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Re: Advertise your group roleplay here!

Postby kitten441 » Sun Sep 07, 2014 7:46 pm

Homeless..(Stray dog RP~Accepting~)

Postby Navi » Sat Aug 09, 2014 3:58 pm

We need a home..

Homeless~Stray dog RP~

Owner~ Navi

Mods~ Shadefang

"Hello there." A white fae looks at you. "You must be a new stray. Judging by the scared look on your face. Too bad there's no pack out here. It would be surprising if some dog made a pack. But no one steps up to the challenge. Welcome to the busy streets of New York City!" She barked.
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Re: Advertise your group roleplay here!

Postby ~WolfCharm~ » Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:09 pm

Hey Everyone! If you are interested in joining any dragon related Rp's keep on reading!

A bond that lasts a lifetime, something so fragile yet beautiful


That is what we strived for many millenniums. We are a dying out race, a species so feared during the years of old that they sought us out for guidance. We are the Dragonkin Elves; yes as in Dragons. We do not carry any features of our scaled friends yet we posses an ancient power that allows us to bond with them. Our job for many season have been to find our partner and unite with them to protect our land. But now our power has been dwindling, a dark force has been forming in the nothern territories. Farther out from our mountain and yet sensed from the deepest caverns. From day 1 we have trained our young to harness this power and to the age of 18 they are to meet the many dragons that live in the Glimmering Chambers. It will be dangerous, yet for some when the need arises the dragon that senses them most will come to aid.

Time of the riders!


It has been over 3 centuries, since the time of the Dragon rider had come to an end. Now after all of those years, a group of young riders have risen to save the world once more from the kings wrath. Some say they won't make it, but they want to prove the people wrong that the young riders will survive to see another light of day. It is after all,
The Time Of The Dragon Riders.

{ Note: only a few Riders will be accepted. Other places like the king, the prince, his servants, knights, peasants and so on, will be open}

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Re: Advertise your group roleplay here!

Postby Yummy Kitty » Sun Oct 19, 2014 5:58 am

Tнιѕ ιѕ Gυινα
Tнιѕ ιѕ Gυινα
The home of thousands of creatures. Guiva is a wonderful world were creatures live in peace together. They need no king or queen, all because they can live peacefully together. Yes, it may look just like a piece of shard, but once thrown into the air, the shard with spring up a portal for you to join. Every creature that enters this portal will be reborn into new life, but the shard is long gone from existence. Modern technology had recreated this shard once again and creatures can enter Guiva.

But Guiva is in danger.

Guiva is full of wonderful creatures roaming, from the ambitious Napods to the sly Chompis. But there are evil roaming in this vast wonderful world, and only the creatures inside it can protect it. The evil itself is starting to corrupt the creatures in Guiva, but it's main source lies in the heart of Jahole Forest. The lair of evil itself is covered by a forcefield, and is almost unprenetable. Only you can save Guiva from danger.

Please, help us.

      Picture owned by
      I own nothing other than the idea for this roleplay
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Re: Advertise your group roleplay here!

Postby TurtlezSoup » Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:31 am


Streets of gold is a multi-species
RP that lets you roleplay as a stray
lost of the streets
of a seemingly endless city.

You are a stray on the streets of Minutchester City, you were either born on the streets, escaped from the pound or possible a home that hurt you, was abandoned or even simply got lost. Most strays travel on their own but some friends may travel in small groups, usually no bigger then five animals to a group. There is no set territory here, animals generally wander wherever they like, however, this doesn't mean that some animals don't set up 'camp' in the same place every time they stop for a rest. But everybody is trying to do the same thing. Survive.

On the streets you're running from more then just other animals.
Dog catchers and maybe even hunters and teenage
or adult humans may try to hurt you.
Then of course you have too find food and water,
a safe place to rest and keep warm.

And if that isn't enough, a pack
of animals has formed to try and take food of of other animals,
almost like bills that humans would pay.
So far nobody has stood up to them,
as they are, according to rumors, strong like elephants,
fast like cheetahs,
and seem to be able to go on forever without ever needing to stop.
Of course this isn't true,
but as long as the 'tax-payers' believe and pay the bills,
nobody has to get hurt, right?

You can join the RP here
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Re: Advertise your group roleplay here!

Postby Scar » Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:29 pm


:: Untold Legends ::
Open | Accepting | Looking for Members

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text text text text text text t
Have questions?
Feel free to drop a PM! c;
Have an great day!

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Re: Advertise your group roleplay here!

Postby Patch » Sat Nov 08, 2014 1:35 am

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Re: Advertise your group roleplay here!

Postby Alexisdiemos » Mon Feb 23, 2015 5:40 am

Hi.. My name is soulessproductions.. And I'm currently looking for a fantasy humanoid roleplay that will accept one of my OCs. I will post my info down below.

I am semi literate. Normally posting from 1 paragraph to sometimes five.
I am very active and get on daily. And I can get on with my phone. But only if I'm interested in a role play.
I am very flexible and easy to work with.
I get along with almost every body.

If you have a roleplay for this character. Please pm me. I'd be more then happy to join. <3

Here is the character I'm looking to roleplay.

I am also willing to make a humanoid fantasy roleplay with her in it.. But I would only do so if I had a partner.

~Alexis Diemos-Female-Older Then You Could Ever Imagine-ArchDemon-Soulessproductions~[/i]


Name: Alexis Diemos
Age: Old. Looks in her mid twenties.
Species: ArchDemon: Born from a dark hearted demon and a god dumb enough to breed with a demon.. These strong half breeds are rulers of heel it's self. They are known world-wide about their strange powers. Their strange minds. And the points when they only cause fear and chaos. They are proud and strong creatures getting that from their godly parents. They are also very rare.. More rare then their oppisites the Archangels.. Because very few gods would breed with a demon.

History: Well she is very old.. And also my very first Original char. For the last seven years I have worked on her so ya she has a very long history. She was born of the King of God Archon. And the leader of a very large and powerful demon family Diemos. So she has royal blood. She has fought in the great Phyorain war and was a big part of it. Taking down the great dark hearted goddess of Hell Arkaei.. But after that everything seem to grow quiet in her world. Hell was sent under the earths core while Heaven was sent to the skies. There really wasn't much happening now.. Her mother had died and she had taken control of the Diemos family, who now, ruled hell. After some tough thinking the great creature rose Hell back onto the earth surfaces thousands of years ago as a chain of hidden island in the atlantic ocean. Hidden from the humans.

Personality:She is kind of insane at times.. Of course she loves that part of her. She is very dark and twisted of course name a demon that isn't. She loves to choose chaos and fear in the human cities. And her main source of food is souls so it works out for it. But don't get her wrong. She is very loyal, strong, brave women and protective when it comes to her kingdom. And if you were brave enough to try and get close to her. To have her open up you. You would see her fun sweet loving side that most don't see.


Powers:She has alot of strange and odd powers. But her main ones is the element Darkness. She can control matter. Like breaking something apart and rebuilding it as something else. She can not create or destroy matter. She has the power of Chaos. But her most renowned power is from that of the family weapon. Apollomi

WeaknessShe has alot of weakness.. The normal fatal weakness such as shotting her heart, her lung, or her head. Cutting off her head. Splitting her in half. She is also weak to water magic, light magic, and tainted souls.

Love:Her outlook on love is very blick. She has only been engaged once and that was long along when she was actually 20. He was killed by one of the goddess assassin while they were standing at the alter.. Ever since then she refused to ever fall in love again. She always thought the love will cause her to grow soft and weak. Which she must stay strong for her kingdom. The most she has done since then is just have one night flings with males.
Current roleplays: None
Looking to roleplay: Yes
Willing to change her for a roleplay: To an extent.
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Re: Advertise your group roleplay here!

Postby 1.21 gigawatts » Thu Aug 13, 2015 3:35 pm

ıllıllı ѕтяєиgтн
ιѕ gяєαтєя

ιи ραιяѕ ıllıllı

All over the world, there are twins being born. It seems like such a little event that humans just think it is a blessing that they were given two children. This may be true for some families, but for a select few, the gift of twins is more than just another family member. It means the fate of the world.

On the same day in Los Angeles, multiple families brought a set of twins into the world, unaware of what abilities their children held. All of the children were best friends, spending every passing minute with each other. The first twelve years of their lives were like any other child, but once they turned thirteen, their lives were flipped upside down. The children woke up in different ends of the city, miles away from each other. Not only that, but they weren't thirteen any more. They were 20. How could this have happened?

Since the last thing they remembered was their thirteenth birthday, they had no experience in the real world, no money, no knowledge of being an adult, they still had the minds of a thirteen year old. They would have to cope to being an adult to survive and fast. In each place the children were, a person walked up to each of them, introducing themselves and saying they were their mentor. Mentor? For what? They tried to run but the person continued to appear wherever they went. There was nothing they could do but listen to them.

"An evil being lies beneath the Earth, waiting for the time to strike. We call him, The Hidden," they began. "He lurks within the shadows and Earth, watching mankind and observing their strengths and weaknesses. You and your twin are no ordinary twins. You have been blessed with extraordinary powers to save the world. You are not the only ones though. The friends you have grown up with are also part of this. The Hidden has been watching you ever since you were born. Once you turned thirteen, your powers became ready for use. You are stronger with your twin but as long as all of you are together, there is no evil that can stop you. That is why he separated you and took your mind and put it in the future. He wants to destroy all of you, and the only way he can do that is to have you alone. It makes it all easier if you are oblivious on how to survive on your own. You must find your twin and friends in order to defeat The Hidden. I will help you prepare for your quest, introduce you to the world around you, and strengthen your powers. When you are ready, you will begin the search for your friends."

It has been a year and a half since you were first brought into the future and you have learnt many things. You found yourself an nice little apartment/house and have a decent paying job. During this time, there have been an above normal rate of deaths and natural disturbances occurring across the globe. Normal people think it is simply nature but you know better. The person who told you about The Hidden has taught you how to use your powers and now you are ready to start your search for your twin and friends. Can you make it in time before the world is destroyed by The Hidden? Or will your efforts be useless and end up watching the world crumble before you? The time is now.
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Re: Advertise your group roleplay here!

Postby Tundra » Fri Dec 18, 2015 6:18 am


The stars flickered with a vibrant life of their own up in the endless expanse of the deep blue sky above. Finally before you lay the walls of the massive city known as the Alabaster city. A small lantern Glasswork flickers around your head playfully, nipping at your hair before zipping off down the pathway towards the gates. As you walk, you notice
the bricks beautiful hues glimmering off of the little moonlight that shone on this new moon. Before you could travel much further one of the guards raises his hand and hollers "HALT! Who goes there?" Jumping slightly at the sudden voice you fumble for the letter you had received that had summoned you here. Its tattered and worn from your travels, but one can still read the words delicately scribed on the parchment.

Dear Runekeeper(General term.. because most bond with runes)
You have been selected for a once in a lifetime even!
Come join us at the illustrious Grand Gala
Drink, dance, socialize, and meet new people.
Please join us at the beautiful Golden Lion located in the security of the Alabaster City
Signed Devonair

The guard looks over the letter, then at you questionably. His face obvious wondering why one such as you would be invited to this event. Finally after a good pause, he hands you the letter back and nods, waving his hand to a guard on the wall to open the gates. The chains creaked slightly as the gears turned and the gates swung wide entering a hallway. you walk forward only to have the doors close behind you. After a they completely closed, another set opens in front of you revealing that the city before you. Its massive size overwhelming your tired eyes. You made it, now it was up to you to figure out why.


Welcome to my info post!, a bit basic right now things will get bigger and more detailed as I think of how to type it. To sum it up, everyone has been invited to the Grand Gala, a massive ball like event where many important names are located. A hotspot for thieves, merchants and perhaps more? Who knows, it's up to you to find out.

Note: This RP is almost at a Core Plot point, so join while you can. After that core plot point is past, none can join until the next plot is revealed. That reveal will be only after one story arch is completed, and I create V2. of the RP.

Discussion Thread!
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Re: Advertise your group roleplay here!

Postby Darkcrescendo » Fri Mar 04, 2016 11:33 pm

Are you interested in a sandbox zombie apocalypse roleplay? Come join now! Help save the world from zombies with your friends
Accepting all!
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