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┃ ▷ ▸ ▹ Colorless┃ Short Story ◂ ◃ ◀ ┃

Postby Snore Chan » Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:51 pm

A N G E L I C - D E M O N S

Life is a very fragile thing,
Like a small bird, burning bright, It could fly away at anytime.
My bird finally decided to fly away, My life burned out just as quickly as it had begun..

I wake and look around myself wildly. It is a bleak gray and
blue room, with blinding light. I hear the constant beep
of the machines around me. I try to speak, but my throat is on
fire, "W-water.." I rasp roughly, "Sure thing Masin." The doctor says
grabbing a plastic cup from the desk next to me. "T--thank you."
I say drinking the contents hungrily. It feels like ice running down
my throat. "I'm sorry to say, that you had another accident.." The
doctor says sadly, his eyebrows turn inward with genuine concern.
Oh just wonderful... I thought. My parents just spent hundreds,
maybe thousands of dollars of me. They should have just let me die,
that would have been better, a lot better. I sigh and continue to gulp
the water down, until nothing remains. "So were gonna have to do a
few operations." The doctor continues. I nod bleakly. I don't understand
why they try so hard to save me. It won't work, I will never work. I will die..

My mother rush's in the room and crouch's down to my bed. "Honey,
everything will be fine." She says trying to reassure me, I don't believe
her. I never will. "Its okay mom, I'm fine." I say calmly. More calm then my
mother ever could be. "Miss, we need to start soon." The doctor says,
I almost forgot he was standing here. "You'll make it back, I promise." My mother says.
I scoff, but turn it into a cough halfway through. I hate her optimism and willpower. It makes me feel like I am nothing.
But I guess I am.

I am... Nothing..

I see lights flash by up on the ceiling. They rush me to the operation room. I hear doors open, and others close. My mother trails behind the bed. Trying to keep up. "Honey, its gonna be fine." I hear her voice echo, before the drugs pull me under, like submerging in the water, The cold rushing around me, cold water chilling my skin. I hear urgent voices, Voices that say things like "We have to keep him under!"

"I'm losing him!"

"Oh god.. Its over." And then the last thing I hear is the soft echoing beep of the monitor.

I wake to see a grey-bleak empty meadow. I see the grass sway to and fro, like me, how I bend from trying to kill myself, and just not doing nothing about my life. I see a single tree, and I smile. I knew they failed, and I was so happy.. Now I could be with everyone. The people I bullied, the people who bullied me, the people who treated me with unjust kindness, and love.

I walk slowly and see a swirl of colorful birds fly ahead. Grey slowly creeps around the shapes, like a flame slowly dying. and I know that I have finally reached the Colorless...

M Y - L I F E

Hello! I am A nerd who has
legit no life! I write story's and books. I also read/Draw manga
I watch anime also. I also Roleplay. I love writing basically..
On a less nerdy note. If you wanna start up a conversation just
gimme a PM ;)

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