

"General Cacique Brawdwing, I have been sent by the Council to"

"I know why your here, I only asked for your name." Luck interrupted her, leaning back in his chair he proceeded to kick his left leg onto the table followed shortly after his right leg fell on top of it knocking over three mugs. Crossing them he pushed back a little until his chair touched the wall with a low wet thud. All the time giving Fey a cold glare, the blond proceeded to drape herself over his chest and nibbled at his caller suggestively.

Fey watched her movements, clearly drunk the young thing seemed no older than twenty and left little to imagination. Her expression of displeasure at the young girl got a chuckle from the man who had called to Ashmore, alerting him to her presence.

This brought Fey's attention back to Ashmore, from his new position he had a good view of Fey. He looked her up and down slowly almost as if he was undressing her with his eyes. Fighting the urge to jump away and slap him at the same time Fey proceeded to make her announcement. "I have been sent by the Council to collect you, they expect to see imminently."

"Is that so? Well I am afraid General that I won't be able to oblige them. You see I have been demand unfit for service and have no intentions of changing that ruling." Luke smirked at her. His oily over grown hair hung down past his shoulder and an un-groomed beard covered most of his face. A layer of dirt, mud and food seemed to be smeared over him. Bits of crud littered his beard making Fey's stomach turn at the young girls affections towards him.

"Let me remind you that turning away an official summoning is a crime punishable by death." Fey growled at him.

"Is that a threat?" Luke said sitting up a little, his sweet heart seemed to be tiring of this lack of attention and began to flirt with another. "Cuz if it is I'd like to see who they would really send to collect that debt? YOU?!" He called, this caused laughter from all the surrounding tables. Fey had just now realized how many people were watching this scene.

"I am going to ask you one last time, stand and come with me to the Council." Fey said unshaken.

Luke looked at her for a long time, as if deciding how best to respond. His attention fell back to the blond who swooned and cued affectionately at him. "Can't you see I am busy?" This signaled another round of laugher.

Fey who could tell that she was about to lose control of the situation, reached behind her to grab a cuff that she had been instructed to place on any unruly elementals. It was laced in magic that would block the use of magic by elementals, it was part of the uniform along with one that blocked the abilities of shifters to shift. They were used only as a last resort but she felt she needed to back up her threat.

Luke's eyes followed her hands and watched as the strap of leather was produced. A slight smile came onto his face as she approached him. What happened next was so fast it left Fey's head spinning. Luke slipped his foot to the edge of the table where he proceeded to exert enough force to push the table straight at Fey, knocking it over in her path. The sound of the table hitting the floor made many jump and spill their spirits. Outrage broke out and soon Fey found herself engulfed in a full out brawl.

Her eyes never leaving Ashmore, she was able to dodge around the chaos and get close enough to flip the leather strap around his wrist as he was trying to flee. The loud snap of the bond latching together could be heard clearly over the brawl. Ashmore's face showed that the noise had not been painless, turning he grabbed Fey's wrist and within a few steps was face to face with her. The arm that she had attached the band on was now pressed firmly against her chest pinning and lifting her slightly against the moist wall. Leaning in Luck's eyes burned with distaste. "Tell the Council to find a new errand boy." With that her vision blurred and the world turned dark and silent.

Fey woke up on the floor of The Pinto, a waitress was attending to her. "Should have sent a man." The women said dabbing a moist cloth against Fey’s forehead. Looking around, the pub was empty. "How long have I been out?" Fey stammered.

"A few hours at least, don't worry we kept yah safe behind the bar. Take it slow okay." The mouse haired girl cued as Fey scribbled to her feet.

The bar tender offered Fey a drink, to which he laughed at her expression. "Just water ma'am." Reluctantly Fey drank the fluid down, it had a nasty taste but sure enough it was water.

"Thank you."

"Eh, you ain't the first, nor the last. Just glad yah fine."

"I must be on my way." Fey stammered as she began to walk to the door. The world spun around her and she clutched at a chair to stop from falling to the ground.

"Oh ma'am, please consider spending the night. Yah need your rest. We got some nice rooms, free o' charge." The mousy women pled. "Yah in no shape to be roaming the roads."

"Yah may want to consider, this area isn't a place I’d recommend for women at night, let alone injured women." The bar man added.

"Fine." Fey winched holding her head to her hands trying to sooth the throbbing headache. The mousy women lead her up some stairs and into a dark room. She girl rattled on about everything from her tips to how nice Fey's hair was as they made their way. Fey didn't catch most of what the girl was saying and responded with a "Yeah" from time to time to be polite.

"Here we are." She chirped opening the door and leading Fey in. "I will get yah some pain killers and water for the headache." The girl added before dashing out of the room. Fey eyed the place, it was light by one or two oil burning lamps and had a small window that lead out of the mound. The bed and room smelled of old and rot, but it was better than sleeping in the streets for the night. Fey noted the high dresser and decided to perch in her bird form up there. Slipping off her outer uniform she lay it on the floor and tucked up the sheets and pillows on the bed to make it look like someone was sleeping under the sheets.

Shifting she flew to the dresser and hide in the back corner, there was just enough room for her to stand comfortably in the shadows. She watched the young girl return with water, a bowl of what looked like soup and two white pills that must be the pain killers. Fey fell asleep quickly after eating the food and water the girl had left. As sleep began to take her over she began to wonder if it was wise to trust these people.
"We are going to die...... That makes us the lucky ones."
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Re: Richard's Era - (Pre-Beaugro) 1x1 Oriel and Redsparrow

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The sounds of the pub slowly filtered back into Fey's mind. Opening her eyes Fey looked around the room confused before remembering where she was. It must have been morning for light was now filtering in through the small window creating a high contrasting spot on the floor. Fey jumped off the dresser and landed on before stretching and shifting back to human form. She wasted no time getting dressed and washing up in the bathroom. Returning from the bathroom she was shocked when suddenly her room suddenly turned dark. Unseating the sword on her side she backed to the nearest wall and frantically looked around the pitch dark room.

"Did you know that barn owls are the only birds that can hunt in the pitch black?" The voice echoed around the room making the owner's location hard to place. "They do it by listening to the sound of their prey."
"Breathing." The voice added after an eerie pause.
"Any small movements." Growing softer, Fey could still not pin-point the location.
"But by far the most impressive is that they can located their pray by." A whisper that Fey sward was growing closer.
"Just the sound of its heart beat." The voice suddenly sounded as if it was right next to Fey making her jump away and swing her sword at the darkness from which it had come.

"Show yourself!" Fey called, panic audible in her voice.

Small flames flared around the stranger's hands, he raised one by his face slowly so Fey could see him. He was standing feet away from where she had just been. She wondered how he had been able to avoid her sword. The flames flickered showing off the golden flakes in his eyes, it gave a strange glitter effect to his gaze. "Cacique Brawdwing, right?" Luck's voice dripped with power and displeasure.

"You may call me General Brawdwing, are you ready to come peacefully?" Fey challenged him unshaking.

"Surly your friends don't use such formalities, come tell me what your lover calls you at night before he turns out the lights." His voice slipped to a disgusting whisper. With that he let the flames flicker making it hard for her to track his movement. Stumbling over the furniture Fey found herself struggling to stay away from his approaching from.

"Its General Brawdwing, you are no friend. Now I ask again, are you ready to come peacefully?" She felt the back of her legs brush up against the bed frame. She wondered how fast she could scramble across it and shift to fly out of reach. She needed to get more space between them if she wanted to fly without taking damage from his flame.

"Cute little trick you have there." Getting as close as he could while staying just out of reach of her outstretched sword. "A power band that drains the energy from the wearer and can only be taken off by its owner. Hardware this powerful isn't given to just anyone. So who exactly are you General?"

Fey didn't like his tone and desperately swiped at him with the sword. Luke saw his chance and took hold of the blunt side of the blade pulling it from Fey's hands. Holding it with the tip tauntingly at her throat for a moment Luck let the handle become red hot before discarding it the sword into the wall five feet away from the pair. Turning back to Fey he made sure to close any gap that would allow the falcon a chance at escape. Standing inches away from her he let the flames die down to a light flicker, that lightly illuminated their figures.

"I ask you again General, who are you?" Fey could feel his breath on her face, could feel the heat of the flames burning inches away from her stomach. She did all she could to stand tall and look the man in the eye without showing her fear.

"I am afraid I don't know what you mean by that. I insist we leave for the." Before she could finish her statement she felt her body loose balance as she tried to lean away from his ever nearing figure. This made her fall onto the bed. Desperately she attempted to scramble away from him.

Luck towers over her for a moment, watching her try to escape before quickly pinning her in place. His strength and body weight was more than Fey could fight against and she soon began to fatigue against his grip. "What do you want?" She pled with him.

"I want to know who you are." His voice was calm.

"I already told you who I am!" Fey called out, gasping for air under his weight.

Luck shifted his weight a little too allowed her to breathe more easily. "A falcon in the army, your rank is unheard of for your kind. What makes you so special that they would give you that title?"

"I don't know, I guess I was just that good." Fey now able to breath was not about to play his game.

"Hardly." Luke said allowing an uncomfortable amount of heat radiate from his hands.

"Are you ready to…"

"Say that one more time I dare you, Oh just say that one more time!" Luke hissed, his mouth next to her ear. Fey didn't know what to say so lay quietly holding back a scream of pain in response to the flames.

Luke could see she was not going to give him the information he wanted so instead he changed tactics. "Fine, it doesn't matter who you are. I just like to know who I am killing prior to leaving a dead body in the slums for the fuzz to find." With that he slid a leg up to put pressure on her diaphragm, making breathing close to impossible under his weight. He watched her struggle, just as she seemed to give in he let up the pressure and allowed just enough breath to keep her desperate.

Fey knew it was a scare tactic, she coughed and gasp for air under him but refused to let fear run her life. Killing her was not a smart move for him, he wanted information and he wanted the brace off. None of which could be done with her dead.

Luke watch her expressions change from fear and desperation to just plain struggling. "Well they have trained you well haven't they?" He said letting up and watching her react. Her attempts to fight him said more about her then she wanted. Luke knew well how the falcons trained their kind and a girl of this manner was in on some big secrets but was not so well trained as to bluff him out. The most valuable avians were hard to catch, they played a game of giving up false truths in order to shake their capture. This falcon had obviously not been trained to do that, her loyalty was purely in her mind and on training that did not count on her being captured.

"Take the band off and I will let you live." Luke said bluntly.

"Come with me and I won't tell them what you have done." Fey responded.

"Why would anyone care what I have done, you’re a solider, combat, capture and torture are expected in this job."

"I am making you a better deal than you think."

"Is that so? So you're the child of nobles then?" Luck eased up a little to get a better look at her face. Her expression were all he needed to confirm that thought.

"I'll make a deal with you. You take of the band and I will let you leave harm free. You go home, get comforted by your sweet heart, pampered by your parents and they send someone else to deal with me. You will never see me again and you will get to live the rest of your life in happy dappy land with all the other nobles." He paused to let her think, letting up on any pain he could be causing her before clamping back down and growling. "Or you stay here and I do what I please with you until you take off the band. I wouldn't bank that you're will can out last my power."

Fey hadn't thought of that, the band did seem to be draining his energy. She could tell that he was becoming weaker the longer and more often he used his element. This gave her hope of outlast his power, but she could tell from the look in his eye that he was plenty lethal without his fire. So, it’s come down to this: He wants the band off which gives me a point to negotiate around.

"Come with me and I will take the band off, I won't tell anyone of what happened here and I will grantee you never have to see me again." Fey replied calmly.

"You’re trying my patients." Luck hissed, he could feel the fire pluses out of his control and heating up more than he wanted. Quickly he pulled the flames down as to not cause damage to flesh but the smell that wafted form her wrists told him he was too late.

Fey grimaced and trashed against him, she could tell by his expression that the burn was not done on purpose. So she took the chance to use it to her advantage. "AH! She called out. Oh you have done it now. My father is going to be so mad when he sees this. You will be lucky to ever get your power back! You will live your whole life in jail having your energy drained away."

Luke's anger surged, but finding it hard to control the flames that he relied on he let go of her wrist and stood up. Being a falcon in an army of Eagles and getting her rank meant her family had wealth and power. That also meant she was loved by parts of the council. While ideas danced in his mind of how he could get her to bend to his will, he was reluctant to do any real damage to someone who could get him in so much trouble.

Letting out an audible sigh he flipped on the lamp that sat next to the bed before sitting next to her and taking hold of her hand. He pulled it to the flames and inspected the damage. "Second and First degree burns, that's what I expected. It won't take long to heal but you'll need to keep it wrapped and moist."

Fey pulled her hand back and inspected the burn marks on her wrists. "Will it scar?"

Luke stood form the bed and pulled open the drapes to the window allowing light to once again fill the room. A bag lay hidden in the corner that he retrieved a few things from before returning to her side. "Yes, but like all scars they tend to fade with time." Unwrapping a few things he reached for her arms. "Let me help."

Fey shifted away from him, not trusting that he wasn't about to attack again. She wouldn't forgive herself for allowing him to hurt her. Luke shot her a cold look and grabbed her left arm pulling her in his direction. "Relax if I wanted to do anything else it would already be happening." He began to apply ointment that soothed and cooled the skin. Adding two layers of material he quickly wrapped both wrist.

Fey was shocked at how fast he was able to move. "Thank you." She said rubbing at the bandages a little. "Does this mean you’re taking my deal?"

Luke shot her an odd look. "No this means I am going to drown you. What do you think?" He snarled.

"Good, as soon as we reach the Council I will take off your bands." Fey promptly responded. "How soon can you be ready to go?"

"Now." Luke stood tall, swinging the bag over his shoulder. Holding the door he watched Fey walk past him, with her back to him he let a small smile slip across his lips for a moment. Everything was going exactly as he had wanted.
"We are going to die...... That makes us the lucky ones."
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Re: Richard's Era - (Pre-Beaugro) 1x1 Oriel and Redsparrow

Postby Redsparrow » Wed Feb 11, 2015 1:14 pm

"Fey Dear" the voice broke into Fey's thoughts. It had been a little over six months since Fey had retrieved that man she later began to know as Luke. Those events still haunted her thoughts from time to time, she wondered just how close she had truly come to death that night. Shaking her head she pushed the idea away, true to her word she kept the events between the two of them and for the first time in her life lied to Kern during the de-briefing of the mission.

Fey suspected that Kern saw through her lies but he did not press. Nor did her parents when she returned home with wrapped wrists. The burns did leave pink scars in the shape of a hand on each wrist, it was hard to not notice them so Fey did her best to keep them wrapped. She kept them under silk bands to hind them from even her view after they healed. There was something creepy about them, almost like in that moment she had been branded and a sick feeling shook her when she realized she would bear his hand prints for the rest of her life.

"Fey Dear, is everything alright?" Her maiden looked worriedly at Fey.

"Oh stop fretting Nan, I am just tired that's all." Nan had been her nursemaid since she was five and the women was like another mother to her.

"I swear if Kern is working you to hard I will have a word with him for it!" She tugging a little rougher at the dress they were working around Fey's body.

"No it’s not that Nan, just didn't sleep well last night is all." The royal family was holding a large ball tonight and every noblemen was invited. They had all been told that an announcement was to be made, but Fey just wasn't as excited as everyone else seemed to be. These formal balls were always so draining to her, she hardly looked forward to it. Instead she wanted to be out training with Kern or really any of the eagles instead. "Say Nan, did you know that Barn Owls can hunt in pitch darkens?"

"Can they? That’s quite odd, how do you expect they do that?" Nan added while adding the final touches to the dress and Fey's hair.

"Hearing mostly, there hearing is so good they can even hear the heart beating." Fey looked at herself in the mirror, the long green fabric with silver needle work and lace brought out the green in her eyes. Her pale skin was ornately decorated with her long black hair that was tied back and flow down say for a few strands that had been curled and hung at the side of her face. Sliver high heels and fancy gloves to hide the scars finished off the look.

"How interesting, were did you learn that?" Nan asked stepping back and looking at her hand work.

"Huh? Oh just something I heard once." Nan who looked satisfied with her work nodded.

"Good good, well best be off now! Can't keep the prince waiting!" Fey looked at Nan curiously as they walked form the room the carriage that was to take them to the ball. "Prince Ross? Why would he be waiting on me?"

Nan looked confused. "What now? Oh look the carriage is waiting with your parents. Bust hurry off." Before Fey could push Nan she was ushered into the carriage. She was confused, true she had been spending time with Ross but why would he be waiting for her? She thought back to the yearly ball and remembered that the ball always started its dances with Royalty leading. Perhaps Ross was intending to start the night off with a dance with her.

Regardless, she was excited to see Kern. He was sure to look lovely tonight. Just last week the had stolen a kiss while the two were out patrolling the lands, Fey had enjoyed it so much she sought any time to be alone with him. This included sneaking out a night and calling in sick to training. Things had started to escalate to the point that neither of them were able to fully do their jobs. Fey was hoping Kern was planning to propose soon, but worried that his low family rank would cause him to not. Eagles rarely were allowed to marry Falcons, but Fey was sure she could convince her father to make an exception.

"Are you excited dear?" Fey's mother asked cheerfully.

"Yeah I suppose." Fey responded with a board tone in her voice.

"Today is a big day Fey, we are very pound of you." Her father added. Fey shot him a strange glance, what was he talking about? The carriage pulled up and before she knew it she was swept into the grand ball room.

The two floor ball room was made of marble and laced with gold, crystal chandlers hung far above the dance floor. The upper floor was covered with tables sporting the finest of eatery. The guests were divided into two groups, the lefts side was were all the men stood while the women all gossiped on the right. Singles huddled together and chattered about cute girls or boys across the room.

Silence fell over the group as Fey entered, Ross who had been standing by the stairs to the upper floor approached her for the first dance. The band began to play as his hands closed over her. She couldn't help but smile at him, they had been friends for their whole lives and there was few she was as close to as Ross. He looked surprisingly nervous. "These silly balls, what can I say?" Ross said quietly so only Fey’s ears could catch his words.

"Indeed, at least it’s better with you here." Ross took the edge off even the most serious of events. He was naturally a shy man standing at about 5ft 8inches with short well-kept black hair and golden brown eyes. Fey had grown use to the official royal clothing but she had to admit that Ross wore them better than any of his family. At the age of 32 and with half the kingdom having a crush on him, Fey was sure he would be married soon. Falcons tended to get married later in life since they were so busy with study during younger years.

"I am glad you feel that way, your smile is all it takes to make these loathsome events stand-able." Other couples cut in and Fey had to focus on the more completed steps of the dance. After most of all the ball room had started to join in when Fey was passed from partner to partner as tradition in the dance before ending with Ross. The music paused giving those a chance to leave the ball room floor, before the next dance started.

The next dance was more upbeat and fast pace. Fey found herself next to Kern who lit up at the sight of her. "Hey Fey." His voice was pleasant. "Master Ross. Do you mind if I steal your partner?

"Not at all Kern, just make sure she comes back in one piece." Ross joked picking up another eager dance partner immediately.

Fey smiled all the while, the dance couldn't last long enough. Again and again she took Kern as a dance partner before the two both needed a break from dancing. As Kern led them to the tables for a water and food Fey thought she caught the slightest glimpse of a man with red hair. On double take all she could see was red dress...

"Everything alright Fey?" Kern asked seeing the worried expression.

"Huh? Oh yes, just thought I saw... nothing, its nothing." Fey replied

"I will get you something to drink, you looked hungry to." He winked leaving Fey seated alone at a table. She continued to look around and watch the various couples. Two young lovers giggling and kissing in the corner, the King and Queen chatting with diplomats from another tribe. So far everything about this night was perfect, she began to relax and enjoy herself.

"Hey sugar cube." The voice made Fey jump and she whirled around wildly looking for its owner. Her eyes fell upon the man who had just taken a set behind and to the left of her.

"Ashmore?" Fey hissed in a surprise tone, she hardly recognized the man. Clean shaven with short hair he looked completely different. She had to admit he cleaned up well, in fact one hansom was a slight understatement for the man. She blushed slightly at the memory of having had him on top of her. He was dressed in fine dark red fabric with golden hints throughout.

"Please after all we have been through, call me Luke, all my friends do." He took a healthy drink of his wine before adding. "Let me give you some advice, if you want to keep your little fling secret you had better make your feelings less obvious."

"What fling? And we are hardly friends." Fey snapped at him.

"Oh so you don't know yet." Luke said with a slight smile. "Well best not spoil the surprise."

"What surprise?" Fey hissed.

"Indeed what surprise are we talking about here?" Kern's voice interrupted

"Kern how nice to see you. I must say you are quite the dancing couple." Luke's eyes sparkled at the pair. "It takes some real knowledge of your partner's body to move in such a coordinated manner."

"Can't say the pleasure is shared Ashmore, in fact if it were not for formalities you wouldn't even be here." Kern replied curtly.

"Please call me Luke, all these formalities are so unneeded." Luke smiled.

"Fey let’s move closer to the music shall we?" Kern suggested. Fey nodded then followed Kern glancing back at Luke who proceeds to blow a kiss and a wink at the two as they walked off. "Kern what does he mean by surprise?"

Kern placed the plate of food and the glass of wine down before pulling the chair out for Fey to sit on. "I have no idea." Kern responded.

Fey could see he was lying. "Kern you can tell me." She said sitting down and staring pick at the food.

"Fey, just eat. We will talk later." Kern said with a smile.

Fey's mind explored all possibilities, could it be. OH! Fey was suddenly excited, Kern was going to propose. He must have told her parents and the Royal family was in on it two. The special announcement was sure to be his proposal. As was tradition there was a dance all Avian members learned and were to perform as the proposal. It was sure to take place around 9pm tonight. Fey could hardly wait the few short hours that lay in front of them.

Ross soon joined them at the table offering Fey another glass of wine. "How is the evening going?" He asked Fey and Kern.

"Swell Master Ross, if you two would excuse me for a moment." Kern replied before heading to the restroom.

"So well." Fey chirped. "I can't imagine any night more perfect!" Fey exclaimed watching Kern leave affectionately.

"Nothing makes me happier then to hear that." Ross smiled.

"In fact I have never been so excited for nine." Fey added.

"Nine?" Ross looked puzzled. "Why nine?"

"Oh Ross, you don't have to play dumb with me. I know exactly what is going to happen."

"You know?" Ross looked kind of upset. "It was supposed to be a surprise."

"Come on Ross it’s obvious." Fey chimed in.

"Well if you don't mind me asking, will you say yes?" Ross asked shyly

"Of course I will, I have never been so in love. In fact it’s about freaking time, I thought this day would never come. I mean I have been sending all the signals I could think of and was worried they were all going unnoticed."

"You have no idea how relived I am to hear that." Ross said with a huge grin. "I was so worried that we would go to all this effort and you would say no."

"Oh Ross, I would never ever say no." Fey's eyes sparkled.

"Well then, see you at nine." Ross smiled as he was flagged down by a diplomat.

"See you at nine!" Fey called. Moreover I will see Kern at nine.

Song after song passed and Fey danced her feet off with pure joy, waiting for nine to approach. She as having so much fun she completely forgot about running into Luke. That was until she found her hands locked with his.

"If I may congratulate you early." Luke said as a greeting under his breath.

"I will allow that, yes. Thank you." Fey cued.

"It’s not every day that someone of your title marries up." Luke added pulling her in close and spinning her around his body as was part of the dance.

"What do you mean? Kern is an Eagle, so it would be he who is marring out of rank." Fey looked at Luke confused.

"Kern?" Luke returned the confused look. "What are we talking about?"

"What are you talking about?" Fey hissed.

"I am talking about your soon to be fiancé." Luke replied.

"So am I!" Fey was getting sick of Luke's games. What exactly was he trying to pull on this night of all nights. She was happy when the dance required moves that gave her a new partner. But as these dances go she knew it wasn't long before she'd be paired with Luke again.

When he came back around he looked concerned and whispered "Hang on a second, who exactly do you think your about to get married to?"

"What is your problem, honestly Kern you idiot." Fey snapped at him.

Luke almost missed a step in the dance which caused Fey to stumble. "Who?"

"Kern" Fey said catching up to his blunder.

"Kern?" Luke looked shocked, his eyes glanced at the clock. Seconds until nine. Breaking the dance Luke took hold of Fey's arm and dragged her to the side of the dance floor. "You’re not getting married to Kern.. You’re getting married to."

The music suddenly changed and the whole room parted as the clock struck nine. There in the middle of the dance floor stood Ross. Confusion crossed Fey's face. Where was Kern and why was Ross looking at here like that? Why was everyone looking at her like that? Turning back to Luke she could feel all the color drain from her face, his face looked concerned with the word Ross hanging on his lips. Suddenly everything made sense, the sadness in Kern's eyes, Luke telling them to hide their fling, Ross's behavior, Her father’s saying he was proud, Nan saying they didn't want to keep Ross waiting.

Luke looked up at Ross and around the room, he gave Fey a little nudge. He could tell that she was in shock, so he took her by hand and lead her to Ross. Her grip on his hand tightened to the point that he wanted to pull it away and yell at her.

"Ross, it’s Ross." Fey's voice was weak as Luke led her to the Prince.

"Yes and if you don't start acting happy about it everything is going to go to hell." Luke hissed under his breath with a smile on his face.Shaking his hand a little to loosen her grip enough to hand her off to the Prince. Luke stepped back and bowed to the price before walking off.

Ross took Fey's hand as the music and dance that had been drilled in her head since hatch began. "What’s wrong?" Ross asked noticing Fey's expression.

"Nothing, just nervous I guess." Fey said looking around at all the smiling faces. She noticed her father and mother in the crowd. Tears ran down her mother's face and her father, he looked so proud of her. She couldn't deny them this joy, the faces of all the happy people. She couldn't turn back now. Smiling she let her gaze fall back to Ross.

"No need to be nervous, I am here with you." He said, she could see pure affection in his eyes. With a heavy heart she attempted return the affection. It wasn't long before Fey was enjoying the dance. She found herself out of breath, having forgotten how physically demanding this display was she worked hard to keep up with the beat. Almost missing the cute for the part where they were to do a flying display.

Once in the air she reached out a talon to catch the Prairie falcon's, spinning they fell to the ground breaking just in time to land in the final position. She could feel his heart pounding in his chest as they stood striking the pose while the crowd cheered them on. Taking the chance to catch his breath Ross added "Well done."

"Well done yourself." Fey chimed back.

Once everyone settled down Fey stood as Ross lowered to one knee ring in hand. "Cacique Fey Brawdwing will you do me the honor of being my wife?"

"Yes, Yes!" Fey called allowing Ross to slide the ring onto her hand before embracing her with the second most passionate kiss she had ever had.

As tradition dictated they then started the next dance, a much slower dance allowing them to both catch their breath. She smiled at Ross, it wasn't all bad. She did enjoy the man, but it would be weird to start thinking of him as a husband. Still her sorrow for not being with Kern was enough to make her drop of the dance early. Waving off the concern by saying she was feeling tired. Ross allowed her the space she desired with little question, busy with the celebration of his brother and friends.

Fey slowly made her way through the crowds of people who all wanted to congratulate or hug her. Her parents caught up soon after, both beaming with pride. She received a tear filled embrace with her mother. Though only she knew the true meaning behind her tears.

Fey found herself out on the balcony, its view peered deep into the forest and was high above any other structure. Lights had be hung thought out all the neighboring tress and beaches. Looking up she could see hundreds of feet of branches, blow even more feet of trunk. Slowly she let a breath out trying to stop the tear from running down her face. It was after all such a wonderful night.

Footsteps behind her cued her to brush of the tears quickly. It was Kern. "Congratulations." He chimed with a broad smile the way he always greeted her.

"No." Fey cried. "Not from you, I can take it from everyone but not from you." She began to break down unable to hold back the sob of tears.

"What do you mean?" Kern said approaching her and placing a hand on her shoulder. "Fey what's wrong?"

Unable to hide the rush of emotions Fey threw herself into Kern's arms. "You, it was supposed to be you!" Fey said between sobs.

"What do you mean me?" Kern said to her, holding her tightly. "Fey whatever I have done I will try to make it alright. I am so sorry I upset you tonight."

"I love you, I want to marry you." Fey choked out looking up into his face.

"Fey, no Fey.." Kern said pulling away from her. "Fey, I care for you but.. We, this, it can never be Fey. I am an eagle and you’re, you’re a falcon."

"No!" Fey said "It’s not fair, I want to be with you." She said trying to wrap her arms around him again.

Kern stepped back quickly, not allowing her to touch him. "No Fey, Just no.... I am sorry, I am so sorry." Tears seemed to shine in his eyes as he stepped away. "Good bye Fey." His voice was cold and quite as he walked from her life.

Falling to the marble floor Fey covered her face with her hands not caring if she drew attention. She could hear people gathering around and whispering. "Shove off will you, can't you see she needs space. Becoming a princess isn't stress free you know." The voice.. Fey looked up to see Luke offer her a hand. "Come on lets go somewhere a little more private."
"We are going to die...... That makes us the lucky ones."
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Re: Richard's Era - (Pre-Beaugro) 1x1 Oriel and Redsparrow

Postby Redsparrow » Wed Feb 11, 2015 1:16 pm

Not thinking Fey took his hand and allowed him to lead her though the kitchen that connected to the ball room, through servant corridor's and out onto a solitary branch that twisted off into the distance. It was one of the main branches that supported the expansive castle that soared above them. Once they stopped moving Fey let herself sit on the branch and just cry.

Luke backed off a little and sat against a nob in the branch that was easily 20ft wide and 40ft tall. The Branch itself was a healthy mile wide at the point they were standing and tapered off gradually as it grew out. Pulling a metal flask out of his pocket he drake from it deeply as he started out into the distance.

After some time Fey looked over at him and watched him drink. She was starting to calm down a little, enough to talk again. "Can I have some?"

Luke glanced at her. "Sure but it’s pretty hard stuff." He tossed the bottle to her and continued to watch the lights flicker in distant homes.

Fey caught the bottle and took a shot, she had to agree. "Geese what is this stuff, it taste like crap." She said after taking another two shots. Standing she walked to Luke and sat down next to him, trying to figure out what he was looking at. "What are you looking at anyway?"

"Ruff day?" Replied to her shots. "It’s a local brew form a little place called The Pinto. I don't expect someone of your class to have ever been there." He said jokily.

"Actually I have, you wouldn't believe what happened." Fey snapped back.

"Try me." Luke replied

"You see I was there on this mission to collect this "Prize" elemental for the Council." She said making air quotes when she said prize. "And what do you know the man not only knocks me out but he also breaks into my room threatens my very life."

"What a jerk, I bet someone with your whit got the best of that guy." Luke chuckled

"I suppose." Fey trailed off, still trying to see what Luke was looking at. "You never answered me."

"No it’s you who never answered me." Luke responded still looking into the distance and singing the flask back and forth from time to time playing with its metal curves. Fey watched as the light danced across its surface like a little metal puddle.

"What do you mean?" Fey replied.

"Back in that room, I asked you what your friends call you." Luke said never breaking his gaze and fiddling.

"Fey. They call me Fey." Fey smiled to herself, he had a good memory. "Now you."

Luke smiled at her. "Fey, Fey from Faypine. I like it." He then looked back into the distance and pointed at the glittering lights. "When I was young my father would tell me that the flickering lights were the spirits sending us massages. Of course I know that it’s just a child story, but still I enjoy watching them and imagining what kinds of stories the spirits would tell us."

Fey looked into the distance with a smile on her face imagining what kinds of stories the spirits would tell them. "Your father sounded fun."

"He was."


Luke finally broke his attention away from the glittering lights and turned towards Fey. "Fey, Elementals don't live long. Especially if they have any kind of power. I like so many others were part of the selective breeding done by the various tribes to try and bring out the most powerful or interesting combination of skills possible. Because of this I never knew my mother and lost my father at the age of five to the arena."

"I am sorry to hear that." Fey said quietly.

"Why should you be? I am no less property of the Council, then you. I am bound to lose everything or everyone I care about, it’s no different for you. We are all products and pawns for their game."

"Excuse me?" Fey snapped.

"Think about it Fey, do you honestly think you’re going to be able to keep working under Kern? A princess working in the army? Heavens no. You will be expected to become a mother and attend diplomatic meetings. Sit, smile, nod, reply, dance, hence a pawn of the Council."

Fey wanted to argue but he did have a point. "I am sure it won't be that bad, besides I can still." Before Fey could finish that thought a terrible trimmer followed by an ear shattering boom almost shook them off the tree.

"What the hell!" Luke called desperately grabbing at the branch to steady himself. His eyes locked with Fey for a moment, pure fear was exchanged between the two before a loud cracking sound burst into the air. Looking up Fey could see falcons, hawks and eagles rushing out of the castle. Her heart seemed to stop at the sight that beheld her eyes. A burst of fire and smoke exploded from the castle, from which an entire side of the castle began to slough off and fall down the tree.

"Run." The words had hardly reached Luke's ears before he looked up to see the tons of stone wall and marble falling towards him. Looking down frantically he quickly realized that down would be a death. Instead he began to run along the branch trying to get out to the very reaches prior to everything hitting.

Fey shifted flying alongside Luke as he ran, he wasn't going to make. He would have to jump. Another loud boom and Fey glanced back to see another large part of the castle begin to fall. What she hadn't noticed earlier was that it wasn't just the castle that was in trouble the whole tree was cracking and coming down.

"Jump" Fey called to Luke as the wall began to shower down on the branch shaking it and dropping debris on Luke. He ignored her and continued to run. What was he looking for? That was when she saw it, the branch he was headed for should give him enough reach to jump onto the roof of a nearby house. Reaching the end of the branch Luke flung himself from it and landed hard on the roof. Fey landed next to him and the two watched in horror as the Swan tree that housed the royal castle cracked in half and piece by piece fell to the ground. Falcons, hawks and eagles landed on all the branches. There screams defended by the sound of the branches and walls hitting the ground.

Fey suddenly notice that at some point Luke had wrapped his arms around her. The sound of the tree cracking and falling had ended, but the loud thumb of his heart seemed to echo the very event that had shaken them. Look up she could see pure horror on his face, his eyes burned with anger and brined with tears. Not holding back any longer she pushed her face into his chest and let out a scream.
"We are going to die...... That makes us the lucky ones."
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Re: Richard's Era - (Pre-Beaugro) 1x1 Oriel and Redsparrow

Postby Redsparrow » Wed Feb 11, 2015 5:46 pm

The horse drawn cart bounced and swayed along the gravel road, it had been weeks since they have pulled off the paved roads of Faypine and Luke's sore back longed for the falcon's luxuries. Belden's great city walls loomed in the distance slowly approaching with each jarring motion of the cart. The journey had felt like a life time, something Luke was taking for granted. They had been relatively lucky and had avoided the worst storms and thieves.

He could hear Fey shifting around in the back and wondered what she was dreaming of. He knew he would have to wake her soon so she could get them passage into the city, so pulled the horse off to the road to take a rest before switching places. Tying the horse so it could graze he walked to the back of the cart and peered in on her.
She was sleeping peacefully, so different was her expression from just a few weeks ago. Carefully he hoisted himself into the back of the cart as to not wake her and began to rummage for something to eat.

The two of them were running low on food and Luke was desperately hungry from the small rations they had been having. Now so near to the city he felt it was safe for him to indulge a little. Munching away at food he leaned back and listens to her steady slow breathing.


"Luke. There be a solider asking rond for yah. A lady solider" Brook the bar man and owner of The Pinto called to him. Luke looked up from his papers. "Yeah? Who and were did we get the news from?"

"From The Lamb's Laugh." Brook called back. "Looks like the Council will be calling you out of retirement."

Luke looked back around at the men who were accompanying him. "Looks like the Council is deciding to take the threats seriously after all. Was starting to think they were never going to call me to arm." The group chuckled and clinked mugs. "Now is no time for celebration men, we must finish the task at hand before any of us have a hope of reaching Belden."

Luke watched Brook's daughter Lilith waiting tables. "Lil, come here a sec will yah?" Luke called the young blond. Her shinning locks of yellow hair and full red lips were pulling in quiet the tips. Enough that Luke wondered how much longer it would be before she opened her own pub.

"How can I help yah?" She chimed in with her flirty smile. "Let me guess another round?"

"Not quite, you see I am expecting a guest and I need you to help me make a good impression."

Lilith shook her head and smiled. "Look, for ten shillings I will give you the swine combo. Sure to make even the most tight lipped noblemen queasy." She winked at Luke, everyone knew Luke had been playing the drunk for a little over five years to avoid the council.

"Ten shillings?!" Luke snapped. "Lilith I could go and pick up the most class of girls and the Ladies Land for that."

"Ten shillings or find yourself another girl."

Luke thought for a moment then sighed. "Fine." Pulling ten shillings from his back pocket and handing it to the girls out stretched palm.

"Oh joy!" She exclaimed then took him by the hand. "Come come, can't keep the hogs waiting!" Luke groaned as the whole bar seemed to break into laughter at his exit. "Have fun!" Josh called from the table Luke had been sitting at.

Once out back Lilith began by caking Luke from head to toe in mud, old garbage and something that smelled so fowl it made Luke's stomach turn. She proceeded to do the same to her dress. "Lil, that's a fine dress you’re wrecking." Luke growled at her.

"Hence the ten shillings." Lilith replied. "Now if you would help me rip some of it. There you go, take hold right there and perfect!" She was starting to look downright awful and well cheaper than anything Luke could honestly imagine kissing, sober or not.

"What? You wanted to look like a sleazy drunk no?" Lilith teased


"Then here." She said handing him a mug of cheap spirits before mixing a combination of lamp oil and dirt into his hair.

"What am I do to with this?" He said taking a sniff of the cheap licker. He noticed her holding another mug of the stuff. "Oh no, wait no!" He was too late, she had just soaked him leaving him to smell of reached boos. Irritated he tossed the other one in her face to which she laughed and there a hand full of mud at him, it scattered all over his beard to which she broke up some of the swine food in to finish the look.

"Done." She said standing back to admire her work.

"Good gods I hope that solider gets here soon, I can hardly stand being this filthy." Luke groaned.

Once back at the table everyone teased Luke for his new found perfume, a few even joined in to make the good Old Pinto extra special for the visitor.

Josh however stayed as clean as he could, disliking the idea of wearing any mud let alone old food. "This chick must be real dense. All she has to do is drop some coins in someone's hand and she would have found yah right away."

Luke eyed Josh. "My thoughts exactly."

"Why send a girl anyway? This area isn't exactly the best for women."

"The council is playing it smart, they know by sending someone who is obviously of nobility will get at least come kind of protection."

"You think she is from the council then?" Josh probed

"I don't know, timing seems right but that doesn't mean she isn't a spy from another tribe. If I can get her name I will know for sure." Luke responded, he had every Nobel family name memorized as well as odd facts about each one. It was enough knowledge to confirm a real messenger from a spy.

Hours past and Luke began to think she wasn't going to find them. "Should we send a search party?" Josh joked. As he finished his statement a girl in white clothing, pale skin and black hair pulled into a bun entered the pub looking frazzled. "Or perhaps not." Josh laughed.

Before Luke could get a good look at the girl Lilith had grabbed his shirt and dragged him over her. "Hi" Luke said hovering over the girl. "Is this what you call acting?" She growled at him before locking lips with him and attempting to make the whole scene more believable. To which Josh let out a groan of distaste. “I can’t believe your kissing him when he smells like that.” Wiggling one hand free Lilith slapped Josh on the leg. “Shut up, you’re going to give us away.”

Josh announced the soldier's presents and Luke put on his best drunk act. He could tell from her behavior that she was scared, an affect he had been hoping for. He shot dark looks at Josh who seemed to have a hard time not laughing at everything Luke did. Yes it was over the top but Luke wasn't about to let Josh blow this for him. Lilith's behavior was making Luke a little more than uncomfortable. Form behind the solider girl he could see Brook shooting him dirty looks, as if daring Luke to touch his daughter again.

When the solider gave Luke her name he had to pause, it wasn't one he recognized as noble. This confused him, perhaps she was a spy sent from another tribe. It was a gamble for them to send her under a false name, was it because they worried he would recognize all nobles so figured it best to send some random girl? Shirley they knew he would have no qualms killing a spy, female or not. Perhaps the Council was counting on his lack of knowledge of the girl to protect her? Why would they take that kind of chance, they were not foolish enough to think he would spare the life of a lowly female eagle.

He wanted to know more about her to try and figure out who she was and if the council had really sent her. He was not about to leave with a spy, not about to allow himself to be caught by another tribe. The falcons may not be his favorite lot, but he had a fair amount of safety and wellbeing within their borders. To leave them would be treason.

From her behavior he could tell that she was going to try and demand control of the events. Upon spotting the brace two things entered Luke's mind. First, was that he was willing to bet that it was calibrated to him and second that it was loyal to its owner, meaning he wouldn't be able to take it off. The last thing he needed was to be powerless against a spy.

Giving a cue to Josh to start a riot Luke hooked his foot on the table and used it to slow her approach. The crowed parted just enough to let Luke through and he thought he was home free when he paused to make sure Josh had gotten away. That was when a searing pain almost like that of hot metal hitting the skin struck his right arm. The pain was more than he could stomach and quickly pined the girl against the wall. Its effects were working quickly but that didn't stop him from using a surge of electricity to knock her out cold.

Briskly he left The Pinto were he eyed the surroundings for any back up she may have had. Peeling off he headed down the road and tucked behind a trash can. A hidden path lead to his house where he meet up with Josh and a few other of his loyal companions.

"She got yah." Josh pointed out as Luke staggered into the room holding his still throbbing arm.

"You think?" Luke snarled.

"Let’s have a look." An older man by the name of Eric said as he took ahold of Luke's arm. "Hmm."

"Is it what I think it is?" Luke hissed, wincing at the pressure.

"Yes, someone has calibrated this for exactly an electro subtype fire elemental. You won't be able to do much by morning."

Luke swore and slammed his good arm against the wall in frustration and pain.

"What are you going to do?" Josh asked

"What do you think I am going to do?" Luke snarled. "I have to go back there and get her to take this thing off."

Josh smirked. "That shouldn't be too hard. I'd be happy to help."

"No." Luke growled. "We don't know who she is. If she is of Nobel blood then any harm done to her will come back tenfold."

"And if he is a spy?" Josh pushed

Luke's eyes seemed to almost glow red and he peered into the fire that warmed the room. "If she is a spy she will regret the day she was born."
"We are going to die...... That makes us the lucky ones."
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Re: Richard's Era - (Pre-Beaugro) 1x1 Oriel and Redsparrow

Postby Redsparrow » Wed Feb 11, 2015 7:51 pm

Luke didn't wait long to return to The Pinto, everyone had cleared out for the night. Brook and his waitresses were busy cleaning up the place.

“Got yah good didn’t she?” Brook greeted him gesturing to his arm.

“Do you by chance know where she got to?”

“Well that all depends, the riot you started tonight sure messed up this place. I think if you pay for the damages and our time I am sure we can help you out.” Brook said coyly.

“If this kind of thing keeps up I will have no choice but seek out the Council.” Luke growled handing over a bag of coins, Brook dumped them out and counted them.

“Let’s see, here, who were we talking about again?”

Luke shot him a dark look before dropping three more gold pieces down. “Oh now I remember, she is in room 47”

“Thanks.” Luke said before running in stairs. He was stopped in the hallway by Marry, the mouse haired girl he had enjoyed talking to so often.

“Luke! You jerk, you didn’t have to do that you know.” She scolded him.

“Marry.” Luke began.

“I don’t want to hear it, but fine here is the Key. Poor thing feel fast asleep. Dose of course help that I drugged her food.”

“You did what?” Luke stammered.

“Figured you’d be back, didn’t want to take any chances and let her escape.” Marry said proudly.

“Fine, thanks Marry.” Luke said trying to get around her to the room.

“She will be out cold until morning, better clean yourself up a little. I left an extra towel in the bathroom for yah.” She said letting him slide past her.

Luke shot her a nasty look before unlocking the door and cautiously entering the room. Closing the door behind him he pulled the flame from the oil lamps rendering the room dark. Listening for a heartbeat he found her to not be in the bed as he had first expected. But instead he followed it to the dresser. Quietly pulling a chair over, he causally peeked up at the bird. Using the smallest bit of fire he illuminated the falcon. Sure enough she was out cold.

A falcon, well that is sure odd. But it still doesn’t answer any questions. Why is a falcon part of the Eagle forces? He pondered this, going back and forth in his mind over whether or not she was a spy or nobility. Stepping into the bathroom he proceeded to take a shower to clean off all the crud Lilith had so kindly given him. Pulling out a fresh pair of clothes he dressed himself and entered the room again. Sure enough she remained asleep. He didn’t mind cleaning up a bit, if the council had called him he knew they were desperate enough without him smelling of garbage.

Sitting down in a chair he listened to the falcon’s breathing and soon drifted off to sleep. The flapping of wings jarred him awake, he watched as she stretched and shifted before heading to the bathroom. Now was his chance. Presentation was everything if he was going to get to the bottom of this and find out who she was. Quickly he blocked out the little light the window provide and quid the lamps to die on his command, he stood waiting by the bathroom door for her to re-enter. It was a cheap scare tactic, but if it worked she would tell him everything without him having to lay a finger on her, which was his goal. If she was even somewhat trained, he would have to revert to more aggressive strategies.

Her response to the lights and his story was exactly what he was hoping for, using her heartbeat to sneak up on her was golden. Her imagination was taking over and filling in the gaps of his words and gestures. The best fear is the fear of what someone may do, not what they are doing. Following her slowly around the room he was able to back her against the bed. He was hoping to corner her but he would take this option. A girl of her rank would surly fear the unwanted touch of a stranger.

However she seemed to be seeing through his farce, which forced him to resort to inducing pain. He was hesitant to draw flame for the ever decreasing control he had over it. To avoid any burns he began to attack primal fears, causing her body to fatigue her mind. She was surprisingly stubborn to his attempts. It was when his ager flared that he lost control of the situation and realized it was too risky to take any more chances. He would have to give into her will, by this point he was pretty sure that he was indeed of noble blood. Regardless he would stay alert to any surprise attacks.
"We are going to die...... That makes us the lucky ones."
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Le Deal

Postby Redsparrow » Fri Feb 13, 2015 12:20 pm

“Kerrrnnnn!” Luke called loudly announcing their entrance into the man’s office. “For a second there I was worried I was being kidnaped by another tribe you sly dog.”

Kern who had been placing books on a shelf jumped dropping a few of them at the sound of Luke’s voice. “You can hardly be kidnapped.” Kern’s attention fell to Fey who obviously looked like she had been through the ruff of it.

“Ashmore, if you will excuse me I need to debrief my charge.” Kern said opening a door to a side room where he and Fey could talk in private.

“Please call me Luke.” Kern shot him a harsh look as the two left the room.
As soon as the door locked Luke helped himself to all the papers on Kern’s desk. Reading quickly everything that looked relevant before heading straight for the safe he knew lay behind the third row of books on the left wall. Pulling out the three books he pressed his ear to the safe and quickly crack the lock. “So this is where you keep the good stuff.” Luke said to himself reading each document as quickly as he could. There was one in particular that caught his eye, a list of Kern’s charges. Luke carefully folded the paper and slide it into a small slot in the soul of his shoe.

By the time Kern had returned to his office with Fey, Luke had made himself at home cracking into the man’s liquor and was leaning back in the desk’s chair with his feet on all of Kern’s paperwork. Ripping many as well as putting all kinds of mud all over them. Kern chose to ignore the act for now and walked Fey to the door, thanking her for her efforts before calmly walking towards his desk. Luke had just enough time to react to doge the blow Kern threw at him.

“You scum.” Kern shouted, recoiling from the missed punch. “I swear to gods I will make a matching scar for every single mark you put on her, you pathetic idiot.”

“How closely are you planning to look?” Luke taunted him after placing the desk between the two of them. Kern’s face flushed red with anger as he proceeded to chase Luke around the desk for a moment then stopped realizing the man had just gotten the best of him. “If she tells me anything, anything at all.”

“Excuse me.” Fey’s voice came quietly from the door. “I knocked but didn’t get an answer.” Kern looked nervous for a moment, hoping Fey hadn’t seen their childish fight.

“I forgot to take the band off Ashmore.” Fey said entering the room.

Luke pleased as could be by her entrance strode over to her proudly holding out his wrist. “Please call me Luke, all my friends do.” Kern joined the two and watched as Fey reached shaking hands towards the man. Kern shot Luke a disgusted look, he didn’t know what Luke had done to Fey, but she was obviously shaken.

Fey’s fingers were ice cold on Luke’s skin, he watched her jittery attempts at removing the band. Without warning he took hold of her hands, rubbing them slightly. “Ice cold, let me help you warm them up.” His voice dripped with power and a look of smug pleasure was on his face. Fey jumped at his sudden movement and began to shake harder at his touch. Kern proceeded to take hold of Luke’s arm pulling him off Fey.

“What? Just trying to help.” Luke said acting hurt over Kern’s mistrust.

“Don’t give me that crap, you know darn well what you’re doing.” Kern hissed. “It’s okay, he can’t do anything here.” Luke watched Kern and Fey’s interaction closely. He seemed to be picking up some level of affection between the two, which was confirmed by Kern’s reaction to him touching Fey. Protective beyond that of just a commander and general. The way Fey looked at him, love? Could it be, oh this was going to be too easy.

Fey gingerly reached out again and this time took hold of the band, shaky fingers were able to unstrap the leather. Finally relived of the band Luke rubbed the arm were it had been. “Thank you.” He cued at her, but his pleasure was short lived. The jarring shock of pain ran up his left arm as he let it rest at his side.

“What’s this about?!” Luke turned on Kern getting in his face. “I have never been banded in the capitol.” Luke’s complaint was cut short by a blow to his right eye knocked him to the ground. It was enough that when added to the effects of the band, he chose to instead just lay were he fell rather then spring to his feet.

Fey looked shocked at Kern. “I told him he could have them off once we got here.”

“Plans change.” Kern said escorting Fey out of the room. He returned to Luke’s side and watched the man recover. “If you ever touch her again, well let’s just that I will be putting my money on the other man in the Arena.”

“Oh I plan do to so much more than just touch her.” Spitting before he shooting Kern a challenging look. “You can’t always be there to protect her.” Luke called as he clambered onto a nearby chair.

“You just don’t know when to shut your mouth.” Kern growled his attack was interrupted by the door opening. Looking up he met the eye of Mitch the Head of the Guard.

“What is going on here?” Mitch said with a stern look.

“Just playing Mitch, nothing big.” Luke choked out.

Mitch took one look at Luke then raised an eye brow at Kern. “Playing?” Kern shrugged.

“To business?” Luke interjected “I’d like to get back to my quality time with Kern.”

With Mitch’s help Luke made his way to were the Council was gathering, Kern followed lagging behind a little. While the Council sat down around the room Mitch looked Luke over. “As much as I am sure you deserve this, and much more. I am going to have to disagree with the band.” Mitch said looking at Kern.

“He is dangerous.”

“Yes, that is what makes him an assassin. Now if you’d kindly take off the band.”

Kern reluctantly reached out to take off it off, whipping it away in a painful manner making Luke wince. “Thanks, what a pal.”

“Enough, we have business to attend to.” A Council member said, bringing the room to a hush.

Luke sat and rubbed his wrist as he listened to the Council, they started with their usually news and routine flattering of each other before getting to the parts that applied to him. “Alec has been seen in the area, we have been tracking his movements but have recently lost him. You wouldn’t know anything about this would you Ashmore?”

“Call me Luke. Why would I know anything about Alec?” Luke asked calmly.

“We understand that you know and may be in contact with many powerful Elementals, Ashmore.”

“It’s Luke. Must I remind the Council that it is against the law for me to privately meet with another Elemental? What makes you think I would break that law?”

“One with your connections Ashmore.”


“Yes..Would surely be aware of the comings and goings of such a powerful Elementals such as Alec. Without having spoken directly with the man.”

“Look with my “condition” I am having a hard time keeping track of what day it is, let alone the goings and comings of others.”

“We worry that he may be attached to the recent threats on Faypine.” Mitch added “Any information would be greatly appreciated.”

“Like I said, I don’t know what he is up to or why he is here.”

Mitch sighed “What do you want?”

“What do I want? What makes you think I want anything?” Luke growled.

“If you cooperate with us I am sure we can make it worth your time.”

“My time?! YOU can make it worth MY time?! HA!! Do you have any idea what I have been through already? I got jumped by Kern’s little ****, had not one but two energy draining bands placed on me, which may I remind you is extremely unpleasant, and then was beat up by your prized Eagle here. And you dare to say that you can make dealing with Alec worth my time?” Luke snarled

“I am sorry for your treatment, perhaps if you had cooperated with the solider none of this would have happened.” Mitch responded “But, we need you to.”

“Hang on a second, your blaming this on me? Whoo, No! I don’t know whose retarded idea it was to send a Brawdwing to get me, but I did nothing unexpected! How was I to know she was actually sent by the Council and not another tribe? And a Falcon, whose daughter is this anyone?”

“Mine.” The stern grey hair man said loudly. “She chose to take on her mother’s madden name once in the army.”

Luke fell silent deciding that he had gotten his point across. Mitch took his chance. “My apology, we will only send notable names from here on out. Now can we get back to Alec?”

“Alec is a rogue. He roams from place to place, no one knows where he is for long or where he is going next. I don’t think he even knows.” Luke slouched in the chair studying everyone in the room.

“Like I said Ashmore.” Mitch seemed pleased to have the conversation going in the right direction again.

“Luke.” Luke interjected

“Luke.” Mitch corrected

“Thank you.” Luke cued

“Yes, um oh yes.” Mitch said losing his train of thought. “Luke I am looking to make this worth your time, so tell me what can we help you with?”

Luke thought for a moment. “Let me get this straight, you’re asking me to spy on Alec?”

“More or less.”

“More?” Luke sat up a little. “Look, Alec is a Class A elemental. Unless you want Faypine blown to the sky high I don’t recommend having me confront him.”

“Not directly Ashmore,”


“We want you to gather any information you can on the man as well as pick up your old duties of guarding.”
“I have yet to see how any of this benefits me.” Luke growled

Mitch sighed. “We can triple your pay, give you unescorted access to all of Faypine, with exceptions to the fourth district, and housing.”

“I want to live in the castle.” Luke interjected.

“Excuse me?”

“That’s my deal, triple my pay, unescorted access to all of Faypine minus the fourth district and housing in the castle.”

The council whispered among themselves for a moment before nodding agreement to the deal. Mitch shook on it and plans were made to give Luke a room in the castle as well as assign him a guard for which to escort him in the fourth district.

Mitch and Kern watched Luke proudly leave. “For a drunk he is sure with it.” Mitch added

“I just feel bad for the poor bugger who has to bunk with him.” Kern added, having Luke stay in the castle, which was in the heart of the fourth district, meant that he would get no privacy. It also meant Kern would loose on of his men to Luke for almost the entire time.

“Perhaps since you two seem to get along so well, you should take the first shift?”

“I just may” Kern added thoughtfully. “I just may.”


The dark moist room he called home was a welcoming sight. There was little he needed to pack but much he needed to discuss.

"Nice shiner." Josh said when Luke entered the room.

"Curtsey of our good friend Kern." Luke responded, his eyes scanned the dim room looking for Alec. "You have not gone unnoticed." Luke needed Alec if this plan was going to work.
"We are going to die...... That makes us the lucky ones."
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