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About Eldemore

Eldemore is a family owned and operated virtual pet adopts site, run by Benathorn, her husband Zayin, and her sister Jendalie. It started out as a simple thread adopts back in April of 2012. The species that started it all was rune dragons. After drumming up some interest, Ancients were also introduced, and a while after that, elkrin came along.

In September of the same year, armed with some beginner's knowledge in HTML, we began working on a website, which was originally going to be After a year of googling and self-teaching of PHP and phpBB Forums, among many other things, Eldemore was born.

The site launched on August 5th, 2013, and since then, we have accumulated over ten thousand members! Eldemore has become a more story oriented site, expanding its lore and creating many new species and characters. To this day, we have built a strong, fantasy loving and pet hoarding community!

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