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Postby scmarshtacky » Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:02 pm

Thanks guys! ^^ I will finish this. I will . I got halfway through the next chapter before school hit hard. Exams are in a little over two weeks and then I'll have the time to finish.

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Re: Eld Fanfictions

Postby scmarshtacky » Sun Jun 19, 2016 1:23 am

Chapter 10

For an endless moment, the three of them stared each other down, each tensed and ready for the opponent to move.

It was Zar who broke the silence. “As expected... you weren’t dead, but I did hope, at the very least, my blundering subordinates would’ve made some sort of mark on you. And not only did they fail to end your life, it seems at least one of them let slip my intentions. Or at least, what they thought my intentions were.” As he spoke, he moved slowly about the room, although his eyes never left Sorren and Willy.

“Of course, what I told those that I hired and coerced to join me was just part of the truth.”

“So ye weren’t after the emperor’s life, or his gold and treasures then?” Willy questioned.

“A treasure...” Zar seemed to ponder the word as he said it slowly. “Perhaps some might call it that. I do indeed need the gold to fund the project, and none of it could be accomplished without the emperor’s aid, but I never intended to claim his life. He is far more useful to me alive you see.”

Zar came to a stop in the middle of the room at the table with the large birthday cake on it. His eyes drifted over it, a dreamy expression covering his face. “Poor birds. You’re blind-sighted. You see only a piece of this cake and in doing so, miss the beauty of the entire thing itself.” His eyes snapped up and locked onto Sorren’s and Willy’s once more. “But it’s no matter. You’ll be dead before the full image comes to light.”

A piercing whistle echoed through the walls of the building. Zar flashed Willy and Sorren a quick smile and cast them a backward wave. “Tootles.”

The two lunged for him simultaneously before the word had finished leaving Zar’s mouth, but they didn’t get far. The table, with the mighty cake upon it, tipped forward and very nearly crashed atop their heads. The split second that the two Watch Crows spent leaping to the side to avoid the flying bits of cake was a second that Zar had to disappear into the midst of a smoke bomb.

“I’ll check the lower floors for him,” Willy managed as he coughed out the sudden rush of smoke that assaulted his eyes and nose.

“Be careful.” While Willy sprinted off in the direction that the party-goers had exited, Sorren bolted for the stairs. He stopped when he reached the second floor and surveyed the surroundings. The narrow halls magnified all noises, from his hushed breathing to the flapping of Muzu’s wings; Sorren was certain that if Zar was running through the halls somewhere, he would be able to hear it.

As the silent seconds drew out, Sorren concluded that either Zar was hiding in wait or that he had not entered this floor. The question then became if he should spend precious time searching the floor or continue upward and risk that he might’ve overlooked the man. A muffled scream that sounded from above him decided Sorren’s course of action.

He wasted no time in bounding up the next flight of stairs. Once at the top, Sorren immediately noted the large difference in area between the second and third floor. The second floor was large enough to concoct a maze with a multitude of hallways and rooms whereas the third floor held only one hallway (with the stairway located roughly in the center) and four average-sized rooms.

There was a brief silence before Sorren again heard the soft thump, thump of a person hitting the floor. Drawing a dagger, he crept toward the front right room. There was a shuffling sound, another thump, and then silence.

Sorren stood to the side of the door, grasped the handle with his left hand, and unconsciously tightened his fist around the dagger in his right. There was a slight pause before he thrust the sliding door open and leapt into the room prepared to strike down anyone within.

However, what he found was not an opponent, but an aging man sprawled out on the ground. He had a long graying beard that spread out around him, almost concealing the fact that he had a gag in the form of a dirtied cloth. His hands and feet were tied, preventing him from fleeing from the perceived threat, although he was certainly trying his best to run. The man wiggled like a worm, working his way backward inch by inch until he hit the chair laying sideways on the floor behind him. His dark eyes were widened on Sorren in fear.

“You’re the emperor are you not?” Sorren questioned. He had never seen the man, but his ornate jade and golden colored clothing was enough to lead Sorren to that assumption.

“Umph uh un,” came his muffled words. The man’s eyes were still widened in trepidation, though they now also held a spark of defiance.

In response Sorren raised his left hand in a surrendering gesture, though he didn’t drop the weapon in his right. “You can call me Sorren. I’ve been sent here by the Watch Crows. You are the emperor yes?” he questioned again.

The older man nodded vigorously, and once again attempted to speak though the gag, though the only thing he accomplished was different volumes of grunting.

Sorren crossed over to him and carefully cut through the cloth.

“ – And then those thieves wrenched my arms around, tied me up, and stole all of the gems and jewelry I had!” The emperor exclaimed, apparently unaware of the fact Sorren hadn’t heard the first bit of his story. “They left me in that chair and wrapped another rope around me, but I managed to get out of it just a few minutes ago. Oh those damned fools! As soon as I get my hands on them –”

“What were they after?” Sorren interrupted, as he cut the ropes binding the emperor.

“Heavens if I know!” he shouted, throwing his now-freed hands up in exasperation. “They were going on and on about a stone. Said it should’ve been a family heirloom or something, but I told them, I told them that ‘if you want heirlooms, my grandfather would’ve been the one to ask.’ He collected that stuff, but most of it disappeared with him when he died!” The emperor cut off, breathing heavily from his fired up ranting.

“What did they do after that?” Sorren prompted.

“Oh they huddled together and muttered to themselves a bit, and then the middle man – he seemed to be the leader of the lot – asked me where my grandfather’s tomb was...” The emperor trailed off, and his eyes shifted to the floor.

“And you told him,” Sorren filled in.

“He threatened to kill my daughter if I didn’t,” he said, voice now barely above a whisper. The lower volume didn’t hide the emotion that jumped into his tone. “I don’t have any doubt in my mind that they would’ve done it too, so of course I told him.”

Sorren rocked back on his heels, his eyes on the emperor, though his gaze was focused on something far beyond the room. “Is the tomb within the castle complex?”

“Yes, sort of,” he answered slowly while studying Sorren with a suddenly distrustful eye.

“Is it within the underground tunnels?”

“How did you –”

“Questions later,” Sorren said briefly. He was acutely aware of the fact that he’d been talking for far too long; time was of the essence.

“Y-yes. It is. On the first floor there is a hidden staircase that leads downward into the tunnels. Although my father’s tomb is the only one I know the exact location of. And my father was the only one that knew the location of my grandfather’s you see. So I can’t tell you where exactly it –”

Muzu, who was fluttering about near the ceiling, cut the emperor off with a sudden screech.

Sorren whirled and lunged for the half-open door. He threw it open and Muzu took off toward the staircase where Sorren saw a blur of a person disappearing around the bend.

“What –”

“Stay here. Don’t move,” Sorren ordered the emperor before sprinting after Muzu.

“Wait a moment!”

But Sorren did not stop to acknowledge the emperor’s words. By the time he had reached the staircase once more, Muzu had already emerged onto the rooftop two flights above. Through the crow’s eyes, Sorren briefly scanned the area. The floor was covered in emerald tiles, and a few lounge chairs and benches were scattered about. Statues of Foo Dogs, along with exotic potted plants, lined the roof’s perimeter.

When Sorren reached the top of the stairs himself, he emerged cautiously, his senses in hyperactive mode. Zar, once again clothed in his black cloak, stood at the farthest corner of the roof with his back turned to Sorren. From his view, it seemed to Sorren that Zar was focused intently on something in the sky, but neither his eyes nor Muzu’s saw anything out of the ordinary.

Sorren moved across the tiled roof, not taking any particular effort to be silent. There was little point in sneaking around an area with no place to hide. Therefore, Sorren found it somewhat surprising that he was already halfway across the space when Zar stiffened and whirled to face him.

The hood of the cloak cast his face in the shadows, but Sorren could still make out his green eyes, widened in surprise for a split second before his face fell back into a sneering mask. “How… nice of you to join me.” His voice was still lofty and soft, but had a forced edge to it. “And here I thought both of you –”

“Be silent,” Sorren interrupted him. He had long since realized that Zar bought time by giving out bits and pieces of seemingly useful information, and he was not going to let him pull that card again. With both daggers now drawn, Sorren lunged for Zar.

Zar jumped sideways, drawing a short sword from under his cloak as he moved. Sorren didn’t give Zar time to gather his momentum for the offensive; Sorren was on top of him again in an instant, right blade aimed for his throat. Zar had just enough time to raise his own sword to parry the attack.

With his right dagger now occupied in a deadlock with Zar’s sword, Sorren used his left to aim an attack at Zar’s chest. Zar ducked down immediately to avoid the hit before lunging under Sorren’s still outstretched right arm. As he dodged, Zar aimed an attack at Sorren’s side; it would have raked over Sorren’s skin in a shallow, but highly inconvenient wound had he not shifted immediately.

Once the threat was behind him – quite literally for Zar was now at his back – Sorren shifted his weight to one leg, swung around, and kicked Zar square in the abdomen.

Zar slid backward and crashed into a large pot behind him. The tree contained within the pot gave a great shudder at the impact, and one of its ripe, golden-colored fruits fell, bonking Zar rather perfectly on the top of the head.
Zar ground his teeth, sprang forward, and the two collided again. His sword connected with Sorren’s dagger while Zar’s free right hand tightened around Sorren’s other wrist.

For an endless moment the two were locked together in a stalemate, then Zar went entirely limp. The momentary surprise of this action, along with the immediate shifting of weight, caused Sorren to over balance backward. Zar took this opportunity to break the lock and spin around once again.

With Sorren’s wrist still trapped in Zar’s vice grip as he turned, he felt it twist in a way that it was never meant to. The dagger fell from Sorren’s hand as pain shot up arm, numbing it instantaneously. In a desperate attempt to keep his wrist from breaking, Sorren thrust his second dagger backward. He felt it connect with some part of Zar, and the hold on his wrist loosened. Sorren ripped his arm free and dove forward to put some distance between the two before whirling around to face his enemy.

He flexed his left fingers tentatively. His wrist ached, but he ascertained that nothing was broken. Meanwhile, Zar’s hand moved to cover a spot on his left side. With Zar’s cloak, it was impossible to tell the depth of the wound. With any luck, it would at least be deep enough to hinder Zar’s movement.

A soft, cold breeze wafted over the roof, relieving some of the growing heat in Sorren’s throbbing wrist, and blowing the hood of Zar’s cloak from his head, revealing his green eyes now wide with adrenaline and perhaps a touch of fear. Zar’s lips were compressed in a thin line as his jaw clenched and unclenched along with his fists.

The momentary pause was broken as a sharp whistle sounded from somewhere below, followed by a couple of distant shouts. The corner of Zar’s mouth twitched upward and he drew a breath for a response.

Sorren made a dash for him, but Zar leapt backward, buying himself just enough time to release a response in the form of another short whistle.

The ground below immediately began to rumble and vibrate. Within the span of a heartbeat, the shockwaves increased in magnitude, and then halted as suddenly as they had begun.

Sorren’s eyes flickered over Zar’s smirking face. What exactly had he and his followers done? The question was answered by Muzu who commanded Sorren’s attention through a sharp caw. Sorren’s vision briefly refocused to look through Muzu’s eyes at the ground below.

On the narrow strip of land between the castle’s southern wall and the cliff that dropped into the sea was a slow moving mob of at least fifty people and creatures. Sorren noted immediately that their movement was stiff and unbalanced, as if they were marionettes controlled by a novice puppeteer. However, it took Muzu flying quite a bit lower for him to understand exactly why.

Those in the mob were not living beings. Composed of bone and some bits of flesh, it was easy to see that they were the undead, brought alive through a Necromancer’s magic.

Sorren was so focused on them, that it took him much longer than it should have to notice the red head of Willy bobbing in the middle of the mass. He could see brief flashes of Fiore as well, but the two were highly outnumbered and were slowly but surely being pushed back toward the sea that lay below the cliff.

Sorren felt his heart lurch as he watched. He needed to get down there. Now.

“Oh dear. I think I’ve completely lost your attention.”

A sharp pain across Sorren’s cheek brought his attention back to his own predicament. The view of the cliffside disappeared and was replaced by the rooftop. Zar had moved to his left side, and his sword now held a thin layer of scarlet where he had drawn blood from Sorren’s cheek.

Muzu, go aid Will, Sorren commanded the crow silently before turning back to face the man before him.

Sorren was already acutely aware that every moment he wasted here was a moment that Willy was fighting the miniature army below. Urgency sent a familiar twinge pain under the skin of his arms, legs and back, but Sorren choked down the emotion before it could manifest into anything more than a prickling sensation.

“That’s better,” Zar said, studying the murderous intent in Sorren’s dual-colored eyes. “It would be a shame if we didn’t –”

Zar was cut short as Sorren threw another dagger. It was smaller than those he was fighting with, no larger than a dart, but struck in the right place, it could certainly be fatal. Zar lurched to the side, but he wasn’t fast enough to avoid the blow completely. With a small ‘thud’ the dagger embedded itself in Zar’s shoulder, just a couple of inches left of the jugular notch that Sorren had been aiming for.

Zar ripped the weapon from shoulder, and as Sorren drew another dagger, he leapt into motion. Zar darted forward and struck several times in quick succession, but his hits were weak and sloppy, and thus, it came as no surprise that Sorren blocked each hit effortlessly.

Sorren drew back two small steps. Clenching his jaw, Zar prepared to put every last bit of his strength into one strike. He made to step forward, but found his body suddenly frozen to the spot. Regardless of how much he strained, his muscles did not move. Slowly, his legs gave way and he fell to his knees.

“You poisoned the tip of the dagger,” Zar hissed through clenched teeth.

“The substance itself is not fatal,” Sorren said, voice emotionless as he moved toward Zar for the final blow.

Sorren raised his dagger, and Zar jerked in a futile attempt to dodge. The blade raked across the side of his neck, and Sorren watched as Zar crumpled before him, staining the beautiful green tiles of the roof red.

Between gasps of breath, Zar crackled in a faint laughter. With great effort, he titled his head to gaze once more into Sorren’s eyes. “It’s... not over. It only takes one... special individual....” Zar paused to cough up blood before rolling over and continuing. “Oblivion’s curse.... Eldemore will fall... to Pandemonium... You can’t stop it.” Zar gave one more shuddering gasp, before his body convulsed and then lay still.

Sorren’s eyes lingered on him for only a moment more before he turned and darted to the edge of the roof where he had seen Willy a few minutes before. The battle was still raging below, but with the death of Zar, those that had been brought into the fight through Necromancer magic disappeared.

Sorren could see Willy more clearly now, fighting at the edge of the cliff against four human opponents. Standing back from the close-ranged fighters was one with a crossbow, though he had the weapon lowered, realizing the futility of aiming with his comrades darting in and out of his line of sight as they fought.

Sorren lightly swung himself onto the ledge of the roof, intending to take the shortest route to Willy: straight down. He was just about to leap when a sixth opponent emerged from around the side of the castle, shouting something that Sorren couldn’t make out. However, what mattered was not what he was saying, but the item he had clutched in his hand.

Sorren had already leapt off of the roof and was falling toward the fray by the time the approaching individual had pulled out the pin to the oversized hand grenade and tossed it in the direction of the fighters. The events happened in slow motion for Sorren – the rest of the fighters lunged to the side, but they wouldn’t get far enough to avoid the blast; Willy glanced upward, and Sorren met his eyes for a fraction of a second as an understanding passed between them; then Willy jumped backwards, off the side of the cliff as the grenade detonated.

Rage, adrenaline, desperation, fear. The emotions hit Sorren in a storm, and he made no attempt to hold them back. The transformation was nearly instantaneous. Some part of Sorren’s mind registered the blood now coating his skin and trickling down his back, but the pain was overridden by the typhoon of other emotions.

He dived toward the ground, gaining an immense amount of speed from gravity as he went. As he approached the ground, Sorren unfurled his newly formed black wings, and gave them a powerful flap to propel himself forward and over the edge of the cliff.

Halfway between the cliff and the ocean was the falling form of Willy. Another flap sent Sorren hurtling downward even faster than before. Closer… closer…

Both Sorren and Willy simultaneously reached out; their fingertips brushed, and in another instant, their hands interlocked. Sorren banked upward, and with great effort, managed to reverse their fall.

Another second would’ve been too late... Sorren thought, as he glanced at the ocean waves rolling over Willy’s boots.

“I can’t even begin to say how nice it is to see ‘ya,” Willy said gazing into Sorren’s eyes.

Sorren responded only with a cold, hard look before shifting himself to prepare for the short flight back to the top of the cliff.

A minute later the two were on solid ground once more, a hefty distance away from the ledge. Sorren deposited Willy none-to-gently on the ground before landing himself just a few strides away. He paced back and forth several times, trying to steady his heart rate and breathing before he finally turned on Will.

“Just what the hell were you thinking?!” Sorren’s trembling voice told he wasn’t nearly as steady as he hoped he was. “What would you have done if- ... If I had been just a half a second later –” Sorren whipped around and resumed his pacing.

“Sorren...” Willy’s battered body protested as he pulled himself to his feet, but he paid the pain no mind. After all, what right did he have to complain about a few bruises and cuts. He knew the pain Sorren was going through was much worse.

Willy crossed the distance between them and wrapped his arms around Sorren. “I’m sorry Sorren. But I knew it would be okay, and ‘ye know as well as I do that if I had gone any other way other than down, that grenade would’a hit me.”

“I’m sorry I scared you, but it all turned out fine in the end, right?” Willy pulled back just enough to meet Sorren’s eyes and flash him a half-smile.

“If you ever pull something like that again...” The threat hung in the air as the tension in Sorren’s muscles finally evaporated and he collapsed against Willy’s chest.

They stood motionless in each other’s arms for an endless amount of time. The sun peaking over the horizon finally broke them from the trance.

Sorren pulled back first and glanced over the surroundings. “We should go assess the damage and report to the emperor before it gets any later.” The adrenaline was finally out of his system, leaving only an aching weariness in its place.

“Are ye sure yer okay Sorren?” Willy asked, taking a couple of jogging steps to catch up with Sorren who was already walking away. The transformation had dissipated, but Willy was sure the full effects of the experience hadn’t worn off. And it was his fault for putting Sorren through it.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry about it. I’m far more concerned about your mental stability than my physical condition.” Sorren cast Willy a sideways glance. Their eyes met as Willy tried to gage Sorren’s mood from his emotionless tone of voice. The upward twitching of one corner of Sorren’s lips gave him the answer.

“Of course I’m perfectly insane. I thought ‘ye knew that already!”

Sorren gave a soft sigh. “Unfortunately.”

“But ‘ye still love me anyway!”

Sorren gave a small non-committal grunt of response.

Willy halted on the spot. “What was that? ‘Ye’re supposed to say it back! Sorren wait!”

“Hurry up Will or I’m going to leave you behind.”

With an over-dramatic sigh, and an incoherent mumble of “kill-joy,” Willy caught up to Sorren. Together, side by side and hand in hand, the two walked back toward the castle.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Two days later, Sorren and Willy stood in front of a small boat that would carry them back the mainland, courtesy of the emperor for saving everyone. Sorren had begun to protest that neither of them “saved” anyone, but Willy had eyes only for the shiny boat and had shushed Sorren before he could finish the sentence.

The bodies of those that had died were collected by the guards and cremated, at Sorren’s insistence, in order to prevent them from becoming the puppets of another necromancer. Beforehand, the bodies, Zar’s in particular, were searched thoroughly for stolen treasures. The jewelry that the group had looted off the emperor while they questioned him, along with other small valuables, were discovered and returned though the stone that Zar supposedly stole was not found.

The general public remained unaware of the incident and the Cherry Blossom Festival continued up until the day Willy and Sorren were to leave. The inability to participate in the last day of the festival made Willy more than a little upset.

“Please, Sorren? Jus’ more day,” he begged as the two carried their belongings toward the docks.

“I already sent Muzu ahead with a report that stated the job was completed and we’d be returning today.”

“We can still return today. It’ll only be later in the day. It’s not even noon yet, so we got plenty of time to have a little fun.”

Sorren turned to study Willy’s pleading face. “Fine,” he relented with a sigh. “But only a couple of hours.”

Those “couple of hours” easily turned into a full day of enjoying the festivities. In the end, the two found themselves still in the town at dusk, awaiting the final fireworks display on the ledge of a dilapidated building not too far from the center of town.

“Hey Sorren, I’ve been meanin’ to ask, what do you think Zar’s last words meant?”

“You’re bringing that up now?” Sorren asked as he watched the first round of fireworks light the sky with their green and gold sparks.

“I just thought ‘bout now. ‘Ye said he mentioned Oblivion’s Curse, but Eldemore is so full of life right now. There’s no way a curse is spreadin’, right?”

Sorren was silent for a moment as the finale to the festival began. Legends told of the curse infecting and destroying magic, but he couldn’t be sure how much, if any, of the old myths were true. Below them, music echoed around the buildings. Entertainers lit up the streets with juggling displays or dances. The general populous and their pets chatted happily as they watched the end of the festival. Truly it was the picture of liveliness.

“Oblivion is sealed away in the Ashmoors. There is no way for his curse to spread while he is inside of the gates, and there should be no way for him to be released. All the same, I’ll inform our superiors and have the crows keep watch on the area. Perhaps you should send Fiore to Seraphina as well. If anything happens, she’ll know about it.”

“And whatever happens, we’ll stick through it. Together.”



“Where are ‘ye off to now Sorren?” Willy demanded from the couch in the living room. “I want some mornin’ pancakes.”

“Will, do you remember our trip to the Oriental Isles a year and a half ago?"

Willy nodded. "Yeah, why?"

"Before Zar died, he mentioned a 'special individual.' Well, the crows have spotted an odd person wandering around the Ashmoors. I’ve already sent Muzu ahead of me to investigate the situation more thoroughly, and I’ll be leaving momentarily.”

Willy bolted to his feet and stared at Sorren through widened eyes. “No,” Willy said after a minute of silence. “It's dangerous. Ye’re not going there on yer own. I don’t care what orders ye have.”

“I’ll be able to travel faster on my own, and when I get there I’ll be less conspicuous. The goal is to get there, capture the individual, and get out without incident. And if I have to make a quick escape, it will be easier to do so alone.”

“Even so –!”

“This is not up for debate,” Sorren said in a forceful tone. “I’ll return before Yuletide. Alright?” His voice and eyes softened on the last word.

Willy clenched his jaw and his eyes fell to the floor. “Be careful. If you’re not back by Yuletide I’m coming for you.”
Sorren gave a solemn nod in response. “I’ll be back soon.” With that, he exited the Silverport house, and headed toward the trouble brewing the in Ashmoors.

Here, the Sealer’s story begins in earnest.

~The End~

A/N - Look at that, I finally finished this darn thing. It took me long enough. I apologize for my slowness on this chapter. I really have no excuse for it. I was just being a procrastinator. Probably no one even remembers what happened before this, which gives you a reason to go back and re-read. ... Actually, don't do that because the inconsistencies are abundant. I'll need to go back and fix those sometime.

This chapter did cause me the most grief out of all of them. I spent so much time thinking about it, changing my original plan, changing the changed plan, and re-writing some of what I had already written. Hopefully the struggle made it better in the end.

As I had planned, most of the chapter is the big fight between Sorren and Zar. Although unfortunately for me, I kinda fell in love with Zar's character halfway through the story, which only added to my procrastination in writing the ending. "How can Zar live?" was the question I kept asking myself. Though in the end, it still turned out this way. Although to be honest, I still haven't given up on Zar because I love him so much. XP For better or worse, I even tried to draw him.

I was also absolutely determined to get a Sorren transformation in this story somewhere. I originally had it planned earlier on, but it got pushed back as I went. I like where it ended up, and if saving Willy from falling off a cliff can't cause that transformation in Sorren, then I have no idea what can.

I hope the ending of the chapter and Epilogue don't sound too rushed. I didn't want to draw anything out any further, and quite frankly, I was tired of staring at this chapter. I did want to add the little epilogue though to tie everything back to the main story.

I guess that's enough of rambling. I hope you all enjoyed it. ^^

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Re: Eld Fanfictions

Postby Tyasi » Sun Jun 19, 2016 4:13 pm

Hello, this is the ECPD, Eldemore Canon Police Department and I state this thread under arrest until its declared official canon by Supreme Judge Benathorn.

Gosh, I was flipping through extended remixes and landed on this remix while I read this fic. It wasn't the most appropriate song, but it helped deliver a sense of apprehension and anxiety for a fight between two level-headed battle prodigies.

Anyway, on a much more related note, I loved the ending. I could feel a hint of "rush" so to speak, but the final chapter was still very satisfying. Shame to see Zar, the really cool villain go, but alas fillervillains must be left behind. :c

This fancanonfiction is the perfect interlude between the family past and the beginnings of the sealer's true adventure. It introduces a connection that I couldn't 100% see during the actual site events and leaves me with more of a sense of closure than I would have ever hope to achieve. Until Excellent questions start becoming excellent answers. I cannot express how well thought out the conclusion was when it came to tying in these two scenarios. Also is there are a particular stone you are referring too? Or is it stonething -shot- else? I would really love to know your thoughts about that aforementioned stone~


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Re: Eld Fanfictions

Postby Sphye » Mon Jun 20, 2016 8:47 pm

Oh my, what an impressive ending! The work you've put into the fic throughout really shows. I absolutely loved the scene with Sorren's transformation! You've done a great job with Willy's characterization and speech patterns, too. It sounds just like him!

Your epilogue was just perfection. Imagine how shocked Willy would have been, for the odd person at the Ashmoors to have been the kid he employed to steal glass from Azara.

You did a spectacular job, on the finale and the fanfiction as a whole. Thank you for sharing it with us!
by ebriose.
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Re: Eld Fanfictions

Postby scmarshtacky » Fri Jun 24, 2016 11:39 pm

Thank you both. ^^ I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

@Tyasi: As for the stone, I imagined it as a kind of catalyst, something that would prompt Oblivion to rise again. I envision it as a holder of some kind of old magic, and maybe (going out on a random limb here and making it up as I go) it could've provided Sullivan enough power to manifest in human form outside of the gates.

I haven't read that event dialogue in a really long time, but do we have an answer as to how Sullivan was able to appear in front of the Sealer while still technically being sealed? Sealer was able to release Oblivion in his entirety, but obviously there were already some cracks in the gate beforehand that enabled Sullivan to appear and speak to the Sealer. If he was provided a bit of extra magic beforehand from the Necromancers wishing to aid in his release, then maybe this could explain that.

I'm sure that doesn't match up 100% with the event cutscenes, but that's the best explanation I can think of. XP

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Postby Silverhart » Fri Jul 08, 2016 2:03 am

This was so awesome scmar! Why didn't I think to check this thread sooner!? XP A fantastic, well thought out, and deliciously satisfying conclusion, I must say! I was on the edge of my seat for that fight, and then for Willy! Even though I knew he'd be alright - I don't' know something about the writing just made me really anxious for both or them. But then when it turned out alright, I was grinning ear to ear! And then to just have it all tie together in a neat little bow - brilliant! My only complaint is that I want more! I want it to be longer! XD But you're actually extremely good at pacing things out, and getting all the information to the readers in a concise and efficient manner, which is an admirable trait, and one I do not have. (But I still want more! XD)

Can't wait to read what other stories you have planned!
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