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Creative Forum Rules

Postby Jendalie » Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:56 am

Image Rules

Inappropriate or graphic images are not allowed on Eldemore. Nudity is not allowed. Anthro characters must be clothed or covered.

Do not steal artwork. That means do not trace, copy, modify or edit anyone's artwork in any way without their express permission. You must provide proof if permission is given. Any art posted must be your own or owned by you. If you are found guilty of art theft you will be banned.

Give credit to all artists and/or references used. Neglecting to do so will force us to remove the artwork and give you a warning.

You cannot own colors, poses, names, generic markings, species (ex: dogs, horses, fish, etc.) or natural occurring themes. For example: You cannot own flower themed dogs. Flowers are free for everyone to use and dogs are a natural species. However, if someone has created blue horned dogs with a unique name and pose then based them on Sunflowers, then that is a special species and design that they now own and cannot be taken by another member.

Do not trace, edit, alter, modify or claim Eldemore species or designs as your own. Do not use Eldemore designs or species as adoptables on other sites. Do not claim them as your own and/or remove the site watermark. Always give credit to the original site artist if you decide to make fan art or free forum art for other members to use.

Do not make art of another members custom Eldemore pet without their permission. Most customs are from back before the site was created and are owned by individual members. Any pet with this symbol Image is not to be used or have fan art created of it without the express permission of it's respective owner.

All Eldemore members are free to make art of regular site pets as long as proper credit is given. We love to see everyone's amazing artwork!

No one is allowed to sell artwork for real money. Selling anything on Eldemore for real money or exchanging personal information is against the terms of agreement you accepted when you became a member of this site. If we see anyone trying to sell any artwork for real money or trying to get personal information from others, you will be banned.

We don't want to be strict but it really all comes down to a few simple tings. If it's not yours don't touch it. If it's not yours don't take it. If it's not your don't claim it. If it's not yours don't change it. Keep everything child friendly. Have fun! These rules are very basic and are in place to protect the artist and community.

There will be further expansion on image and art rules later.
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