Looking For Chars (actively looking)

Post here if you are looking to request art work from other users.

Looking For Chars (actively looking)

Postby Demons4Life2015 » Sat Nov 17, 2018 11:53 pm

Looking for Chars

Humans (very interested in right now)

feral (not looking for at the moment)

Humanoid (Unicorns, etc.)

(wip, will always add on)

I Like

Simple designs

Pastel (mostly pink, but anything will do)

Emo or Grim (colors and design)

Lgbtq+ (color and design)

(wip, will always add on)

I Dislike (still show me)

Complicated designs

The Color Green (yes I'm serious)

Candy Gore (not interested)/Gore (scars missing limbs etc., im very educated (not to be rude) but it triggers what's like ptsd, so this is a definite no)




(wip, will always add on)

I have to Offer

FR Currency (almost 300kt, 400 gems)

CS Stuff (no C$)

Eldemore pets

around 40 baubles

(Ask for other stuff not listed)

I Will NEVER Offer

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