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Postby God's Princess » Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:02 am

Here I will collect some random drafts and short stories that I wish to display on this site. I ask that no comments or posts be made on the actually thread however, I will gladly read any pm's sent my way regarding my writings.
Thank you and enjoy!
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The Wolf's Cry for the Moon by God's Princess (KV)

Postby God's Princess » Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:17 am

Just a bit of background, this story was an assignment for school: create my own myth.
~~~~~~In the beginning, there was only black. Soul-crushing darkness. Humanity wandered around blind, stumbling into each other and falling into the clutches of the Dark World creatures. Many lost their lives to these beasts of the blackness. Then one day, a mysterious spark appeared on the highest mountain top. No one knows where it came from. Many believe it was sent by the Creator because he felt pity for his creation. Others believe a creature stumbled over a loose stone and this stone created a spark against the ground under the creature’s feet. No matter the reason, this tiny spark soon grew into a magnificent flame on top of the mountain it had been born on. The nearest humans quickly surrounded the mountain and protected the flame from the Dark World creatures that wanted nothing more than to snuff it out. These creatures came to be known as Night Shades.
~~~~~~After many years of forging weapons with the first flame, the humans grew weary of protecting the fire from the Shades so a man decided to use his forging skills to create something else: a light that the Night Shades could never extinguish. He gathered flames from the first flames and set about finding substances that he could forge into an eternal light. He mined for many years, collecting precious metals, such as gold and silver, and iron (for strength) from the earth. Once he had collected enough of these materials, the man brought them back to his forge and spent weeks working the metals and flames until finally, as he swung the last swing of his anvil, a radiant light shone from the orb being held by his tongs. He excitedly showed his people the new light that would guide their days. After assembling those on the mountain top, he and the elders of his people each held the orb together and threw it up to the heavens, hoping that it would catch hold on something to keep it in the sky. Their first try was a success, for the orb stayed suspended in the air above their mountain. The orb was called the Day Light, the man was proclaimed chieftain and renamed First Forger, and that day became known as First Light.
~~~~~~The people rejoiced and celebrated, for they no longer needed to protect the first flame from the Night Shades, but their celebration was short lived for not long after the orb was thrown into the heavens, it dipped below the next mountain over and took the light with it. The First Forger’s people became distraught. How would they create another light orb as bright as the first for their resources were dwindling from the Day Light? But First Forger told his people to fear not, for as the waters from the sky and the fruits of the earth return to them, so too would the Day Light. He also assured them that he would create more orbs to light the darkness but he would create them not as bright so as not to disturb those who would like to rest.
~~~~~~First Forger set about forging smaller, dimmer orbs and showed his people how to create these lights. One day, one of his students asked First Forger what he called his creation. He paused for he had never thought of giving his forged lights a name. He thought for many moments before he replied to the student.
~~~~~~“They are stars.”
~~~~~~And so, the first orb was renamed the Day Star (sun) and the chieftain was given another new name: First Star Forger. His people called themselves the Star Clan.
~~~~~~As time went on, many Night Shades tried to enter into the Star Clan’s territory but all were fought back into the Dark World for none were worthy to dwell in the light of the Day Star. However, one fateful day, two clans emerged from the darkness. Both clans were human but that was where their similarities stopped. The first clan was known as the Bear Clan. These hulking people had fought their way to the Star Clan’s territory through leagues of Night Shades. They all shared features such as large, strong bodies, fierce black eyes, pale white skin, and short, dark hair. However, even after the many adversaries they had to face, they still appeared clean and presentable before the Star Clan. The second clan was known as the Wolf Clan. These people had snuck their way through the Dark World’s treacherous terrain to the Star Clan’s territory through leagues of Night Shades. They all shared features such as lean bodies, shifty yellow eyes, light brown skin, and long, messy hair. Sneaking through the Dark World had forced the Wolf Clan to take some exceedingly creative routes to the Star Clan so all of them were filthy, scruffy, and a bit haggard.
~~~~~~Both clans wished to live within the light of the Day Star. First Star Forger and his council asked what each clan would do to earn his keep if they were permitted to stay in the Star Clan’s territory. The Bear Clan promised to protect all the clans within the Star Clan’s territory with their lives. The Wolf Clan offered to hunt for all the clans living within the Star Clan’s territory and to serve the Star Clan in any way they saw fit. First Star Forger and his council agreed to each clan’s offer and allowed them to make their homes in the light of the Day Star. However, it was very clear from the way the Star People treated the Wolf Clan that they were the lesser of the two immigrant clans. The Bear Clan enjoyed the company of the Star People and joined them in their many events, festivals, and celebrations while the Wolf Clan was responsible for cleaning up all the clans’ messes.
~~~~~~As time went on, First Star Forger grew lonely in his creation of stars so he disguised himself as a beggar, hunched over a cane to hide his tall frame, and traveled throughout the city calling, “Bread! A piece of meat! Food for the poor!” He did this for most of the day and not one person stopped to offer him any food. Just as the Day Star was touching the horizon and the beggar was about to give up and return to his home, a woman’s voice called out from behind him, “Sir!”
~~~~~~He swung around to face the woman whose voice was as lovely as her face.
~~~~~~She came up to him and asked, “Do you have a place to stay for the night?”
~~~~~~He responded, “I do not.”
~~~~~~“Then allow my father and I to offer you a meal and a warm bed for the night,” she said, reaching her hand out to him.
~~~~~~“Thank you, miss,” the beggar replied, taking hold of her offered hand. She led him through the dimming streets down the mountain. They walked until they reached the outer ring of the city. The woman guided him towards a small hut on the very edge of the city.
~~~~~~“Father! I have brought a guest. Please set another place at the table,” she called out towards a door way that was covered with hanging wooden bead strands.
~~~~~~“I saw you coming with our guest so the place is already set. Please come in,” her father called back from within the hut.
~~~~~~The woman led the beggar into the hut. When he saw the one room home, the straw mat beds, and the simple wooden furniture, the beggar’s heart was overcome with compassion and love for this woman who was sharing what little she had with him, a man she didn’t even know.
~~~~~~Sitting down at the table, the father, daughter, and beggar joined hands for a thankful prayer to the Creator, then dug into the simple bread and meat. Once they finished their meal, the trio settled in for bed.
~~~~~~“Here, use my sleeping mat,” the woman said.
~~~~~~“Daughter, the man can use my mat,” the father said, placing a hand on his daughter’s shoulder.
~~~~~~“No father. You have worked all day in the mines. You need rest more than I do,” she said gently.
~~~~~~“Are you sure?” the father asked.
~~~~~~“I am. Now sleep,” she said to both men. She opened a chest, lifted out a blanket, wrapped it around herself and headed towards the door.
~~~~~~“Where are you going, miss?” the beggar asked.
~~~~~~“I like to watch the stars when I can’t sleep. I will be just outside if you need me,” she said stepping through the curtain of wooden beads. She sat down and leaned back against her home. Looking up at the many lights in the sky, she quickly fell asleep.
~~~~~~When she awoke, the woman was surprised to find herself lying on her sleeping mat and the first colors of dawn just starting to creep through her home. As she sat up, she found the beggar man sitting at their table.
~~~~~~“Miss, I have not been completely honest with you,” the beggar said, turning towards her.
~~~~~~“How so, sir?” she asked, standing up and smoothing out her dress.
~~~~~~The man stood up, removed his filthy cloak, and dropped his cane. The woman dropped to her knees and bowed low, for the man in her home was First Star Forger, the Star Chieftain.
~~~~~~“Please, miss. It is I who should be bowing to you,” the Star Chieftain said, reaching down his hand to the woman.
~~~~~~She accepted his hand and asked, “But why are you disguised as a beggar, my lord?”
~~~~~~“I have grown lonely in my life of forging stars so I wished to find someone to share my life with. You showed compassion, caring, and love towards a man whom you have never met before. You also shared what little you had with a stranger. For your kindness, I would like to have you as my wife, if you’ll accept me.”
~~~~~~“I’m not worthy of you,” the woman said, dipping her head in shame.
~~~~~~First Star Forger lifted her chin to meet his eyes and countered, “No, it is I who am not worthy of you.”
~~~~~~The woman smiled and accepted him as her husband. The woman and her father were moved into the Star Chieftain’s home. First Star Forger and the woman were married, and she was given a new name: Dawn Star, for it was then that she became the Star Chieftain’s wife.
~~~~~~Several years passed before First Star Forger and Dawn Star expected a child. When it came time for Dawn Star to deliver, she became hysterical with pain. She cried for days and nights until finally, she gave her life in exchange for the life of her child. First Star Forger named his daughter Golden Light, for her hair appeared to glow a brilliant golden hue upon her head.
~~~~~~Dawn Star’s soul couldn’t bear the thought of never seeing her child so she climbed as high as she could into the heavens without losing sight of her family. Today, her soul is what we call the Northern Star.
~~~~~~First Star Forger, with the help of his maids, did his best to raise a proper daughter, however Golden Light was a very mischievous child. She loved to play tricks on First Star Forger’s staff (which was mostly made up of Wolf People). But, she didn’t play any tricks on the Wolf Alpha’s son, Grey, because she rather liked him.
~~~~~~The Wolf Alpha was frequently visiting the Star Chieftain’s home with reports of game brought in and of jobs that were completed. While his father discussed business with First Star Forger, Grey liked to explore the grounds of the Star Chieftain’s home. On one such day, he happened to run into Golden Light as she was playing in the flower garden. He immediately bowed low to her.
~~~~~~She asked him, “What are you doing?”
~~~~~~“Bowing to you as my father told me to do should I cross the path of a Star Person,” Grey said, still bowed over.
~~~~~~“Well, you don’t have to. Not with me anyway,” she said, coming closer to him. He lifted himself from the ground, brushing the dirt from his knees.
~~~~~~“Who are you, if you don’t mind me asking?” the boy asked.
~~~~~~“I am Golden Light,” she said.
~~~~~~“You’re the Star Chieftain’s daughter!” Grey exclaimed in surprise.
~~~~~~“I am. And are you not the Wolf Alpha’s son? What is your name again?” she asked, tilting her head in curiosity.
~~~~~~“I’m Grey,” he said, stretching out his hand. She took his hand and gave it a strong, firm shake. Since that day, every time the Wolf Alpha reported to the Star Chieftain, Grey and Golden Light met in the flower gardens and spent time together until the Wolf Alpha had to leave. Over the course of many years, friendship slowly turned to love.
~~~~~~As the mischievous girl grew into a young woman, First Star Forger realized that he didn’t have an heir to take over the Star Clan’s territory and he wouldn’t always be around to look after Golden Light.
~~~~~~The Bear Chieftain also realized this, seeing how the Star Chieftain had not taken another wife since the passing of Dawn Star. The opportunity was too good to pass up so the Bear Chieftain gathered his son, Robin, and requested a meeting with First Star Forger.
~~~~~~The Star Chieftain met with the Bear Chieftain and his son in his home.
~~~~~~“My friend, Bear, what can I do for you?” First Star Forger asked, more than a little confused by this strange meeting.
~~~~~~“Actually, I believe I can do something for you, my friend, Star. I have watched as your daughter has grown up into a beautiful young woman, but I have also noticed that you have not taken another wife. Unfortunately, you know that Golden Light cannot continue your legacy and your lands will be left without a leader, throwing the clans into a state of chaos. However, I offer you a solution. My son, Robin, could marry your daughter and continue your legacy throughout time.”
~~~~~~All the while, First Star Forger listened to what his friend proposed. After many moments to think it over, First Star Forger agreed. The marriage would happen in two weeks.
~~~~~~Later that day, First Star Forger told Golden Light about the marriage arrangements. Golden Light was very confused by this sudden change in her father. He had never spoke of her marrying before and she always assumed that she would be able to choose her husband. So she said as much. He asked her if she had someone she would like to marry instead of Robin. She responded that she did have someone she would rather marry. Wanting to make his daughter happy, he asked who this person was. She explained that she met a young boy in the gardens a long time ago and they had grown rather close, perhaps they even loved each other. Again, her father asked who this young man was. She said that it was Grey, the Wolf Alpha’s son. The Star Chieftain became angry with his daughter and the Wolf Alpha’s son, for the Wolf People were servants, not equals to them and certainly not worthy of his daughter.
~~~~~~First Star Forger told her that he knew what was best for her and it certainly wasn’t a Wolf hunter. When her father left to finish up the arrangements, Golden Light ran to the Wolves’ district of the mountain.
~~~~~~She rushed into the keep of the Wolf Clan’s central hall. She called out for her love, and after he came to her, she explained that she was to be married to Robin of the Bear Clan in two weeks.
~~~~~~After much debate, the young couple decided to run away, so Grey left to collect supplies for their permanent journey and Golden Light went back to the castle to collect her star that her father had given her for her twelfth birthday. Once all the necessary supplies for their departure were collected the pair met by the southern gate and slipped silently out into the Dark World.
~~~~~~Before they went more than a league into the eerie landscape, Grey and Golden Light ran into a vicious, deadly Night Shade. Even after a valiant effort by Grey, the beast proved too much for them and they were forced to run back the way they had come. Unfortunately, Golden Light’s star attracted the attention of the Night Shades so eventually they were forced back to the Star Clan’s territory.
~~~~~~The duo was stopped by the Bear guards stationed at that gate as they tried to sneak their way back in. They were dragged up the mountain to the Star Chieftain’s house. First Star Forger was furious with his daughter for betraying him and he barely checked his desire to kill the man who had stolen his daughter’s heart from him. Instead of giving into temptation, he ordered Grey to be thrown into the Hollow, the place where they keep criminals and people who upset the balance of the clans, and he locked Golden Light in her room.
~~~~~~That evening, First Star Forger visited his daughter, regretting his harshness with her that afternoon. She refused to speak to him. As he left, he told her that her wedding to Robin was moved up to the next day. As her chamber door closed sealing her fate, Golden Light grew more desperate as the minutes went by. Determined to escape her father’s scheme, she quietly crept from a window with her star and snuck slowly down the mountain. Reaching a closed gate guarded by two men of the Bear clan, Golden Light hid behind some supplies until the two guards left for their shift change. It was in this moment that she raced out of hiding and opened the gate enough for her to squeeze out through.
~~~~~~The princess ran for many days, for as long as her legs would carry her. Just as she was about to collapse from exhaustion, Golden Light stumbled across the edge of a great cliff with a sheer drop off. At the bottom was the fabled swirling, storming Black Sea. The waves crashed up against the great cliff, as if it was trying to drag her by in with them. Making peace with her decision, the young princess stepped off the cliff and plummeted into the whirling waters and quickly submitted to the tossing waters. Golden Light’s soul started to ascend towards her mother’s high in the heavens but she couldn’t leave her earthly lover so she traveled only high enough so she didn’t fall from the sky and became a tremendously bright star. This star was known as the Great Night Star, is the moon we know today, and is the closest “star” to our world.
~~~~~~During his stay in the Hollow, Grey cried for his love every night before he finally drifted off to sleep. This night, when a giant, glowing star appeared in the sky, Grey called out to it, knowing that it had to be the soul of his beautiful princess because news of the princess’s disappearance had spread quickly through the clans just that day. So every night, the Wolf Alpha’s son called out to the Star Chieftain’s daughter until finally, Grey passed away to join the souls of his ancestors.
~~~~~~Many years after the death of First Star Forger and Robin of the Bear Clan had assumed charge of the Star Clan’s territory, Grey was reborn as a Night Shade that we now call a wolf. At first, Grey Wolf was confused and terrified because he could not see since he was in the Dark World but as he grew older and stronger, he vowed to find the light of the Star Clan again and be reunited with his love.
~~~~~~Grey Wolf searched for what felt like eons for the light of the stars and just as he was about to give up, he caught the scent of a familiar aroma: pine. While he was a man, he had hunted for the Star Clan in forests that smelled of pine. Using this scent as a beacon, he trekked blindly for many days before finally, Grey Wolf spotted a dusting of light on the horizon. Gaining confidence, he sprinted towards this light. Hope keeping him going, the grey wolf ran until he thought he couldn’t run any further until, at last, he arrived at the wall of the Star Clan’s territory. The Day Star shone down on the mountain but was quickly lowering in the sky.
~~~~~~Grey Wolf hid among the dark pine forest until the Day Star dipped below the horizon and waited for his beautiful princess to rise into the sky. She did not disappoint him and being overwhelmed with joy, Grey Wolf called out to her from his earthly perspective (find a different word for this). His love blazed brighter, telling him that she saw him and was just as happy to see him as he was to finally have found her.
~~~~~~They spoke to each other for most of the night, him telling her of his rebirth and journey to find her again, and her telling him how unbearable it had been trying to find him and knowing that he wasn’t within the range of her glow.
~~~~~~Everyone inside the city was terrified by this new sound for they had never seen, much less heard, a wolf before. After several minutes of listening, they became mesmerized by the song this creature was singing; joyful playfulness in one note and then painful sorrow in the next. When early morning came and the Day Star was just stealing the night away, the singing stopped and all became quiet as day crept through the windows of every house on the mountain. Only this time, the light didn’t stop at just the mountain or even the Star Clan’s territory. This light penetrated the Dark World and revealed the expanse of unexplored land surrounding the three clans. The whole world now had light.
~~~~~~Grey Wolf and Golden Light continued to speak to each other during the night hours and Grey’s songs stopped just before the Day Star rose into the sky to light the world. When Grey Wolf finally made peace with himself and Golden Light permitted him, he raised a family of his own. His pups heard his songs to the moon and being curious and silly, decided to copy their father’s songs. As they grew up listening to their father’s stories of the Great Night Star, the songs became a part of their being and over several generations, singing to the Great Night Star became a tradition and an instinct in every wolf descended from Grey Wolf.
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