[H] Eldemore Pets [W] Chicken Smoothie

All offsite trading that other sites allow should be posted here.

[H] Eldemore Pets [W] Chicken Smoothie

Postby Script » Sun Oct 23, 2022 9:01 am

As the title suggests, I'm trading all of my Eldemore pets for Chicken Smoothie pets or C$. Everything's up for grabs! I'm unsure when this website will be active again so I thought I would make the full switchover to Chicken Smoothie. Mainly looking for wishlist pets and old CS rares/vrs/omgsrs.

My username on CS is 12th! I'm much more active over there so if you'd like to work something out, your best bet is to PM me over there.

Thank you! ❤
Quitting Eldemore for CS. Offsite trading thread!
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