SilverThorn- new and accepting- vamp x human

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SilverThorn- new and accepting- vamp x human

Postby owl0430 » Sun Sep 24, 2017 9:09 pm

Camp SilverThorn, the exlusive summercamp for the 'priveleaged'. They only let in certain people. Very...unique, specific people.
No, they're not always your rich kids, not even close. Though the camp itself is quite nice. No, these people have a special diet, and a fondness for the concealment of night. Yes, vampires. This camp is exclusively for vampires. However, somehow, some humans have somehow gotten into the camp. Not even the camp headmaster knows how. Somehow they just managed to...slip through. However,they can't kick them out without raising suspicion. The hard part is hiding the vampires from the humans. So much for the normal vampire-related schedule and activities. Now they have to have normal camp activities...however, the activities for the vamps happen after the human's curfew every night- the curfew only applies to humans. The vampires just have to sneak to them, and make sure they're not followed by the humans.Though what's going to happen to the humans is questionable. Will they be killed by a hungry vampire? Will they secretly make weaopons to use against the vampires? become a vampire themselves? maybe simply a food source for one of the vampires. All will be told, eventually. For now though... ..well, one will just have to see which way the wind blows.

~ Congratulations. Welcome to Camp SilverThorn! We will be glad to see you soon.
However, please keep in mind the camp's rules, which you will be expected to follow. These rules will be strictly enforced.
1.Respect Your camp members and staff.
2. do not break curfew. no staying out later than eight, and no leaving the cabin sooner than 7:30 am.
3. You are not required to show up to all events, but keep in mind it will help your cabin earn points!

~rp rules~
♔ KEEP GENDERS EVEN- you must make 1 male , and 1 female ♔

♔ Keep the balance of supernaturals to humans even. 1 supernatural=1human. ♔

♔No more than 2 pages without me. ♔

♔More than 3 days of inactivity earns you a automatic boot. ♔

♔ No text typing or baby language. ♔

♔ Character age limit- 16 at the youngest- 19 at the oldest. ♔

♔Give everyone time to post. Dont rush them ♔

♔ Anime pics only please. ♔

♔ AT LEAST two lines of typing per post, per character ♔
-- you may have as many charries as you can handle--

▽ name;;
▽ gender;;
▽ age;;
▽ birthday;;

▽ Human/supernatural?(please specify):
▽ eye color;;
▽ hair color;;
▽ height;;
▽ scars;;
▽ tattoos;;

▽ + traits;;
▽ - traits;;
▽ likes;;
▽ dislikes;
▽ history;;

▽ crush;;
▽ secret crush;;
▽ boyfriend/girlfriend;;

- Cabins -

The Silver Fox Cabin- Female vampires

The White Faun Cabin- female humans-

The Scarlet Wolf Cabin -male vampires

The grey chipmunk cabin-male humans.
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