~Toxic!~(Nuclear Fallout/Powers RP)(Invite Only)

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Re: ~Toxic!~(Nuclear Fallout/Powers RP)(Invite Only)

Postby Caster_HD » Sun Oct 16, 2016 7:19 pm

A rush of dizzy hit him as the flames feel. Draven caught him before he hit the ground.
Ace Draven
Holdimg eldur close he hissed in pain at how hot the teen still was and his clothes smoldering at his touch.
"We should get moving soon. She has troops here she won't sacrifice but in other rooms she could gas us before we get out. We need to run quickly before it gets to us."
Z-620/ chromium
Pushing Sovnyas help away she dropped to the ground in a coughing fit getting the smoke from her lungs. Her sleeve was still smoking from the fire but there was no damage done besides a small flesh wound. Umbras words echoed in her mind, cruelly taunting knowing she wanted to leave more then anything. Shaking her thoughts away she grabbed at her mic,
"I demand we retreat our squad isn't equiped enough to finish this fight."

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Re: ~Toxic!~(Nuclear Fallout/Powers RP)(Invite Only)

Postby slipsxknot » Fri Oct 21, 2016 10:05 pm

Sovnya - Arsenic (Poison art manipulation; immune to poison/toxins, possesses poisonous saliva)

"I could just...spit on them." Sovnya mused, though quickly dismissed the thought. Even he wasn't that disrespectful. He shook his head and once more redirected his attention to the situation at hand.

Chikara "CC" Lockhart - Beryllium (Enhanced strength/flight)

He swallowed a growl and scooped Chione up. She immediately began to kick her little legs, though calmed as soon as Chikara tucked her into his shirt. She even snuggled closer to him. CC set a hand on her hand in a valiant attempt to calm himself and followed Umbra. This predicament that they were in was ridiculous. Expect the worst, hope for the best, he supposed. That was all they could do.


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