Cut Scenes of the Spirit Realm//Plus other tidbits ;3

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Cut Scenes of the Spirit Realm//Plus other tidbits ;3

Postby Bast » Sat Jun 06, 2015 9:12 pm

So I'm making this thread with the intention of letting members of the role play post "cut scenes" that didn't get posted for whatever reason. This won't be a branch role play. That's not my intention here. Rather, having this thread to put down inspirational writings regarding our characters, a sort of amusement corner. They can range from short stories that are comical and fan based to other stories that are more serious like fights that we chose not to post so to not torture us with scrolling. Maybe one of us will surprise the rest with a little comic strip one day. Ya never know. :3 We got some creative writers amongst us.

Also, if some wild stranger happens to read these and wants to comment then lets start with PMing the writer. Will probably let posting comments possible if everyone agrees.

Heading for posts:

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[list][b]Spirits of the Animal Realm[/b]: (Starring Characters' Names)
[b]Author of this Mini Clip[/b]: (Username, obviously)
[b]Personifying someone else's character?[/b]: (No/Yes and who)
[b]Clip Mood[/b]: (Humor/Cut Scene/Ect.)[/list]
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Re: Cut Scenes of the Spirit Realm//Plus other tidbits ;3

Postby Bast » Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:35 pm

    Spirits of the Animal Realm: Requiem feat. Lullaby & Death Maiden
    Author of this Mini Clip: Bast
    Personifying someone else's character?: No
    Clip Mood: Inspiration of the moment.

Bickering 101

The chocker was clasped and the mood in the room instantly changed.

"There. Now you don't have to worry about that little problem so much anymore." Said the owner of the fine hands that left the thick leather collar. With swaying hips she sat back down in her chair and smiled with pleasure. "So then. Where should we begin? Lullaby, where are you!?"

An average height man joined the pair, his mid-back length hair wavering passively like thick smoke. He also sported a goatee and blaring red eyes under fine dress. "I am here, my Death Maiden. What is it you require?" I suppose one could consider his demeanor like a butler's. Somewhat distant, strict, and a hint of care.

"Oh, good. I thought you had run off again on some job I hadn't cleared." Sarcasm. Clearly she was mocking a previous incident of that sort.

"Of course not. You, my Death Maiden, hasn't given me such orders." Lullaby answered with courteous gesture.

"Trying to suck up now? Pathetic." The dragon huffed, mostly to simply taunt the beast beside him.

"Oh? Says the one with a collar upon his throat." Lullaby shot back. "Good thing its on or you might want to devour me as well." A bit of ego edged that comment.

"I don't do pack animals. Nice try, though." Requiem purred.

"Oh? I didn't hear such words when you danced with the minotaur." Lullaby taunted with a devilish smirk.

Requiem huffed. "That's not a pack animal, moron. And he was brutally strong so of course I took interest." He crossed his arms and looked elsewhere as if seeing his ally would deteriorate his brain cell count.

"I bet he was." Lullaby taunted with a laugh behind his voice.

The dragon growled and raised a hand to strike before being interrupted.

"Enough! Geeze. You two never quit bickering. Even if I ordered you to stop, I think it would end up an impossible request." The woman huffed with her head resting on her fingertips, elbow propped on the armrest.

Both men gave a courteous bow and identical replies. "My apologies, Death Maiden." They glanced at each other with glares before looking in opposite directions.

"Sooo huuungryyy." Came a deep voice from the scythe that rested against the side of the throne.

"Tuuk, shut up. I fed you like an hour ago." The woman scolded.

No reply from the hunger scythe.

"At least Tuuk doesn't argue." The woman huffed softly.
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Re: Cut Scenes of the Spirit Realm//Plus other tidbits ;3

Postby SilentObserver » Thu Jun 18, 2015 12:17 am

    Spirits of the Animal Realm: Winter, Kino, Felix
    Author of this Mini Clip: SilentObserver
    Personifying someone else's character?: NaO
    Clip Mood: Cut scene I suppose? (contains some information Winter may not speak of/past relationship of Kino and Winter)

I want to run away... With you

    "The biggest mistakes I ever made..." Felix muttered as he rubbed his forehead and looked at a cage, "Get her back in there. Now!"

    A girl yelped and scurried away at the sound of the angry demon. Creeping around the dark facility she whispered some things under her breath for self reassurance. She brushed past a room with the door slightly open. Not thinking much of it she ignored it...

    A hand crept out of the inky darkness and gently grasped the door. Another girl peered out watching the other feminine leaving. Examining the female she blinked a few times... She felt remorse. Seeing her many bruises from running and slamming into selected objects and the name scarred and cut on the back of her right leg. 'Kino'. Herself had a 'name' on her back leg, but it was never a name. More of a label... 666 on her leg. She had a name. It was Winter, but Felix never seemed to use it. Winter hated that. A low growl coming from her throat and her eyebrows furrowing in anger.

    Kino whipped around and locked eyes with the girl. Her breath halted, and it almost felt like her heart did as well. It was strange. Kino was not supposed to be developing feelings. Especially not towards the experiments! Felix would kill them both and send the entity back to the depths of its own hell that was soon to be Winter's possession.

    Winter and Kino seemed to stare for the longest of time until Winter opened her mouth a little to speak.

    Kino looked at an object in her hand and her eyes developed tears, "W-winter."

    Winter blinked as her name was actually used, "Nnn..?" She mumbled.

    Kino studied the ring and rushed to Winter. Forcing it into her hand, "Take it."

    Winter looked at the ring. A name flashed onto it 'Hamada'. She nodded a little and slipped it on.

    "Come with me." Kino whispered and began walking back to the room she came from where Felix waited.

    Winter listened. She was afraid, but something spoke to her in her mind. How strange...

    "Hey kid. I'm Hamada your personal personality moderator." Hamada was rather formal at the time... But compared to now... That's another thing.

    Winter didn't answer. Just a little nod in response.

    Felix sent a glare to the two, "666! I am tired of your absense! I have given you the freedom to roam the halls, but you never come back. I am tired of--" He paused to see the ring on her finger. Looking at Kino with a glare that could kill, "You... Gave her the entity?! Already!?" He yelled and stood up slamming his hand down on the desk causing Kino to cower.

    Kino stared in fear, Y-ye--"

    Felix grabbed a handful of her shirt and tossed her into a cage. Kino slammed against the bars harshly with a cry of pain.

    In which that cry triggered Winter. She stared at the girl. Finally getting a full look of her. In Winter's eyes she was beautiful, perfect... And. Winter was almost hypnotized. It was not the looks... Something in the heart.

    Felix looked over at Winter and grabbed her arm with a tight grasp and threw her in a different cage. Just next to Kino's. He shut both doors and locked them as well. Walking off elsewhere.

    Kino quivered and attempted to hide in the corner.

    Winter only stared.

    ~hours later- Time: 2:23am~

    Kino hadn't fallen asleep, nor did Winter. Both wide awake.

    Winter studied the lock and occasionally checked on Kino. With a small sigh she attempted to calm herself. Thinking about all the times she had seen Felix carelessly toss Kino around. It made her furious. With another growl she clenched her fists tightly.

    The ring gleamed a little and suddenly morphed into a slightly jagged katana.

    Winter stared. She didn't take time to think of it. She grasped it tightly and with two swift swipes to the bars they broke with a loud clang. She quickly jumped out and ran to the window. Just as she was about to jump out she peered back at Kino and blinked.

    Kino didn't seem to protest at Winter's leave...

    Winter jumped back down and did the same to Kino's cell. Staring at the hazel eyes of the brunette.

    Kino looked up at her.

    Winter held out her hand and waited.

    Kino stared at the offered hand and slowly took it, "But... Why don't you.. Just leave me?"

    Winter grabbed her hand. Firm, but gentle as well and tugged.

    Kino followed along until they escaped out the window.

    Winter ran at a fast pace. Kino barely being able to keep up. When they reached a safe distance Winter stopped and looked at the sky.

    Kino stared at her. Watching her eyes sparkle in the light of the stars and moon. She swallowed hard and looked down, "W-why... Didn't you leave me..?"

    Winter looked over at her. Out of all the years they've been through... She had enough and wanted to leave the horrid place. Quickly dropping the katana that changed back into the ring on her finger she wrapped her arms around Kino's waist and pressed her lips onto Kino's. She held her in a firm grip to signal that she wanted to protect her. Not hurt her.

    Kino was taken back a little at the action. Her face turning a light crimson, but soon responded with kissing back.

    Winter soon pulled away from the lack of oxygen and kept her gaze on Kino. She then let out a small sigh, "I want to run away... With you." She whispered.
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Re: Cut Scenes of the Spirit Realm//Plus other tidbits ;3

Postby Bast » Thu Jul 02, 2015 11:09 pm

    Spirits of the Animal Realm: Requiem, Thalea, and Ren
    Author of this Mini Clip: Bast
    Personifying someone else's character?: (No
    Clip Mood: Adorableness/Humor

Title Here

"No, Thaleah. Don't be mean." Ren's voice rumbled from behind.

"But he was beating people up! In the human world!" Thaleah protested with a heavy frown. "He deserves his punishment."

"Yes, and I have something else in mind because I'm awesome and you have to listen to me." Ren patted his sister's head like a child then looked at the upset Requiem. "They killed Bleradeath... And the wastelands are in civil war."

Requiem gave a death glare. "Who killed him?"

"Uh-uh-uh.." Ren shrugged nonchalantly and watched his brother fall through a portal to their home dimention.

"... He's not dead, is he?" o-o Thaleah asked after Requiem left.

"No. But that's what he gets. Although I wasn't lying about the Wastelands being in a civil war." Ren answered with a smirk.

Thaleah blinked then turned around to leave. "You are a horrible brother..." She muttered quietly.

"Aww. But only when it counts though." Ren added and sat on the couch with a strip of jerky. "Plus, he falls for it every time, its impossible to not mess with him."

Thaleah sighed and sat next to Ren, letting him drape an arm around her. Being offered a smaller piece of jerky she stared at it for a second then took it, nibbling on it.

Ren chuckled and Requiem came back, punching his chest.

"Jerk! Why would you say that?" Requiem growled.

"Cuz I'm awesome like that. Did you fix the problem in the Wasteland?" Ren asked, holding it up and slowly moving it around with a grin.

Requiem's eyes followed the piece of dried meat. "Yeah. I fixed it... Your such a jerk..."

"But I'm an awesome jerk. You know you want some of this vamp-stag jerky." Ren taunted with a cheeky smile.

Requiem huffed and sat next to him, elbowing Ren's side. "No." His arms crossed.

"Oh. Ok." Ren tossed the jerky but disappeared right after being released. He looked down at his brother and chuckled. "Told you you wanted my jerky."

Requiem sat there chewing on one end. "What jerky?" He asked in a nonchalant manner. Soon enough he also leaned over onto Ren and they all sat there chewing on vamp-stag jerky quietly.

Yum. :3
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Re: Cut Scenes of the Spirit Realm//Plus other tidbits ;3

Postby SilentObserver » Thu Jul 02, 2015 11:41 pm

    Spirits of the Animal Realm: Liz, Joyce, Winter and Sadik
    Author of this Mini Clip: I wonder who that could be eue
    Personifying someone else's character?: Nope
    Clip Mood: Humor

This week's crush?

    "Five more minutes... Come on..." Liz complained in her mind as she watched the clock.

    Joyce spun in a chair on wheels, "Wheee." She smiled like a child.

    Liz glanced at her sister and quickly back at the clock. For what seemed like forever the clock finally struck what time she desired. Indicating she could leave the boring class Hades had set up for her... But what she found hilarious was that the teacher was asleep. Wandering over to said teacher she shook her head a little as the sudden laziness of the teacher reminded her of someone.

    In that case a male started snickering, "You're thinking about it again, are you not?"

    "What?" Liz asked and glanced over at the male.

    "I can tell when you're thinking about things like so. You get that sudden shoulder drop and you don't look as intimidating..." He smirked, "C'mon. Tell me this week's crush."

    "This week's crush!? I am not Joyce!" Liz frowned.

    "Huh!?" Joyce shot up, "I don't have a crush every week. I'll have you know I have a boyfriend =-=..."

    "Fine..." Liz muttered, "But no. I don't have a crush. I have only ever had one. It was horrible."

    "Mm?" He asked.

    "It was Ella, you idiot." Liz hissed, "It turned into a relationship that I absolutely loved, but then... Ugh. Her master didn't like me. Wow... Despite how much we both pleaded it turned out that her master was extremely homophobic... Which in my opinion isn't nice at all." She grumbled.

    "Joyce. Who's her crush?"

    "I don't know. Liz never talks about things like that. She's always focused on other things..." Joyce muttered in disappointment, "But. I do think it's a girl." She smiled.

    Liz's face turned red a little, "Shut up you two!" She growled.

    Winter glanced at them, "Ah ha. I know her crush. I've been in that mind of hers."

    "I do not have a crush." Liz protested.

    "Hmm... I think it's actually a desire. She wants to have a crush. Therefore her thoughts take over, not herself. It's actually quite entertaining. Considering Hades is not in any of them.... But. He is my brother. Who would wanna date that grump?" Winter shrugged.

    "I don't fantasize." Liz raised an eyebrow.

    "Oops." Winter snickered, "Actually... You do. It's just the little lust you have." She laughed a little, "I was more focused on that. I just kept searching for romantic related topics instead of all of your plans for revenge and killing people. Eventually I found what I was looking for... So. You don't really have a crush, but you secretly have a desire to love someone again."

    Liz waved her arm and rolled her eyes, "Whatever you say, Winter. I think you had too much gummy bears again." She murmured and walked out of the class.

    "Sadik. Follow her." Joyce smiled.

    Sadik nodded and followed Liz out, "Listen honey." He laughed a little at the thought, "Nothing wrong with fantasizing. I have ton of them about you." He joked.

    Liz halted. What? "Excuse me?" She glared at him, "Quit it! Don't look at me like that!"

    "Haha!" Sadik laughed, "Too late!" He teased. No he didn't have fantasies about him and Liz being in love. He was just teasing her.

    Liz growled a little and her face turned a little more red as she stormed off.

    Joyce, Winter and Sadik all followed her. Laughing as well. Once they finally caught up they started talking again.

    "Alright. I'll admit it. I was joking." Sadik smiled.

    "Even if you say that you will not have a crush doesn't mean it's true." Joyce chuckled.

    "And hey. Fantasizing is not a bad thing either. It passes time." Winter shrugged.

    "I don't. Fantasize." Liz stated.

    "Sureee you don't." They all said together sarcastically.

    Liz huffed a little, "You guys are being selfish."
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Re: Cut Scenes of the Spirit Realm//Plus other tidbits ;3

Postby SilentObserver » Sun Jul 12, 2015 8:38 pm

    Spirits of the Animal Realm: Caylee and Yuko
    Author of this Mini Clip: SilentObserver AKA: your senpai
    Personifying someone else's character?: nu
    Clip Mood: Cut scene

Birthdays and such Pt.1

    Of course... This girl. Is not your everyday normal girl you find at school, walking around town, or flirting or being flirted with. She's someone who one can stare at and ask, "How?"
    You know...
    "How are you still sane?"
    "You never knew what love was?"
    and so on. The questions are never ending for her.
    Yuko sat on the swing quietly with a small happy smile on his face. Studying his friend next to him, "So. What have you been thinking about lately?"

    The girl was ever so slightly swinging back and forth in the swing. A small shrug, "Well... Nothing much." Her voice was one that could easily soothe another. For she cared for people a lot. Not wanting them to experience what she did...

    Yuko nodded a little and looked up at the sky. The clouds drifting along. Turning his attention back to the girl with snow white hair and the sky blue eyes that were the first thing to notice when you laid eyes on her. He watched her for a little before looking forward and he began to swing back and forth, "Hey. When's your birthday? I need to start writing my friends birthdays down."

    "June 12th." The blue eyes glanced to the side and then over towards the archangel, but quickly to her lap.

    "June 12th...." He mumbled and nearly tipped backwards on the swing as it hit him, "That was four days ago!" He blinked.


    "How old are you now...?" He asked sheepishly.

    "Sixteen." The girl slightly puffed up her cheeks. Like it was no problem.

    "Sixteen...? But... You didn't have a birthday party? No sweet sixteen?" Yuko asked.

    "Birthday party?" She asked and shook her head, "Nope. I have heard of them, but... What's a sweet sixteen?"

    Yuko frowned a little at her answer, "Sweet sixteens are.. Sort of like birthday parties, but they are... usually a bigger deal." He mumbled as the swing squeaked.

    "ah... Okay."


    She responded with a glance towards him and a 'hmm?'.

    "You've never had a birthday party," Yuko murmured, "Have you...?"

    Caylee sighed and tucked some hair behind her ear, "No." She shook her head, "I haven't."

    Yuko sighed slightly, "For sixteen years?" He whispered, "Have you ever wanted one?"

    "Not really... I don't know what they're like, but then again I kind of do." Caylee answered.

    "Okay..." Yuko mumbled and looked over at her, "Have you ever had thoughts of other things?" He asked. Wanting to know more.

    "Like what?"

    "I don't know... What your life would be like, who 'the one' would be..." Yuko murmured, "Having kids? Getting married?" He asked.

    Caylee put her index finger to her bottom lip and thought for a second, "Yes. I have. I just... Never put a lot of thought into it. I never really thought I would get to that point." She looked at him, "Y'know?"

    Yuko blinked, "Oh..." He thought for a few and remembered a few things him and Joyce did when he and her got more close, "Have you ever caught fireflies?"

    Caylee shook her head a little, "I only got to stargaze through a window, but... I did get to see them."

    "Oh..." He repeated and sighed. He has a lot he needs to do for her... A lot. And probably more.

    "Why do you ask?"

    Yuko shrugged a little, "I was just wondering... I mean... I'm curious." He mumbled.

    Caylee nodded a little and looked at the sky for a moment.

    "Hmm... What's your favorite holiday?"

    "I always had a fascination with Christmas. Everyone seems so... Happy." She answer quietly as she looked forward.

    Yuko glanced at her, "Christmas?" He nodded a little, "Yeah... Decorating the tree was always my favorite part."

    "..." "What was that like?" She asked after a while.

    "Fun. Putting the lights, garland and ornaments on." Yuko sighed, "Putting the star on top."

    Caylee nodded a little as she thought, "What... Did it... Look like?" She whispered.

    Yuko blinked. He was shocked! She had never seen a Christmas tree before!?

    "I'm sorry..."

    "No! Don't be sorry!" Yuko shook his head, "I'm just... Surprised. I mean... Yeah." He mumbled, "Well. They... Are trees of course. Try to... Image a tree with bright pretty colors with sparkly fuzzy strings wrapped around it with light gentle hanging objects from the branches. I suck at descriptions, but... I tried."

    Caylee thought again for a little, "No. It's not bad actually. I think I got a pretty good image of it... I think anyways. It sounds fun." She smiled a little, but it was short-lived as she resumed to her memories...
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Re: Cut Scenes of the Spirit Realm//Plus other tidbits ;3

Postby SilentObserver » Thu Jul 23, 2015 4:05 pm

    Spirits of the Animal Realm: Steel and Ash
    Author of this Mini Clip: SilentObserver
    Personifying someone else's character?: nope
    Clip Mood: Humor

"I got distracted."

    Ash frowned as she waited impatiently in the living room. Tapping her finger on her arm, "Steel! It's been fifteen minutes! Are you done getting dressed yet!?"

    Steel looked at the door, "Yeah! Just another minute! I've gotta put my shirt and my socks on!" Of course. He had no problem with telling her what he was doing. Never really thought of it

    "Well hurry up!" Ash huffed.

    Steel sat down on his bed and grabbed one sock. Staring at it for a few and looking at the dots on it. Getting distracted, he slipped them on his hands. Opening and closing his hands and chuckled a little. He found it a little bit entertaining that he would do such a thing, but he was easily distracted.

    Finally after five more minutes of waiting Ash mumbled and walked over to his door. Setting her hand on it and twisting the knob, and once the door opened she blinked as she looked at the shirtless Steel... Playing with his socks like puppets?

    Steel glanced at her and smiled a little, using the sock puppet as he talked, "Hi!"

    Ash chuckled a little, "Really? That's what you've been doing?"

    "What?" Steel blinked, "I got distracted."
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Re: Cut Scenes of the Spirit Realm//Plus other tidbits ;3

Postby Bast » Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:33 pm

    Spirits of the Animal Realm: Darui/Ryuuk & Winter
    Author of this Mini Clip: Bast
    Personifying someone else's character?: Yes; Winter-SilentObserver
    Clip Mood: Humor

What would happen if schizophrenics had kids...

Two children lay sleeping in bed at five in the morning. Perhaps they were no older seven and five, frames small and still a bit frail covered in a sheet to shield them from the cool summer breeze that drifted in through the window.

Suddenly a silhouette slipped in through the door and crawled over between both beds. A grin expanded in the dark and the children's brows furrowed a bit as they stirred, threatening to wake up. The figure climbed to the Window to squat on the sill and faced inwards, his hands rising and pointing the held objects towards the sleeping kids. Another second and the horns blared like there was no tomorrow.

Black lights instantly lit up the room as the boy and girl shot up screaming their heads off and even more so at the sight of the demon faced skeleton that was perched on the windowsill. They ran out of the room with arms stretched forward only to find the rest of the house in an eerie glow. Not to mention the demon skeleton was following them and blaring out strange things.

They ran into their parents room only to find a winged demon feasting on them. They ran out screaming at the top of their lungs. They ran through the entire house with two monsters following them until sunrise.

In the end they where trapped in the living room clinging to each other as they monsters grew closer and closer.

"Did you do your homework, little boy?" The skeleton demon asked with a gurgly voice.

"How bout you, little girl?" Said the winged demon with a creepy giggle.

The two kids didn't let go of each other as they shook their heads in unison. "It was Super Smash fault!" They pleeded together with tears rolling out.

"Oh? What was the score?" Asked the skeletal demon as he plopped on the ground in a casual manner.

"Yeah. Who won? If you tell we'll only punish the loser." Said the giggly winged demon.

".... Huh!? But they were all ties!" They cried a little harder.

"Then that settles it." Said the skeletal demon.

"Yes it does!" Said the winged demon cheerily and giggled some more.

"Your both eating your crusts this morning!" They both announced.

Both kids stared. Partly in terror, partly in confusion. "Uh... What?"

"Ok. I'm bored now. Lets take 'em off." The skeleton took off his head and the winged one followed.

"Mom!?""Dad!?" They shrieked in unison in surprise before bursting out crying.

Winter and Darui pointed and laughed. "They fell for it again!"

"Ok. Stop crying already, runts. Your starting to annoy me." Ryuuk growled. "Go to your room and get ready for school or no candy."

The kids shut up and ran off to do as told.

"Victory remains ours. B3" Winter and Darui high fived then set off to do their daily mischiefs.
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Re: Cut Scenes of the Spirit Realm//Plus other tidbits ;3

Postby SilentObserver » Fri Aug 14, 2015 2:12 am

    Spirits of the Animal Realm: Ivy and Caylee
    Author of this Mini Clip: SilentObserver
    Personifying someone else's character?: no
    Clip Mood: Cut scene, I suppose

I won't always be there

    The day was slow and gloomy; although it did not rain... It just seemed. Very dull, quiet, but it seemed to have a reason behind it.
    Ivy sat on the soft terrain and gazed out into the gray sky.

    Caylee sat next to her, doing the same. Just staring out into the horizon.

    "You remember what I said, right...?"

    "Please." Caylee began, "Let's not talk about it... I don't want to think about it."

    "I understand..." Ivy sighed a little and looked down, "But. You need to start being less... Responsible. You're taking too much in at once."

    "It's okay." Caylee reassured, "I'll be fine... The only thing I'm worried about is you." Her voice began to break at the last few words.

    Ivy stared at the ground for a few and let out another sigh, "Please promise me that you will be more cautious."

    "I am being cautious." Caylee turned to look at her.

    Ivy quickly looked up and stared directly into her eyes. Making direct eye contact with the girl. She was still and her gaze showed worry and care, "Please..."

    Caylee grew quiet, but didn't break the stare. She let her shoulders drop a little and she put her hands together in her lap, "I... I'm okay..." She reassured.

    "No Caylee." Ivy mumbled, "You need to let. It go."

    Caylee quivered a little, "Ivy I don't want to." She whispered as her eyes grew watery.

    Ivy's eyes developed tears as well and she gave a weak smile, "Caylee. I-- I understand. It might be hard... But don't worry. The doctor's said there's a big chance that I'll be cured of it, okay? I'll be fine..."

    "But there's always a chance that you could die." Caylee shut her eyes tightly as the tears started to steam down her face, "And even if you did live! Your cancer could always relapse!" She sobbed.

    Tears soon ran down Ivy's face as well and her smile fell, "Caylee. Please listen to me. Even if I do die... I promise that I will always be with you. And you'll still have Vanessa, Ash and hey. You'll have Grey too... And lots of other friends."

    "If I lose you-- I. I don't know what I'd do!" Caylee shook her head a little.

    Ivy pulled Caylee into a hug and closed her eyes tightly with a small sigh, "Caylee. I know it's hard and I know that we've been through a lot, but sometimes when a loved one loses their battle... You have to move on..." She whispered.

    Caylee tightly wrapped her arms around Ivy. She continued to cry and shake.

    "But I'm still here..." Ivy whispered, "And I can assure you that I am not going anywhere. I'll still be with you. We've always been together and you know that... But time will eventually knock on my door and tell me I'm not needed around anymore..."

    "No. No!" Caylee shook her head, "You are needed! I need you!"

    Ivy sighed, "I'm still here." She repeated and slightly rocked from side to side in attempt to soothe Caylee, "I'm still here."

    Caylee's sobs grew more quiet, but she still cried. Who wouldn't...?

    "And I am not planning on going anywhere." Ivy sighed, "At least not now... Not yet."

    Even though she didn't plan on it... She understood that one day she'd be gone and she didn't want to accept it, but she had to...
    It all depends on what fate decides.

    "I've lived a long life... And I've even had an afterlife. I will accept what will happen. I'm satisfied that I have lived to see the day Caylee smiled and laughed... Made more friends... Fell in love and be more happy then I've ever seen her... And that makes me...
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Re: Cut Scenes of the Spirit Realm//Plus other tidbits ;3

Postby Bast » Thu Aug 20, 2015 4:16 pm

    Spirits of the Animal Realm: Ryuuk, Tony, Campton, Sy
    Author of this Mini Clip: Bast
    Personifying someone else's character?: (No
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Defeating Nimble

Upon crossing the threshold, Ryuuk looked around. Animalistic clicks and creeks echoed in the trashed lab. "C'mon, you -berry tarts!-. Don't get shy on me now..." He grumbled as he walked further in. His right hand carried a katana dressed in golden guard and hunter green silk. The blade gleamed a bit in the stray ray of light he passed, an emerald fang dripping crimson blood. With a flick to dismiss the blood from the sword the hunted beast thrashed around as it tried to barrel passed the hunter and out of the corner.

The blade swung around quickly and lunged him back to the corner. "Get in here, boy. We don't have al day, even though this is somewhat fun." Ryuuk grumbled.

"Don't let it bite you..." Campton mumbled from atop Tony's head. He'd turned into a rat about the size of a small cat, scale armor lining his spine and head.

"I know that." Tony grumbled. A large tiger with bone spikes protruding from his shoulders and spine spewed out his voice before trotting in and locking his gaze on odd creature. "Eugh. Just wat is this Nimble thing?"

The rat held on the spike that came out of the large furred head. "I'm not sure what it is but his abilities consist of extreme contortion, lethal bite, maneuver in complete darkness, and I'm not sure if theirs more. Their so hard to keep up with..."

"And the weak points?" Ryuuk grumbled as he stared it down.

"Umm..." Campton tried thinking.

"Nimble is a creature called Grinner. Fastest way to deal with them is to amputate the end of it's tail like a manticore. Without it they will kill the other and even commit suicide." Sy cut in from behind. "You've studding to do..."

Campton shrunk a little but nodded. He was quite certain this was a sick test from the demon.

Ryuuk watched it wiggle around. The few gashes he'd managed were already closing. "Hamilton, take his attention to you while I look for an opening. This thing is annoying."

Nimble hissed in it's place as it waved it's long tail like a flag in a soft breeze.

Tony sighed but stepped up to the task. "Alright..." He said to himself, giving a growl to instigate. He jerked back as the spear tail lunged forward and jabbed into the ground in front of him, sending up some debris then swinging it around to hit the others.

Ryuuk jumped out of range and moved away.

"I got an idea..." Campton mumbled after a while of observing its reactions.

"Yeah? Well make it quick and simple cuz this thing is tiring me out." Tony grumbled. A few extra slices had done nothing to slow it down. After a brief plan layout he nodded and maneuvered around the sickly creature.

Campton jumped up on the base of Nimble's skull and nipped the flesh before jumping off. Well he would've jumped off if he hadn't been caught by the spear like feet that clicked on the hard floors. He looked back and squeaked, about to get swallowed up by a row of long sharp teeth that lined it's stinky mouth.

"Damn it, Rat!" Tony roared and swatted a paw, knocking the rat away as the teeth sunk into his arm. He roared louder as he tried pulling away, the fur and skin of his arm beginning to blacken and rot, spreading without prejudice.

"Idiots!" Ryuuk growled and moved in. Without thinking twice and with one swift slash he amputated the tiger's arm, kicking him away and refocusing on the odd creature Nimble.

It's strange array of noises sounded echoed as it chewed the arm in a few seconds and stared back at the ram shifter, almost mocking him. But that small distraction was enough. By the time it realized he'd moved it writhed and wailed on the floor, the tail end clinking on the ground between them.

Campton stared blankly at Tony, traumatized by what he'd done. It should've worked! This wasn't supposed to happen like that! On the verge of tears he watched his friend hold what was left of his arm and wail in pain. "I'm... I'm sorry..." He sniffed.

"Go back to the room, Campton. Not a word to the others. Because of your incompetent overconfidence I now have extra work." Sy glared as he held down the writhing beast.

Campton scurried off, not knowing what else to do. This had to be the worst day of his life. It had to.

The demon sighed. "Akuma, take him to the operations room before you try dismembering the rest of Nimble..." He rubbed his temple and took the Emerald Fang back. "And here I was trying to keep this thing whole for Tozoku..." Came the mutter.

Ryuuk grabbed Tony then looked back. "What about him?" It was slightly defensive, and yes, he still sort of felt like killing Saku himself. No reason, just an urge.

"Nothing. Go." Sy ordered. Hearing them leave he picked up the tail piece and looked at it. "I was expecting at least one of them to die... Brat doesn't know how lucky he is to only have his arm missing... Oh, dear brother. The things I do for your foolish existence. I expect fair compensation when you return." He spat on the tail and stuck the end back on before flinging the beast in an empty chamber of fortified Plexiglas and brimstone lining. "Do behave, Nimble. Your death will come soon enough.

Nimble wrapped it's long tongue around it's tail and hissed, upset over nearly loosing it's pride.
(Plushy art by Cerestes.
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