A series of stories for bleeding hearts.

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A series of stories for bleeding hearts.

Postby KisaWolfz » Thu Jul 13, 2017 8:52 pm

When I feel like writing tiny prompts or mini series, I will be taking them here ^.^

I plan on making the first post more creative, but I will do it... eventually.

Onto the stories!
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"If only for a moment"

Postby KisaWolfz » Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:31 pm


"If only for a moment."

The nights were getting longer, the days were getting shorter. Sleeping the days away to avoid her, to avoid her pure light from shining down and touching his skin. His black fur taking in her radiance and filling his being, caressing him in warmth. It stung. His eyes snapped open only to be greeted by the darkness that he was accustomed to. A groan escaping his lips, raising his head away from the pile of crunched up dead leaves he had fallen asleep upon. Another day passed to avoid his love. Her rejection towards him only reminded him that he; the dark side of the moon, could never hope to be in the presence of something so warm... so pure. The brown and orange dried leaved crunched and broke under his weight as he rose from the ground, some of them sticking onto his fur. He was a mess. Black fur unkempt, twigs, leaves, and grass poking through his thick furs. Giving his body a full shake only rid him of some of the debris, but it was better then doing nothing about it. Hunger. He was getting hungrier as the days were passing... He began his long walk once more, just like every night.

His name was Fenris. A hybrid Jader. Not quite Jader, not quite dire, but the perfect blend of in between. When he was born it was a mistake. He was a mistake. Not meant to happen. His mother; a beautiful designer Jader had fallen in love with the wild sided Dire Wolf. She would sneak out at night to be with him, and it eventually happened. His mother was supposed to be bred to another Imperial like herself, but she had already been blessed by Asher on one night with this said male Dire. She was the carrier of a Hybrid. Once she had fallen pregnant her mysterious lover in the night had vanished. Probably felt the fatherly duty was not for him, leaving the female alone to bear the pups alone. Well... pup. Hybrids were very rare and not often produced because of the likelihood of them even reaching a few days old was unheard of.. or even reaching full term of the pregnancy. One did. He did. Fenris, born black as night, his mother calling him her little 'black bean'. His mothers 'counterparts' or owners suspected him to not even reach a few days, but he did, and he grew. A lot. By the time he was 6 months old he had already reached the size of the normal male Jader.
His people eventually thought it time for him to be sold, but how? Was he a Jader? Imperial at that? Only one way to find out. A man held Fenris down. The male ugly faced, reeked of tobacco and something else that stung in his nose. It made him want to vomit. He struggled, but the more he struggled the more then man squeezed him, he could feel his ribs grinding inside his body, panic struck. He was going to pass out and die? He couldn't take a full breath of air. His eyes, oh his unique eyes. Those red and blue eyes stared at his mother, a silent plea, but she only smiled softly. Was that an attempt to comfort him in a way? As he stared at his mother, the other man, the one he had been living with and almost raised by made a small incision in his left shoulder, the liquid that spilled was Emerald in color. Imperial Jader he was. The blood that dripped to the ground sizzled and faded into smoke.
He was offered to many customers, but no one ever took him. He couldn't be a designer Jader, no. This dog was a Dire wolf. When he was attempted to be sold as a Dire wolf; he was much to small to even be a working Dire dog, he certainly was domesticated, so he couldn't exactly be released into the wild. Not yet Imperial Jader, and not yet Dire Wolf... At 8 months he left his straw bed in the barn where he was kept and left his domestic life behind. Mother would understand.

He self taught, and even ran with a Dire Wolf pack for a few months, only because they pitied the runt Dire wolf who must have been abandoned. They laughed and taunted him. When he felt he had enough knowledge he left the pack to be on his own. It was best this way. He had lived life as he wanted and in a way he was happy, but he was lonely. Years were passing and he had visitors but none ever stayed. A hybrid not belonging anywhere, those he grew to know eventually leaving to have their own lives. He was who he is now and maybe that was just okay he supposed.
The night was long and he continued his walk, padding his way to the large pond. The waters still, the reflection of the white full moon resting on top the water. There was no dark side of the moon today. The moon, the opposite of his love. It was cold, any eyes could stare upon it, and it only made him feel more lonely. 'We will stay this way.'. The voice. That voice. The voice he had grown to accept and listen to. "No one should ever feel her presence. No one. They don't deserve her. If I cant have her no one will." Obsession. He looked into the water, staring into his own reflection, and it grinned back at him. "We know what we want." "I know what I want. You know nothing.". He laughed into the air, lifting his muzzle to the sky, the laughter echoing into the forests, only to be drowned away by the density of the trees. "We can get her. Just have to give me time. What left do we have to lose?" It was right. What did he have to lose. He had nothing, he never had anything. Only the painful oozing wound of rejection that loneliness kept open by stabbing him with a red hot wrought iron pick. Rage. He growled, the red glowing essence of his eyes burning brighter, "She is mine." Mine. No one else deserved her. No one else understood her, worshiped her like he did, but how could she, the everlasting burning light that fills the day in her warmth, love him, the cold dark side of the moon. Her rejection made it painfully clear.
Fenris hadn't realized he had been walking while in his thoughts. How could he hope to show her how he felt. How could he hope to show her he was more. His footing staggered, hearing the sound of crumbling rocks at his feet and they splashed into the oceans waves. Looking down and realizing he had left the forest behind and stood on the rocky cliffs on the edge of the ocean. He closed his eyes and breathed in as the wind pounded against the rocks. Licking his nose, he could even taste the salt of the ocean. His eyes widened as the ocean began to sing. The tune was soft, like a mother lullaby attempting to soothe her restless child. The echoed and rang deep within him. Until his peripheral vision caught a soft light, taking his attention away from this mothers song. He stared, "This isn't what we want.". This being glowed, almost as if it were seeping the radiance of his one true love. "You don't know me." He never took his eyes of this being, he paws walking down the cliff carefully making his way towards this other. He didn't know why he advanced towards the other, he didn't know the end game. Everything he ever did had an end game. Maybe this is what he needed... to start a new game. "I don't know me." His own words rang deep, making his own heart hurt. His throat tightened, leaving him almost unable to take an even breath. The Jader turned his head and finally looked back and Fenris, they both froze, but only for a moment. Fenris's eyes hardened and he continued to advance. 'Well if he wont listen, Ill just improvise.' The voice echoing in his mind, he ignored it. He stood in front of the Jader and he smirked.

His long nights that were filled with emptiness and loneliness had changed, if only for a moment. The warmth of another soothing his once raging thoughts. For once the cold nights had turned warm, both inside and outside of him. Embracing his being. The many cold and lonely nights had changed. This night was warm and came with company. A cure? 'No, a distraction. The means to a new play.' His other side already knew what was to come, but for Fenris, only what mattered at this time, was this one moment. Like a band-aid was softly placed upon his seeping wound with a gentle kiss. Rejection, gone. This stranger that did not know him, gave if only for a moment acceptance. Accepted for once in his already painful life. Bliss in his heart. While the other sighed in Fenris's ear, and had his eyes closed, Fenris stared up to the moon and held sinister smile upon his face. A new age has just begun.

I see a grey gloom on the horizon
That promises a powerful sun to rise
To melt away all moons
It will make the old fires of purification
Look like dying embers
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