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Re: Silent's OC characters

Postby SilentObserver » Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:44 pm

    I cannot help it
    *credit to AdoptablesJS on dA
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Postby SilentObserver » Fri Jun 03, 2016 9:02 am

Zerack ⍟ 20 ⍟ ♉⍟

Name: Zerack (Last name unknown)

Age: 20

Gender: Seen as male

Sexuality: Panromantic demi-bisexual

Personality: He's a quiet individual. He prefers to stay out of people's way and likes to isolate himself from the world. Even though he likes to observe others and interact with them, he's afraid of being hurt, both physically and mentally.

Zerack's a shy and cautious skeleton who only voices his opinion when asked. Never on his own. Most see Zerack as a weakling, but if you ever do something that finally makes him snap, you'll regret it.

Fandom: Undertale; however, I often bend some things around so he doesn't have to revolve around Undertale

Height: 5'8

Birthday: May 12th

Some fun facts:
-He loves to read
-Often thinks the worst
-Has manipulation over timelines
-Has a custom Gaster Blaster
-He is an experiment of Gaster's
-His soul color is green
-Has these abilities: Superspeed and telekinesis
-He's afraid of Sans

Canonly shipped with: RobustRhombus' Ossis (wattpad)

(Above art is by InterstellarDream on deviantART)
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Moonkiss the Ryixy

Postby SilentObserver » Fri Sep 16, 2016 5:16 pm

Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown (goes by they)
Species: Ryixy
Personality: Moonkiss is a calm creature who is in love with cherry blossoms. They have an odd fascination with them that remains unexplained. Minus being a calm and 'peaceful' creature, standing at 6'5 can be intimidating. Their nature can also come off as intimidating due to being mute and observant. However they are very friendly, but can also be aggressive if you're the wrong person.
SO: Unknown
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