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Re: ıllıll ѕριяιтυαℓ яєαℓм ıllıl V.5 Accepting

Postby SilentObserver » Thu Apr 27, 2017 5:25 pm

    Jenna raises an eyebrow before smirking. He was going to play it that way? Well, either way, she wasn't going to speak.


    Caylee remained quiet. She wasn't going to pitch in anything unless requested to. Her gaze wanders away from everyone and to the ground.


    Joyce nods towards Sy. She keeps her mouth shut and closes her eyes, inhaling softly and quietly only to let it out in a slow exhale. She was trying to grasp everything. How was her blade shattered so easily? Not to mention that it was shattered by a nincompoop.

    (Did I get everyone? lol)
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Re: ıllıll ѕριяιтυαℓ яєαℓм ıllıl V.5 Accepting

Postby LuciDaCake » Thu Apr 27, 2017 5:35 pm

Vincent looked at Caylee and sighed. "Listen bby don't cry, uncle Vincent is here for you." Scooches over to her resting his hand on her shoulder.
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Re: ıllıll ѕριяιтυαℓ яєαℓм ıllıl V.5 Accepting

Postby Bast » Sat May 27, 2017 12:10 pm

Grey gave him a deep glare and smacked Vincent's hand off Caylee's shoulder and moved her away, closer to himself. "Keep your hands to yourself, creep. Who the hell do you think you are, talking to her like that? If I wasn't sure of it before I am now. We're done listening to your stories. And don't try following us anymore, got it?" This guy had really started to unsettle him and not in the best of ways. The guy did make himself sound way more shady then before after all. He turned with Caylee to leave, leaving no room for debate.


Without her even trying to give Ryuuk some sort of challenge he grew bored rather quickly, though he never intended it personally. His attention span was usually a chore to keep interested, which surely Sy had warned Winter of early on. Completely one sided just wasn't his thing, Jenna was making it way to easy to put it in simple terms.

(Had to get this out of the way. Sorry it's killer long. I tried cutting parts short. Lol.)

All the other bodies entered the other room, minutes after Requiem walked in casually with a smile and humming away with pleasure. "Wow. I'm suprised you made it out of your cauldron, brother. Really, it's impressive. You'll have to forgive me tough, I seem to have lost count of-" He suddenly flew out of the doorway, his back slamming against the controls with enough force to bend the metal block like a taco. He had also shifted out just before impact black horns, wings, tail, and hard scale armor on his forarms, smooth scale on his belly with a cold and hollow aura of insatiable thirst. He glanced up with a smirk and stood, dusting off the flames on his belly where there was now a large burned hole in his shirt. "And I really liked this shirt..." he muttered and walked back in. "Nice to know your temper hasn't changed."

"Just out of sheer curiosity, do you have any good reason for any of these accusations?" The deep voice asked rather calmly. His aura was a burning, yet gentle passion that was a bit ticked right now.

"Well, to be completely fair... Mm, I was purely bored. Or irritated." Requiem answered honestly. "By the way, how many have been logged so far? I'm certain they missed a few."

"How many? Is that even worth bothering about anymore right now? You've commited so many wrongs I don't even know where to start." The deeper voice spoke through gritted teeth.

"Quite right. Where do we start? That is a big book after all." Requiem agreed thoughtfully. "Whomever pinned me with vandalism has no appreciation for art, though."

"How about inter-dimensional human trafficing, gambling, initiating and conducting a game of human chess, use of banned arcane rituals, authenticating illegal documents and unjust contracts, bribery! Forgery and falcification of state documents! Do you realize how much this messes up our system!? They are supposed to be dead and yet here they are, standing and breathing! Jeez! Does your vile never end!?" The large man raged.

"Ooh, you sure do know how to pick the highlights for me. I sort of missed that." Requiem commented with odd pride. "I did say I was bored, right?"

"Lets cut to the chase. You can lecture him after as I don't have all day for this act." Hebi cut in. "We'll need you to re-write the contracts as of now and oblige one demand from each subject. Aside from that you'll have to leave all items you've illegally acquired here through any and all means. All debts, if any, are to be paid or settled. If you ever set foot on our soil again without invitation we will no longer take cautious measures and meerly eliminate you on sight. This is your final warning. If you attempt anything else it will be considered an act of war."

"My, all business for a blind man. Greedy too. But your forgetting they are still bound to me as my subjects. If I choose to keep them there's nothing you can do." Requiem argued passively.

"Your in no possition to negotiate, Mori. Your state documents say that they are legally dead so returning to Tamaryah with extra weight would completely disrupt your world's balance, or so I hear. Isn't that why you dumped them here in the first place?" Hebi pointed out.

"Fair enough but not good enough. I merely need to give them the ending I wrote for them. Then I could take them. Legally too. To say they cheated me and I followed suit to take back what's mine is so simple." Requiem noted, not intending to make it so easy.

"Maybe so but we're not letting you have your way this time." Ren clarified as he tossed strung rings on the table.

"Go figure... I can't completely change the contracts, I only left wiggle room for tweaking so if you really want to rid them of it then you'll have to go through with the documented history." Requiem mused with a smile.

"That won't be an issue. Here's the details you'll be changing." Hebi replied as Laurence shifted the paper over to him.

"... Mm. Very technical and to the point. I take it Sylas drew you the blueprints and your making me give them up entirely as well." Requiem mused as he looked it over, rather compliant. With the uttering of a foreign phrase the parchments appeared with designated quill. Plucking it from the air he began making the alterations which only took moments. "Whatever. It was fun while it lasted. There you go."

Ren looked it over then nodded as Hebi diverted his attention to scribbling now that his vision had cleared. "Now the rest."

"Shigure." Laurence cut in, making most look at him, "that's all I care to get back from you."

Requiem gave an amused chuckle. "That old thing? Fine. You can keep it. Not many qualify to use it anyway." He reached out and opened another dimention, one specifically for his stashes, and pulled out a black Odachi with red chrisantheum designs along the sheeth. Equivalent to a great sword and as fearsome as a guillotine, the odachi's weight made it nearly impossible for most people to use. Extending it out to the owner he gripped it a few seconds longer. "I am curious though, how will you ever tell her your intentions on how to resolve this?"

Laurence took back his possession with a tug and summoned the three daggers, throwing them into the other dimension. "I'll leave you with that question." Walking out he set the scythe down by Nova and continued out of the room, with only a brief halt by the demon to let him know where Joyce was.

A few more moments and the room was littered with objects. Putting a stack of papers in a file, Sekigetsu stood and walked out as well. Ren escorted his troublesome brother through the first portal and Sy was left moving the stolen goods.


Hex had been sitting behind the incubator Joyce was in. He looked at Mishu and had the devil teleport them out when he heard footsteps drawing near.

Walking out of the room with his old friend in hand, Laurence walked over to where Joyce was, the expected concern over his face, and set his blade against the wall beside them. Of course he hadn't expected her to listen in on that little scene either so that was going to be interesting later. "Joyce, what happened?" He asked after a short glance to her broken balde fragments on the table.

((Don't know if you wanted Liz to be there already so it can go either way. I started brain farting.))

After turning in the papers to the office Hebi walked to his car with a bag.

((Hebi: ;u; I can see!!! Well kinda. Still slightly blurry.

Hex: >o < *asian voice* then why you dwive!? You make no sense!

Hebi: ^w^ cuz I'm awesome and it's my car.))

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