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Writing (Eld and Original) - Comments Welcome

PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:34 pm
by RainbowFinch
Here is some of my personal writing! Comments always welcome, most of these are NOT edited and just 10 minute prompts I do daily. I also post some eldemore fanfic and stuff I write here, basically Writing by Rainbow!!!

All writing belongs to me, please don't use it for anything.

Eldemore Fanfiction

- We Have Arrived

Original Work

- The Rose
- The Valley
- The Darkness

We Have Arrived - Eld

PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:36 pm
by RainbowFinch
The darkness, like liquid, rippled through the trees and across the forest floor. It pooled around the feet of the Jader and seeped into his spotted coat. The moon was hidden far above by dark clouds, the only light the flickering torch from his master as he strode behind him.
"Runic attention." The voice was cold and brittle, the dog pulled to a slow stop and looked back, the torch light making his brown eyes glimmer red. Wrinkling his muzzle he saw the shadows move and roll behind the tall man, a snake coming into view through a veil of dark. His scales gleamed blue, his feathers pinned back along the strong muscles of his back.
"What is it?" The basilisks voice made Runic stiffen, his hackles raised but he did not growl. The creature, no matter how deadly, would be no harm for he was his masters bonded creature. Cold as his name but harmless at least to the dog.
"We have arrived," the man reached out a hand to smooth it through the soft feathers on Frostbite's head. Tracing the scales down his neck so the snake arched, almost like a cat, under the stroke.
"Good," it hissed and moved ahead. Slithering past the Jader and off down a elkrin path. Runic's long ears flicked and turned trying to find a sound, but nothing was around. The forest knew what was inside it, they knew not to draw attention. He snorted and returned his gaze to his master, who's smile glowed like a crescent moon in the flames. They had been waiting a long time for this.



The Rose - Original

PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:42 pm
by RainbowFinch
The world had changed. Not in simple small ways, but had changed changed. Drastically, noticeably and frighteningly. What was once a garden was now parched cracked earth, expanding out in every direction around her. She turned around to where the greenhouse once stood and there was nothing, except the distance silhouet of a city.

"I am dreaming," it was all she could say, all she could think. How else could she explain this sudden shift in the world around her. Things like this only happened in movies and books, people just didn't transport to different worlds. Her gaze moved down to the rose bush she stood beside, it was the one thing that remained, but the once red bloom was now black. Wherever she was, it really wasn't good.

"For a dream, this sure feels real." She guessed that it had been three hours since she had started walking, if the raging sun above was anything to go by. She had spent one hour waiting around and sniffing the rose over and over without luck, when thirst and heat drove her to leave the spot and head toward her only hope for salvation. The city. For awhile she didn't think she was even making any distance getting there, but slowly it began to grow and grow before her. Raising up toward the cloudless sky, gleaming metal in the daylight. It looked like any normal city, well at least in shape. The closer it came, the more she realized how different it was. Everything about it was dark, even the glass seemed to be tinted. It was also too quite, this close she should be able to hear the hustle and bustle of life, but she heard nothing. No car horns, no trains, no sirens or people. It was frightening and for a moment she almost stopped walking, but that would have meant a slow dream death in a wasteland.

Another two hours passed before she was on the sidewalk and if she had thought the city silent before she never knew real silence. It was like this dark world was holding its breath, everything stood cold and motionless around her. Nothing moved, nothing lived. Building doors were locked wherever she tried, the street lights didn't change off red, and there was no one around. It was deserted, completely and utterly void of life.

"Okay." She finally collapsed under an overhang against a glass door of what she assumed was a restaurant, not that she could see inside. "So this is either a really long, really hot, and really vivid dream. Or....this is real."

The Valley - Original

PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:47 pm
by RainbowFinch
No one stays in the Valley for long; no one but the Magician. He had been there as long as the trees, the river, and the mountains themself that held the valley safely enclosed. There was one small village in the Valley, it lay in the shadow of His tower. People came and people went. They died or they moved on, unable to last. If a child was born in the valley, it was not only rare but unlucky, and one of the few times the Magician ever left his tower.

It was one such night that Sarah was born. The young Angela and her husband had moved to the village just the spring before and had already planned to leave after the winter had passed. Their child had come early though, while the snows were still blocking passage outside the Valley, keeping everyone trapped inside. Sarah was born under the full moon in her parents small shack, she came out silent that the Midwife had thought she had died; but no she had been alive. Just thinking, she was born thinking. Maybe that was another reason the Magician was interested, he knew when something was different and Sarah, well she was different. He showed up before dawn to bless her and with fear of a curse they allowed him inside. They had never seen him before, but the young parents knew immediately who he was. There was a power, a fear, that radiated off him. Something that was not quite human, something that the Valley itself also gave off.

He had seen her for the first time swathed in woollen blankets, her eyes open and staring, not making a peep. She remained silent when he picked her up and when he said the blessing above her head and sprinkled water on her forehead. She just watched, a newborn babe, taking in the world as if she had a soul older than even His. The next time he saw Sarah she was two, Angela's husband had passed in the winter due to sickness and she had been unable to leave the Valley with a newborn on her hip and barley two coins to rub together. She wasn't making any sound then either, her mother was scared of her, everyone was scared of her.

The Darkness - Original

PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 1:04 pm
by RainbowFinch
This is what the darkness had promised; Silence. Utter complete silence. The world had just stopped, I had just stopped. It was as if everything was no more and there was only It. The dark, the never ending abyss. I was floating, my mind empty, my thoughts on nothing but the way I felt. Finally free. As if every chain that had bound me had shattered. As if every death on my conscious no longer held weight. There was nothing left to force me down, to burn like an arrow through my soul. Darkness had promised me an end and here it was.
But it wasn't what I had wanted. Somewhere inside me I knew it wasn't, there was a piece missing, a tiny hole in my heart left unfilled. The darkness had given me freedom but had taken away something just as important and the moment I felt it missing, I began to fight.


The voice was distant, breaking through the blanket of silence. His voice, I could recognize it even in the End; there would never be a doubt.

He was crying, or yelling, or both. The way his voice cracked, how far it sounded, it was something I had heard only once in our time together and I had wished to never hear again.
"Era don't leave me."

"I won't," my voice dropped out of my mouth and into nothing. Like the words were never there, taken away as they passed my lips.

"Now Eraline, is this not what you wanted." I knew that voice too. Never in one place, always in another. It drifted around me, filling my senses and promising me things it never had to say.

"No!" I tried to move, tried to fight the hold of the End. I had to get back to him, my people, and the war. Even if it meant a painful death or a painful life; I had not yet fulfilled my promise.

"You lie to me. You never lied to me before." He touched her, the caress of gentle fingers over my cheek. If I could I would have bit them, but even I could not harm the Darkness.

"I want to go back."

"You want to go back? Because of him?"

The darkness of my mind filled with a blinding image from my memories. It was the first time I had seen him. Blood smeared across his face, the crest of the king torn along with half of his uniform. He had been dirty and bloody and just as beautiful as he was today. His eyes shone the colour of the sea and they burned with a fire so fierce he should have been born a dragon. That is why I had liked him, why I now loved him. He never gave up and he made me better.

"I am going back. It is not your time to have me and you know it."

"Who are you to command the darkness?!" he growled and the soft fingers became a harsh grip around my jaw.

"You know who I am," I spat through the pain. "Eraline of Belliss. The Black Bird. A Child of death herself!" Fight, my body screamed a I moved and forced my arm up. Fight I used everything I could to pull away. FIGHT!

"You will be mine Era." His voice drifted away and the darkness melted into blinding light. I coughed and hacked, water rushing past my lips as I was shoved onto my side to throw up whatever had filled my lungs. The fire light was pulled from me, shapes moved and whispers rose.

"Is she okay?" "Is she alive?" "Era.."

The last one, I focused on that one. "Ben," my voice was a rasp. Harsh and painful, but music to my ears. The earth was cold and wet under me, the weight of a dry blanket around my shaking body was like an anchor. The heaviness in my soul was back, every death a black thorn, but I was back as well. He had not won this time.
"I am here Era." Calloused fingers cupped my cheeks, turning my face up toward the light. His blue eyes were wet and I couldn't believe he had been crying. Crying over me, how foolish this boy was; but I suppose I was just as foolish. Giving up my only chance at peace for him and for them. I looked beyond his shoulder at the small group of people. My dark skin, my cat shaped eyes and sharp nose.

"Did we win?" I croaked and returned my gaze on him. Watching him break down in laughter, shaking his head and stroking my hair.

"Yes, we won this battle Era."