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Were's Eldemorians ~Please no posting~

PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 9:38 am
by WereW0lf
(A thread to keep track on my eldemore characters ^^ Also informations for RPing and other things)

Cyphin Lophiiformes (The Sealer)





Human - The Former Noble

PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 9:39 am
by WereW0lf
by popolis

Name: Kurono ---- (She won't revealed her surname)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Birthday: 15th June (Gemini)
Origins: Oriental Isles
Occupation: Adventurer, Treasure hunter, Ex-aristocrat
Sexuality: Aromantic/Demisexual
Significant Other: N/a

Physical appearance; She's stands at 5'3 feet tall, a fair-skinned Orient woman. She has a pleasant face with sharp jawline, possessed a pair of deep brown eyes, and long black hair which is usually tied up in a loose ponytail. She also has a pair of dimples around the corner of her mouth on both side, and they only appears when she's smiling. As for physical built, she is often being teased to have 'a body of a pollywog', it is not quite true, Kurono has a fitted body with a few muscles here and there because of her job's requirements. She also possessed impressive speed and stamina, known for her quick flight and swift movements in combats and treasure snatching...

Personality; Kurono is an optimistic, outgoing and friendly gal, she always welcome you with the most genuine and brightest smile that could light up the whole Alabaster City itself. Always eager to lend a helping hand, she's helpful and your most trusted alliance you could always run to when in dire situations. Though there are moments she could be very childish and spoiled because of who she used to be before and how she was treated, though rarely but she could throw a mean tantrum when provoked. She's also playful and easily distracted, loves to tease and joke around at every chance she got. Kurono is also known for her rebellious and reckless self and her crave for an adventure, she always find herself in troubles but that doesn't stop her from doing life-risking dangerous things.

Outfits, Accessories and Weapons of choice; She's donned in her Black leathery armor set with Crimson and Gold color scheme to reminds her of where she came from, with a pair of leather boots for traveling and a Black coat with a Jade gemstone encrusted in the middle to shields her from the heat of the desert, and a pair of fingerless gloves for the sake of fashion. She has on her a pair of golden ear piercings and golden bracelet, and her sacred possession is her platinum pendant with a symbol of a Foo dog carved on it which was given to her by her parents. Kurono always has her trusted pair of daggers with elegant designs that were exclusively customized for her, they're strapped on both side of her thighs.

She was born into one of Oriental Isles's noble family. Her parents were a pair of strict and prideful aristocrats, they had high hopes in their only daughter and will expect nothing less from her, she had never enjoyed her childhood at its fullest because she was always so busy taking courses and lessons from her mentors who were equally as strict as her parents. On her 6th birthday, her parents had given her an Imperial Jader puppy as a gift. She was hesitated to meet her new puppy at first, but soon enough.. they became an inseparable pair as they both feel a certain connection between them and they were magically bonded together. Kurono has never had someone to called a 'friend' before, that's all until Sanguine, as she named the pup for Sanguine's optimistic persona and the mystical red coat she possessed. They were almost never seen without each other, played hide 'n seek in the palace's garden or pretended to be the Nors that were on a quest to take down a mighty Rune Drake for its most valuable treasures and conquer the world together, or just simple tried to steal snacks from the kitchen to simply enjoying the Cherry Blossom Festival together, one of their most favorite event throughout the entire years. But time passed and they've grown, things were a lot more complicated in their adolescent years. When Kurono had her 16th birthday she found out that she was betrothed to an upperclass noble's son.

They were to get married when she's 18. For someone with a hunger for freedom and wills to do as she please, she did not take the news well. Her rebellious side started to show more throughout the years, as Sanguine developed a serious persona and the mature one in their relationship to keep Kurono on the ground and keep her human safe. On her 18th birthday, she could almost feel as if her world collapsed on her as she overheard their parents talked about the marriage. The sleazy son was everything she imagined, unlike most woman, she does not believed in the story of 'prince charming'. It happened so quick and all was a blur to her but her supposed-to-be betrothal tried to make a move on her, Sanguine jumped into the act and bitten him. Things only gotten worst after the incident. Her parents had threw away the Jader because of the nobility family complaints of the Jader of of her 'untamed and animalistic behaviors', they had taken away her only and best friend, which has exploded into a heated argument between the young aristocrat and her parents. One night... she decided to pack her things and ran away from the palace she once called home.. only to meet a pair of familiar glowing white eyes patiently waiting for her on her way out. They had taken off into the night, both well prepared for their next greatest adventures lie ahead of them.

Now you can find the crew, which has now included their trusty sleipnir; Valkas, traveling across the realm of Eldemore, but they are most likely to be found in Alabaster City gathering for information and taking breaks, Darak'i desert and its ruins looking for Eldemore's long lost artifacts. With some rare occasion a few trips to Norland for research and supplies exchange, but they have never went back to the Isles ever since they've left, only time will tell if the former noble and her Jader is ever coming back home again...

by TheDraconicBard

Creature companions
Sanguine - Female Imperial Oriental Jader
Closed species made by Benathorn

"Sanguine is mature, serious, stoic, wise-witted, she can be a bit dense at times but caring and protective, she is the complete opposite of her human. Though for serious, this Jader can not seriously take a joke, she's most likely not purposefully sassy or sarcastic and usually just being dead serious and as plain as a rock as Kurono would say, she always has a straightest and the most unamused face at every attempts of joke, or whenever Kurono would make an attempt at teasing her Jader. Sanguine is also known to be very protective of Kurono, always keep a watchful eye on her troublesome owner, so much that she might have developed an invisible tingling antenna that could detected as when Kurono had waltzed and stumbled her way into some kind of trouble. Sanguine is an effective fighter, she possessed an incredible speed which makes her look like she's dancing in combat, quick to strike and quick to dodge incoming attacks, and thanks to her magical exclusive Imperial's colored blood, she's able to exudes inky black blood from her body, it causes herself very little harm but acting as corrosive acid to anything it touches; searing the ground and flesh when came in contact.

Overall Sanguine and Kurono has been bonded together since they were very young, merely a child and her pup, though they're two sides of the same coin, one cannot simply existed without the other."

~Blood bonded~

Valkas - Warmblood Sleipinir Stallion
"In one of Kurono's journey to the South, she came across an injured stallion, who was trying to limb away from a pack of hungry dire wolves hot on his heels. With Sanguine on her side, Kurono chased after them without a second thought, much to her Jader's dismay as always. They managed to distracted to dires away from the stallion for time being. After successfully chasing away the injured and frightened wolves, they tracked down the sleipinir only to find the dark stallion collapsed on his side with labored breathing, his eyes flickered madly, unable to focused on one spot. Just his luck, a group of patrols were just passing by and they asked for help to bring the sleipinir back to shelter.
They nursed him back to health, and for the first time, he was finally able to see his saviors, grateful for what they had done for him, he decided to swallowed his pride and sworn to serve the human girl for as long as he lives. She then given him a name; Valkas.
Things were awkward at first, Kurono has never rode a sleipinir before and Valkas has never let a human sit on him before. Valkas is a prideful but clumsy stallion and it made him felt bad and frustrated that he kept dropping the human off his back, after a few failed attempts and resulted in the human falling on her head and the stallion accidentally bucked her off his back, they had finally got a hang of it. And to no one surprise, Sanguine didn't find any of that amused. Though reminds him not to drop her human anymore, he still got the chills when he thought of that look she gave him the first time he accidentally bucked Kurono off of him.

But now eventually, he's a part of the team, Kurono's trusty speed, he carried her through the desert sands, the deepest woods and the narrowed mountainous paths , with Valkas's strength and tolerance, he never seems to get tired of transporting his human throughout the lands of Eldemore, and never without Sanguine close by their side."

Human - The Sealer

PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2016 4:55 am
by WereW0lf
Name: Cyphin "Lophii" Lophiiformes
Age: 17
Gender: Non binary
Birthday: 18th March (Pisces)
Origins: Celtlands
Occupation: Watch Crow Apprentice, Pet collector, Rune bearer
Sexuality: Pansexual
Significant Other: N/a

Physical appearance; They stands at the height of 5'8", with an average body built, normal skin tone, they were gifted with a pair of green eyes and short messy brown hair. Cyphin has an innocent face with a cute nose, whenever they blushes it spread all the way up to their ears. Although they can be described as a bit dizzy, they never stands still in one place, always seems to be shifting on their feet. But they can handle themselves well if necessary thanks to all the farming and chores they did back home.

Personality; Cyphin is a happy-go-luck and adventurous person. They always seems to see the good side of life, though that's what make them incredibly naive and unaware of things that can go bump in the night. They have a knack for befriending all types of creatures they came across with, whether if it's a small humming bumble or a giant and deadly sandwyrm (Seriously, how can they do that?!). They sees the good in everyone and loves to make new friends. Cyphin is overall charming and they brought joy and hopes to anyone they came across with, perhaps that's what drawn the creatures toward them in the first place. They put others before themselves, Cyphin is a good listener and often find themselves in sorting troubles for other people... and bringing troubles on themselves (With a certain glass shards snatching rune).

Outfits, Accessories and Weapons of choice; Cyphin has on themselves a white dress shirt and a black with gold elegant design steampunk coat donned over it, a dark brown pants and a pair of boots. In winter, they are seen with a set of warm winter clothing (sweaters). They are mostly seen with a small top hat which was given to them from their parents, a silver pocket watch and a small compass. Sometimes when they read, they wears a pair of reading glasses. Cyphin is most definitely not a fighter, but they carried around a small dagger just in case, most of the time their animal companions and friends who are more capable in combats usually save Cyphin's hide.

They were born in a normal farming family, ever since they were young Cyphin always have a knack for making friends with every creatures they came across with, their parents respected their probably unhealthy obsession with hoarding pets in their house. Once Cyphin was old enough, they bought a small cottage in the woods where they're surrounded by their ever growing amount of pets. Though Cyphin preferred to travel from places to places to collect more pets and trading goods with other people. Aside from their blood parents they also adored their bird family includes Sorren, Willy, Fenrir, Cally and they're working on relationships with Niles, but hopefully Niles will change his mind!

~Ongoing story are told through the events of Eldemore ^-^~

Creature companions
~Blood bonded~
Mastka - Female Bloodbound Crow
"Mastka is a secretive, observant, quiet and distant character. Cyphin, after joining the Watch Crows, first got her when she was just an egg. At the Obsidian Gate, a place that will forever haunted the Sealer for the rest of their life, came a forbidden pact forged with blood and a creed spoken to bind them to their word. Mastka harbored a piece of Cyphin's heart, binds a silver of their souls together, enabling them to see and hear all that their companion does undetected. Mastka acted as the eye from the skies for her human bond, they entrust their life, aswell as their other creature companion lives in the aloof crow. Which she had never let them down."
Sven - Male Monochrome Rune Dragon
"Sven is a little ball of joy, Cyphin adopted him from his previously owner, who was a fellow Rune bearer but he was very old and unable to be taking care of the young Rune dragon any longer. He had told Cyphin that Sven will bring them luck like he did for him back when he was still taking care for the small dragon. It is true, Cyphin had began to get all the good things in life now and then ever since they've got the Rune dragon. Sven seems to be bringing luck to those who offers him foods aswell. At some point living together, they've bonded, and since then, they've never been seen one with another."
Urae- Female Tortoiseshell Liger
"Urae is the most sweetest liger Cyphin have ever seen, unlike most Ligers, she's motherly, caring, protective and devoted to anyone that she loves. They've first met eachother atop of Mt. Bastion where Cyphin came across a mother and her small cubs. She doesn't belonged to the Keepers inside the monastery so the single mother was left to fend for herself and her poor cubs. Cyphin pitied the liger, would tried to offered her foods everyday. Urae was very prideful, so she would chased the poor Sealer away everytime they showed their face. But Cyphin, as always, with determination and not giving up their hopes for the ligers, still bringing her foods despite her hostile toward them, even Sven didn't understand why his bond would even try. But gradually, the mother began to accept their offers, time after time, they would eventually grow closer to eachother, Urae finally warmed up to the odd human who tried to help her eventhough she had them being chased away hot on their feet everytime. With the help of the Sealer, her cubs grow up to be strong and healthy, eventually they'd leave their safe little home and into the big world waiting for them. With only Urae being left all alone herself once more, she's happy for her cubs, but feel lonely nonetheless, requested to join Cyphin in their journeys, which the human didn't denied her request. Grateful, she had vowed to protect them like they're of her own cub instead. She's served as a mount and fearsome bodyguard to Cyphin, gladly transport the Sealer anywhere they go and never leave her little group, which was made up with a human, a rune dragon and a crow."