Question about 2014 Zodiac Gem Rune Drakes

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Question about 2014 Zodiac Gem Rune Drakes

Postby Bye :( » Fri Nov 17, 2017 5:34 pm

Which zodiac represents each 2014 Zodiac Gem Rune Drake?
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Re: Question about 2014 Zodiac Gem Rune Drakes

Postby Archer » Fri Nov 17, 2017 5:58 pm

This is what alliegator had to say about the set back in 2014. Hopefully it answers any questions you might have! ^-^

alliegator wrote:Makes a definitive list for reference :0

Garnet - Garnet for January, signs are Capricorn (knee) and Aquarius (thigh)
Amethyst - Amethyst for February, signs are Aquarius (thigh) and Pisces (foot)
Aquamarine - Aquamarine for March, signs are Pisces (foot) and Aries (head)
Diamond - Diamond for April, signs are Aries (head) and Taurus (neck)
Emerald - Emerald for May, signs are Taurus (neck) and Gemini (shoulder)
Alexandrite - Alexandrite for June, signs are Gemini (shoulder) and Cancer (chest)
Ruby - Ruby for July, signs are Cancer (chest) and Leo (trunk/midsection)
Peridot - Peridot for August, signs are Leo (trunk/midsection) and Virgo (stomach)
Sapphire - Sapphire for September, signs are Virgo (stomach) and Libra (wing)
Opal - Opal for October, signs are Libra (wing) and Scorpio (crotch ^^;)
Topaz - Topaz for November, signs are Scorpio (crotch again ^^;;;) and Sagittarius (leg)
Blue Zircon - Blue Zircon for December, signs are Sagittarius (leg) and Capricorn (knee)

Placements of the signs are according to what part of the body the signs are related to in astrology! C:

Egg - Nothing, but it is transparent! Sort of like a crystal ball, or glass perhaps. The idea was that it becomes whatever color is behind it. cx

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