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Postby Coyote » Sat Jun 17, 2017 11:35 pm

The Tranquil Lakeside Clan

    LappingClan is a solitary clan that resides on the rocky shores of a massive lake deep in the wilderness and untouched by two-legs. They follow a simplified version of the Warrior Code that excludes several traditional rules and are quite welcoming of outsiders wishing to join their ranks. The cats of LappingClan have little to worry about. Prey is abundant. Disease and disaster are rare. This ancient clan has grown complacent and most of their focus remains on simple day-to-day pleasures. LappingClan's idyllic life may be just the sort of comfortable future that will produce generations of content felines. Though one has to wonder if LappingClan has grown soft from their lack of true hardships. It is only a matter of time before their lives of peace and love are shattered by unexpected tragedy.


    Role Play Rules
    1. Three sentences minimum.
    2. Realistic names only.
    3. No repeated prefixes.
    4. All genders and sexualities are welcome.
    5. You may use your own form.
    6. LappingClan only follows the listed rules.
    7. Use common sense.
    LappingClan Warrior Code
    1. Elders, Queens, Kits, and the sick or injured eat first.
    2. Prey is killed only to be eaten.
    3. A kit must be at least six moons old to become an apprentice.
    4. Newly appointed Warriors will keep a silent vigil of one night.
    5. A candidate for Deputy must have mentored at least one Apprentice.
    6. The Deputy will become Clan Leader when the Leader dies or retires.
    7. If a Deputy dies or retires, a new one is chosen before moonhigh.
    8. No Warrior can neglect a Kit in pain or danger.
    9. The word of the Clan Leader is the Warrior Code.
    10. Outsiders wishing to join will first serve probation as an Apprentice.


The Cats of LappingClan

    Leader: Rainstar | Non-Binary | 76 Moons | 8 Lives
    Deputy: Open
    Medicine Cat: Open
    Warriors: Knotstep | Agender | 30 Moons
    Apprentices: Open
    Queens: Open
    Kits: Open
    Elders: Open

    Outsiders: Open
    Rainstar is Knotstep's parent.

    Cat has a crush on cat.

    Cat is mentoring cat.


Previously in LappingClan

    The role play has not started yet, but it is open and accepting characters.

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LappingClan | Rainstar | Knotstep

Postby Coyote » Sat Jun 17, 2017 11:36 pm

Basics wrote:
Any Pronouns
76 Moons
8 Lives
    Nothing much seems to concern Rainstar. Not to say this cat is uncaring, but Rainstar simply is not one to get visibly upset over things. Rainstar has a generally "live and let live" philosophy on life, and prefers to let other cats make their own choices, as long as those choices do not harm anyone else. This easygoing nature makes Rainstar a popular Leader in these good times, but Rainstar has also demonstrated an ability to keep calm even under pressure. While Rainstar is not particularly decisive or authoritarian, Rainstar is at least rather skilled at keeping others calm in the face of danger.
    On a more personal level, Rainstar is soft-spoken, but polite and kind. Rainstar has a charming and witty sense of humor and has been known to be quite the romantic towards any cat that catches this Leader's gaze. Preferred romantic candidates include feminine cats with patched pelts.

Relationships wrote:
Parent to Knotstep
Friends with Knotstep
Appearance wrote:
Solid Grey Shorthair
Yellow Eyes
Slender and Flexible
Smells of Lavender
    When the previous Leader retired, Rainstar, stepped up as the new Leader of LappingClan. Rainstar was a natural choice as Leader, boasting a promising career as a Warrior from a young age. The only thing Rainstar is more proud of of than the position of LappingClan Leader is Knotstep. When Rainstar became a parent, the little grey feline hoped that tiny Knotkit would grow into a strong Warrior that all of LappingClan could be proud of. Now called Knotstep, Rainstar's child has become just that: a capable Warrior.
    Rainstar has a fairly hands-off approach to leadership and prefers to let petty issues sort themselves out on their own. This has resulted in high popularity as a Leader, since the cats of LappingClan seem to enjoy having the freedom to live their lives and make their own decisions. Rainstar is perfectly capable of keeping a cool head during chaos, however. The one and only life this Leader lost was the result of a rescue mission when Rainstar swam out into the lake to rescue a Kit who had gotten too reckless while playing in the water. There was a scuffle with a large fish that tried to eat the poor Kit, but Rainstar managed to hold it off long enough for another Warrior or two to take the Kit to safety. Unfortunately, Rainstar drowned that day and lost a life. Still, Rainstar believes that cats should be allowed to make their own choices and learn from their mistakes. The events at the lake that day showed all the Kits in the nursery why it is so important to use caution when playing by the shore, so there was no need for lectures or additional rules.
    Only time will tell if Rainstar is up for the challenge of guiding LappingClan through any truly harrowing events.

Basics wrote:
They/Them Pronouns
30 Moons
    Anyone who takes the time to interact with Knotstep will likely agree that if Knotstep could be forced to take a single piece of advice to heart, it would be to lighten up. Knotstep takes everything seriously and does not seem to think about anything but silently doing their job to the best of their ability. While such dedication is admirable, one has to wonder about Knotstep. Some consider them uptight and boring, while more empathetic cats might sense that Knotstep is trying so hard because they are plagued by feelings of inadequacy. Knotstep longs to be loves and admired and would jump at the chance to be somebody's hero. Perhaps if Knotstep got a little of the recognition they are so hungry for, they would be able to relax enough to actually enjoy the little things in life.
    Knotstep is exclusively attracted to non-binary cats, but is not very particular aside from that. A non-binary cat willing to take the time to appreciate Knotstep will easily find a way into their heart. It just might take a little patience to get past the "all business" side of Knotstep and find the sweetheart deep inside.

Relationships wrote:
Child of Rainstar
Appearance wrote:
White Shorthair
Grey Patches on Head, Grey Tail
Blue Left Eye, Yellow Right Eye
Sturdy, Flexible
Average Height
Average Weight
Smells of Pine
    Being the child of a Deputy, and later a Leader, is never easy. Knotkit, as they were called at the time, was named for their white-and-grey-patched fur, which resembled the shorebird by the same name. From a young age, Knotkit felt a fair amount of pressure to live up to the expectations of their parent's rank. Though Knotstep is now a capable Warrior, they never felt quite satisfied with their achievements. Knotstep longs to be liked and respected as much as Rainstar, but instead feels terribly average in every way. Some cats might resort to any number of attention-seeking behavior, but Knotstep has only become focused and withdrawn. Knotstep works silently and tirelessly to make a good impression. This work-focused attitude has made it difficult for Knotstep to make genuine connections in LappingClan. They could certainly stand to lighten up and have some fun once in awhile.
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