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Postby Kumoko » Tue Dec 20, 2016 8:07 pm

A new god has been born and he has created a new world. Millions and million of years have past and the planet he has created is thriving. The problem is, this God has created a planet in which its organisms defy the law of life and sometimes occasionally, he would create something that would also defy physics and reality. You can ask him for a new creature, but sometimes, it's not what you'd expect. The God of the new earth-Sverrir-watches over the world. Silently visiting each ecosystem with his time. Once he is or has spare time in which he feels the balance of the world is okay, he will return home to the forest in which he was born. You live or are planning on moving to this forest ethier encountering old creatures or new ones. Beware, the god wont save you if you are close to dying. Sverrir has no favorites. He is neither black nor white. He is grey. He can be a cruel god at times but a merciful one as well. No matter his choice, never lose faith.

If you're interested in creating a character like a Kirin or a Clouve(a wolf creature i made up) then click the link OvO
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