Eldemore Trading Rules

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Eldemore Trading Rules

Postby Jendalie » Wed Aug 07, 2013 7:21 pm

Anyone breaking these rules will be dealt with by an administrator.

- All trades are final. It is not fair to your trading partner to change your mind afterwards. If you can prove that you did not mean to accept or send the trade, then one of the Admins may be able to reverse it.

- Do not ask for free pets. Please report anyone who begs or harasses you for creatures or trades. It is up to each individual member whether they decide to trade or not.

- If you post a trading topic only 'bump' it when it's no longer on the front forum page or once every 24 hours.

- Do not lie or trick others to try and get trades or creatures. Be honest in your topics and posts. Do not try to scam other members.

[New] - Do not trade pets away at random that you are holding for an auction before it ends. This means that you should not be trading your auction pets that you have promised to auction off only to trade it away before it ends in a random trade not related to the auction itself. If it is an auto it must be specified in your auction thread and in your rules. If you trade off pets you promised to auction off randomly without ending your auction or being honest to those who have bid, this is a form of scamming that we do not allow.

Also, do not use auctions as a form of simply garnering random trades not pertaining to the auction itself. This is no longer considered an auction and instead belongs in our trading forums section. Users who break this rule will be warned and their threads locked. If this rule is broken numerous times despite warnings you could potentially be banned for scamming others.

- Hoarding Eldemore creatures is permitted. Being rude towards someone because they like to collect certain outcomes is not allowed. It doesn't matter if the outcome is ultra common or ultra rare, members are allowed to trade fairly for as many as they like.

- Off-site trading is permitted only if you are an active Eldemore member. This means you must be somewhat active in either pet collecting, in-site trades or forum activity. We cannot be held responsible for any bad trades that may result from an off-site transaction. Be sure the other member is trustworthy before participating in any trading off-site.

*For a complete set of rules, please refer to the main Site and Forum Rules topic and the Terms of Use.
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Re: Eldemore Trading Rules

Postby Benathorn » Mon Feb 08, 2016 2:30 am

Rules updated 1/8/2016.
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