Rule Update/Clarification Concerning Off-Site Trading

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Rule Update/Clarification Concerning Off-Site Trading

Postby Jendalie » Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:42 am

The rules have been updated to clarify where Eldemore site administrators stand on off-site trading.

These rules are listed on all forums and can be found here.

Jendalie wrote:Do not abuse off-site trading. We do allow members to trade off-site. However, do not make or keep an account on here with the sole purpose of using monthly pets as off-site trade fodder. And do not, under any circumstance, trade between sites that forbid off-site trading. We will ban you and alert the other site about the trade.

This includes any form of account exploitation. Example: You cannot ask members from other sites, for any reason, to join just to give you all of their pets. This is being used as a way around multiple accounting and is not allowed.

If you are an active member on Eldemore with either pet collecting or forum posting (other than the off-site trading section), then you don't need to worry about the rule. If you are only active on the off-site trade threads and you don't collect Eldemore pets, then this is a warning to stop abusing off-site trading.

Update: Due to many people finding or trying to find loopholes with this rule we are now being strict. You must either be active on the forums (other than off-site trading forums) or obvious Eldemore pet collecting to participate in off-site trades from this site. If you quit then quit. Don't keep coming back each month to adopt newborns and trade them for off-site things.

Anyone caught abusing off-site trading will be given one warning.

Clarification due to confusion:

We do not currently delete inactive accounts. This rule would not have any effect on inactive accounts.

For off-site trading specifically, you must be active on this site. We're still in open beta and there's not much to do other than trading and forum posting. Don't use Eldemore to farm pets for off-site fodder. It's very obvious when someone only posts in the off-site forum and all of their trade history is involved in off-site trades. We can see trade and PM history.

If someone is not posting and/or not collecting pets, then why be on the site? Off-site trades were meant to benefit members with their Eldemore pet collection. If an active member would like to participate in off-site trading from time to time for other site pets/items then that's fine.

Over 300 dummy accounts were banned/deleted in 2014 due to people getting others to join for a one time trade. This had a noticeable negative effect on pet values/rarity on Eldemore. This is also the main reason for the stricter rules concerning off-site trades. It also made us more aware of how this trading feature can and is abused my members that only want Eldemore pets to boost their off-site accounts.

We are not affiliated with any other site. We have no control over what other sites say or do and have no contact with them concerning cheating or dummy accounts. We cannot control what happens with other sites concerning who they decide to ban or why they decide to ban them. A site would only be contacted if they do not allow off-site trading and someone is trying to start an exchange with said site on Eldemore.

(Thread shortened in October 2014 to make the rule more easy to understand and keep it to the point.)

Edited for clarification March 01 2015.
Edited for further clarification August 2015.
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