Frequent Suggestions and Questions

Post your Eldemore questions and site suggestions here.

Frequent Suggestions and Questions

Postby Sphye » Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:51 pm

Frequently asked questions and suggestions will be posted here, along with their answers.

To suggest that a certain question or suggestion be addressed here, feel free to send me a PM.

What does this symbol mean? Image

That means that the pet that displays that symbol is a pygmy. Pygmies are fully grown, even though they look just like a newborn or adolescent. ^u^

Will we ever get items to put on our pets?

Benathorn wrote:Focusing on the pets has always been our main priority, but adding line edits like we do with the Runes is a rare occasion. It takes a lot of time on our part to do line/shading/highlights to an edited pet and a lot of time goes into each creation we make since we do not simply do just base colors and designs. The only reason we do so with the Rune Dragons specifically is to keep with tradition with our old adoptables. But you will see more heavily edited pets in the store and for holidays since we wish to give you our best for those type of things.

Items in general is something that is a long way off. Though I say we are pondering it, this may mean we may implement it a year or so from now, so no worries there. Trading baubles though is something we are working on in the background currently. This update you will see sooner rather then later to help those who are not able to purchase them. But we are still working on a great many things and there are only three of us at the moment who do the art and coding.

To elaborate more on "items" we will not be doing art that actually places cloths or odd little attire since our line edits are so abundant. Our items would be more like smaller creatures that can be added as companions for you pets. Just to give you guys a little more insight on what we have in mind and all. We appriciate the support and opinions though and will continue to work on the site in hopes to make it better in the future for everyone. ^^

Will there be a pound or rereleases?

Thorn's Cottage and Bastion's Heart are both features that are currently in the works.
Thorn's Cottage will function similarly to a pound, allowing members to adopt pets that have been donated or taken from a banned user. Bastion's Heart will allow members to adopt old, non-bazaar pets. You can read more about it in this announcement.

The Stone of Random, a once-annual bazaar feature, allows users to purchase two random bazaar pets that have previously been released.
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