Beginner's Guide to Current Site Features and Rules

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Beginner's Guide to Current Site Features and Rules

Postby Zayin » Sun Aug 04, 2013 11:13 pm

Welcome to Eldemore!

This guide will give you a quick overview of the current site features, as well as planned features.

News - This page is where important updates and announcements will be posted. When Eldemore is having events, releasing pets, or adding features, this is where you can find out about it. Updates are also sometimes posted about as announcements in the forums.

Adopt - Eldemore features many creatures that you can adopt and trade. You can adopt by clicking the "Adopt" link on the menu bar above. You must be registered and logged in in order to adopt. When you click the adopt button, you will automatically adopt the maximum amount of pets from that litter. Once you have adopted the limit you can adopt no more of that litter/egg. The pets grow automatically, so no clicking is required! Just check back to each day to see if anything new has grown. Pets will generally be released every month, unless there is a special event going on.

Homestead - The Homestead is where all of your pets are kept. Here, you can manage pet groups, organize your pets, as well as view information about them. This page also features a pull-down menu where you can jump to another friend's Homestead. To access non-friend Homesteads, start by clicking on their username to view their profile. Below their contact info, there is a link to visit their Homestead or start a trade as well.

Managing Groups - From the Homestead, you can click on "Manage Groups" in the gray panel. Here you can create groups, set privacy and trade settings for them, as well as rename and delete them. You can set some groups to where other users will not be able to ask for pets from them, or set groups so that no one can see them. It's up to you!

Bazaar - The Bazaar is Eldemore's store. Here, you can find extraordinary creatures from all across the realm! These creatures can be purchased with baubles ('s site currency), which can be bought with real life money. Payments are made through PayPal, so we do not collect any financial information from you. We are an ad-free site, so Baubles are Eldemore's only source of financial support. We will appreciate any business you give us :) For a more detailed explanation of the Bazaar and baubles, check out the announcement right here.

Forums and Forum Rules - is powered by open source phpBB forums. These forums have tons of features, so feel free to use them. If you click on 'Account' in the upper left corner, you may change your avatar and signature, as well as other board settings. You can add other users to your friends list, create topics and start discussions. Just keep out vulgarity, sexuality, links to inappropriate websites, harsh criticism, inappropriate pictures or jokes, any racial slurs, and other obscene imagery/text (a complete list of forum rules can be found here).

Reporting / Foeing - If another user is breaking the rules, or harassing others, feel free to report them by clicking the exclamation point over the post or private message (a user does not have to be directly harassing you for you to report them. You can report those who are harassing others as well). If a user is directly harassing you, you can go to their profile page and click "Add Foe". This will make it so that they cannot message you or send you trades. You will also not be able to see each other's posts.

Explore - The Explore section allows you to see the sights of Eldemore. This is where events take place when we are holding them. When there are no events going on, you can still look around here, but currently Explore is only for events, which are announced on the News page.

Codex - The Codex holds lots of information about Eldemore. It's main function is a list of all pets ever released. These can be accessed by year and month, and even filtered by artist, species, and more. From here, you can add creatures to your wishlist or hoard list, as well as remove them. The Codex will also be updated with information about locations, characters, and species of Eldemore.

Wishlist / Hoard List - These lists, which can be accessed on the Codex page, allow you to specify to fellow users which creatures you would like to obtain. The Wishlist is generally for creatures that you just want one of, whereas the Hoard List is for creates that you want to collect lots of, also known as 'hoarding', which is perfectly fine on this site. Putting a pet on the Hoard List allows you to set a goal, and show how many of that pet you currently have. People will be able to see what creatures are on your Wishlist Image or Hoard List Image when trading with you. You can see a FAQ just about the Codex and Wishlist right here

Trading Post - You can click the 'Trading Post' link at the top next to 'Codex'. Here you can see your trade history and start new trades with your friends. You can trade with people who are not your friends by viewing their profile and clicking the 'Start a Trade' link. If there is a number next to Trading Post, that means you have a notification. Someone has either responded to one of your trades, or sent you one. Once you go to the Trading Post page, your notifications will be displayed at the top. Once you leave the page, these notices will go away automatically.

We are constantly updating the site. We hope to bring new features and themes over time.[/list]

If you encounter any bugs, such as missing pets, layouts or images looking strange, or not receiving Baubles, please post about it in the Technical Bugs forum, or send a private message to an administrator.

Support email address:

Site/Forum Rules

Trade Rules

Roleplay Rules

Site Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (found at the bottom of every page)

We hope everyone enjoys the website we have labored so long and hard for. Official production of this site began on September 22, 2012. It has seen many hurdles and setbacks since then but were finally able to open Eldemore to the public August 5, 2013. Thank you for joining us on this journey!
See you in Eldemore! :D

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