Detective Insane ( this Story has a tiny bit of gore)

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Detective Insane ( this Story has a tiny bit of gore)

Postby The_Crimson_Jester » Thu May 28, 2015 8:15 am

The killing occurred on October 31 at 11:59 PM. 38 persons were at the event, one survived.The interview with the one remaining witness did not go as planned. I asked if she saw the killer and she gave me one of those no-you-imbecilic-bagel looks. I asked if she suspected anyone of being the killer. She pointed, I didn't know who or what she pointed to but it was in my direction. I wondered who she pointed to.What I didn't know, was that the killer was closer to me than expected.

I don't remember where I was that dreadful night. But I wasn't at the crime scene, or at least I don't think so. Maybe she pointed to me. No, that can't be true. I don't have it in me to go on a killing spree. Well, the other me might. When I was five and a half years old I survived a mass murder. I did so by clawing my way into my dead brothers' body. I stayed there drenched in blood for two hours until the police found me. I suffered from depression for so long until I realized I liked the way the blood felt on my hands and body. I thought of taking a life myself but I convinced myself not to.

It's been five days since the massacre and I'm slowly recovering my memory of where I was that night. But I don't remember enough to know whether or not I did it. Something strange happened when I woke up. I woke up covered in blood. Not my own though. It felt like a bunch of puppies were licking my skin. I enjoyed the blood's company for it felt so nice. Ring rrrrring! The phone rang. It was the police, another slaughter happened...

I've gone mad no I've become free. I believe I've killed multiple groups of persons and I'm terrified of myself. I tied myself up and fell asleep like that.... Another call. A murdering again. But what makes it worse was when I woke up I was no longer tied up. And yet again I was drenched in blood. I tried to turn myself in to the police but I'm quite the prankster. They didn't believe me.

ALL THE POLICE WERE FOUND DEAD. I did it. I know I did it. I'm proud of myself now. And I] remember all the killings now. I enjoy replaying them in my mind. I'm now known as a serial killer and I'm happy with that title. But I need more than that stupid title I need blood....

Everyone I know is dead. I live in a town. The town population was 1,234,743 persons. And it is now one. I've accomplished so much but the town next door has police as well and their knocking down my door this may be the last you hear of me. I'll be back, I know I will.
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