My account CS (Quitting)

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My account CS (Quitting)

Postby Xaneas » Mon Jul 22, 2019 7:14 am


I will delete my Chicken Smoothie account.

I trade my last Pet ans items for gems(only): ... rid=721972

There are several bundles available and the auction:

Lot 1: Egypt
Lot 2: Rare
Lot 3: Uncommun
Lot 4: Commun
Lot 5: Very commun
Lot 6: OMG so rare
Lot 7: All items


Lot 1: start bid:1000
Lot 2: start bid:20
Lot 3: start bid:20
Lot 4: start bid:20
Lot 5: start bid:20
Lot 6: start bid:10
Lot 7: start bid:10
I quitting CS My pet is for Eldemore: ... 2f54b3e181
Missing pet 2016: 4 pets
Missing pet 2015: 3 pets
Missing pet 2014: 39 pets
Missing pet 2013: 116 Pets
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