Rarity questions!

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Rarity questions!

Postby Khai Dreams » Sat Mar 03, 2018 12:05 pm

Hi so I don't get rarity I guess because most people I been trying to trade for bazaar pets or ultra rares decline my trade so I like so help, also this is how I thought I work, tell me if I'm wrong.

All same year pets

2 Commons = 1 uncommon
2 uncommons = 1 rares
2 rares = 1 ultra rares
2 ultra rares = 1 legendary

And I need help with years too and how demamnd work too but once this get answered I'll edit it with those questions.
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Re: Rarity questions!

Postby Startedraining » Mon Mar 05, 2018 6:27 pm

The widely accepted rule is generally 3 of 1 to the next rarity, some people might do it differently though.

3 uncommons to 1 rare~



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Re: Rarity questions!

Postby Salem » Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:48 am

from my personal experience, this is what ive found to be common practice!

[all are pets of the same year]
2-4 ultras = 1 common
3-4 commons = 1 uncommon
2-4 uncommons = 1 rare

when trading for UR pets or legendaries, it can be a bit trickier! there isnt really a set value for them like the scale here, people tend to trade it to preference and a common pattern isnt something ive picked up. bazaar pets tend to trade for more than regular releases, especially concerning bazaar exclusive species like prong foxes, sandwyrms and glassworks. event exclusive species like dhol'kai and foo dogs have higher demand than standard pets but not absurdly. ancients tend to go for far above their set value, also. birthday releases have a bit more demand than typical pets, but usually dont go for much past their set value unless theyre older (mid to early 2014 and older). different species have different demand too, ive noticed that the pets with the most demand (not counting bazaar exclusives) are dires, rune dragons, and ligers. the pets with the lowest demand ive noticed to be jackalopes, chillawings and sleipnir.

trading for older pets can be a bit tricky too. 2013 pets tend to have much higher demand than 2014 pets, and so they often trade for more than theyre really worth. ive noticed that 2016-2017 pets can often be traded interchangeably but that also varies from person to person. 2015 pets ive noticed to be in a weird limbo where its hard to trade out of year for them.

only pet i can think of at the moment thats a wild card when it comes to these things is the crow, which often only trades for severe overpay because the demand is absurdly high.
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