Site Rules Updated 4/24/14

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Site Rules Updated 4/24/14

Postby Jendalie » Fri Apr 11, 2014 7:52 pm

After several inquiries from new and older members we have decided against allowing shared accounts. This decision was made on the grounds of account and information security.

Site and Forum Rules

New Rule:
-Sharing an account is not permitted. One person to one account. This is in place as a level of protection for you, your collection and your account details. Do not share your account information with anyone no matter how trustworthy you believe they are.

April 24 2014 Update

Edited Rule:
-Do not spam the forums. Keep all information pertaining to the focused topic of each thread. Anyone who spams the site with advertisements will face an immediate ban. Bumping threads is allowed but only once a day or when the topic leaves the front page.

We have clarified the spam rule a little to help with any confusion in terms of when it is ok to bump threads or topics.
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