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Post forms specifically made for either 1x1's or private group role plays. Can include anything from animals, humans to fantasy based role plays. These can be based off of movies, books, or games.

Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

Postby cujo. » Wed Mar 16, 2016 8:55 pm

hello =^.^=
i'm cujo, and i'm currently looking to develop my eldemore characters.
i'm an older irish teen who runs on GMT and is an awkward nerd who loves photography, writing, mastiffs, supernatural and orphan black.

i haven't roleplayed in over a year but used to consider myself semi-lit, able to throw out a 250-300 word post on average. at this point i'm not too bothered by post length, though i won't roleplay one-liners. a small paragraph will do, i'm looking for a relaxed roleplay so neither of us feel pressured and loose interest purely on post size.

i have a lot of spare time and i'm on everyday for at least two hours.

things to note about me ;;
● i don't capitalise, which you may have noticed and i probably overuse commas, which you may also have noticed.
● am ace and most of my characters are LGBT+
● i'm shy but i warm up to people quickly. i want a partner who's willing to chat and won't mind if i come screaming or sobbing in their inbox about my headcanons and character ideas. hey, you're free to scream sob back yours, too. (also, i'm an awkward bean, you'll have to put up with my awkward attempts at friendship)
● i only roleplay through forums.
● i probably reference supernatural too much, oops.
● can play multiple characters.
● have a charahub but no character art references so they're all hidden (and still needs lots of info, whoops) but i can give you links to characters who i'm looking to roleplay if charahub stays up for awhile.

you ;;
● i'm looking for a relaxed roleplay. so as long as you post more than a few lines i'm game; post what you like (well, not one line but, y'know)
● be willing to throw some plot lines at me. i'm not great to start off with; i'm rusty.
● poke me gently with a stick if i've gone quiet.
● tell me if you want to drop a roleplay for anything. i don't care. we can always start another one.
● have some sort of character page where i can snoop on your character or tell me in a bit of detail (the page is flexible since mine are all hidden, i just like reading about characters)
● chat with me in pm's. i like getting to know my roleplay partners.
● be fairly active and able to post a couple of times a week.
(i think having a relaxed post size helps roleplays flow so i'm hoping for a few replies a week)

so come say hi sometime c:
or just enjoy the hypnotic fishing kitty.


you are my sunshine,
my only sunshine,
you make me happy,
when skies are grey.

eldemore character thread || charahub
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Postby cosima niehaus » Thu Mar 17, 2016 12:40 pm

ᴀ ᴅʀᴏᴘ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ

ᴀ ᴄʜᴀɴɢᴇ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ


        hello, i'm cosima, and i am currently looking for a few roleplays to keep me occupied while exams approach.

      i like to consider myself to be literate, or at least semi depending on the roleplay itself, and i tend to write anywhere between two to six decent paragraphs consisting over 300-500 words, if not more. i am online every day for at least two hours and i prefer to roleplay on
      threads, but am also open to using pms.

      all i ask is for you to reply at least once a week and be able to match my posts, or even better, able to extend and contribute to the
      plot using your posts.

                currently, i am interested in the following plots;

      movie/comic book/tv show based; xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxother;

      avengers; xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.ღ f/ f
      ღ clint barton/natasha romanoff xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxღ addict/ dealer
      ღ natasha romanoff/ maria hill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxღ assassin/ target
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxღ fluff/ angst
      the 100; xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ღ fast-paced romance
      ღ clarke/ lexa
      ღ lexa/ oc
      ღ (elyza lex/alicia clark)

      orphan black;
      ღ cosima/ delphine

      wentworth prison;
      ღ franky/ oc
      ღ franky/ erica

      ღ taylor/ oc



ɪ ᴡᴀs ᴘʀᴀʏɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴀᴛ
ᴍɪɢʜᴛ ᴇɴᴅ ᴜᴘ
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Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

Postby Verdana » Fri Apr 15, 2016 2:51 pm


Hi. I'm Verdana, and I'm looking for someone to engage in a bit of writing.

Please do note:
1. I am a full-time student and working several jobs, so replies may be long in coming (people who have RPed with me in the past will KNOW).
2. Despite this, I promise that the replies will be worth waiting for! I am a literate RPer, so I write on average 700-1000 words per post (never under 700, can go up to 2000 words per post on a good day). With that in mind, I do request a partner who can write similar word lengths. If you're slightly under, not the end of the world! Post length isn't everything and creative plot dynamics or fun writing style outweigh length.

I am looking for the following types of themes:
. ALWAYS HUMANOID. I'd prefer not to RP animals.
1. Equestrian-based, but not in the traditional sense of riding school/competitive riders. Some new sort of angle.
2. Fantasy or fictional elements.
3. A world of our own devising.
4. SOMETHING WITH TIMELORDS. I've recently discovered Doctor Who, and while I don't want to write canonically in that universe, I am really digging the core concept and wouldn't mind toying with it.
5. Anything new/unusual with a cool plotline.

I am NOT looking to write:
1. Any book/movie universe with already-written characters. New material only please.
2. Purely animal RP (unless aliens. I am a sucker for aliens).

So, yeah. If you're interested or have some cool ideas that you want to toy with, shoot me a PM! I'm super nice, promise ^^'

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Postby issues » Fri Apr 15, 2016 10:14 pm

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Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

Postby Scyanatha » Sun Apr 17, 2016 5:48 am


Hello there~
Nice to meet you! The name's Scyanatha, but you may call me Scy.
I'm currently looking for some fun RPs to practice my writing ability. I would especially love me some Eldemorian RPs, but other things are welcome too.
I've recently gotten back into RPing, and most of my previous RP experience has been in realtime chat (IRC), but I'm pretty certain that I can at least write on a semi-literate level. I'd also like to say that I don't do one-liners; I like having something substantial to reply to, but anything longer than five sentences goes so I'm not very picky.
I will usually (try to) match my partner's post length.
Oh, and I prefer to RP in the forums. I don't mind if it's in PM, but then I will have to watch out that I don't delete previous RP posts.



> Semi-literate, pays a lot of attention to spelling.
> My post length may vary a bit, but my posts are
usually around 300-500 words in length (per
> I'm fairly shy, but you will hardly notice that once
we start. I talk OOC a lot, either in PM or in double
brackets like [[...]] or ((...)).
> In various games I play, I'm notorious for going
MIA without any prior notice. I doubt that will
happen here, but if I go quiet, poke me with a PM.
The mail should wake me up.
> When I don't go MIA, I'm fairly active, capable
of turning out at least two posts per week.
> I'm probably not too good at romance RPs, but
if we do a romance RP, I prefer it to be M/M or M/F.
> I probably overuse commas - it's a bad habit.
> I'm not very good at coming up with a plot, so I
would like someone who can help with building a
plot. Drama is alright, and (physical) fights are fun.


> I prefer someone who is decent at English and uses
capitalization and interpunction. This is just because
that's generally a lot easier to read. ♥
> I would really like it if you could roughly match
my posts, but less is fine. I'm pretty flexible on this
point as long as you don't do one-liners.
> Share your plot ideas, ships, conspiracies and
whatever else with me! All of it! Also, don't
be shy to poke me when I go quiet for longer than
you'd like.
> I would like someone who is active enough and
has enough time to make at least one post per
week. If you're busy, though, that's fine! I'm
fairly flexible on this point and will forgive you
if you can't post for a while.
> As I said over there on the left, I'm not very
good at coming up with a plot. Or I will have a
plot but not be sure how to execute it. Either
way, I'd like you to throw your plot ideas at me -
which I pretty much already said in the point
above the previous one.

What am I interested in:
I will always prefer to RP humanoids. Unless we're talking dragons. I can't say no to dragons.
Eldemore-based RPs. I absolutely love Eldemore's lore and would love to roleplay just about anything in an Eldemorian setting.
Sandbox or random (fantasy) worlds that only exist in our RP. There's just something about creating a whole world for yourself, with its own magic and rules, where the only limits are those you set for yourself.
LotR-based RPs. Never done any before, though. I will not play canon characters, however.

Angels, demons, monsters, shape-shifters, magic. I'm a sucker for dark fantasy.
Edo Japan / medieval times.
(bold italic+heart = love; bold+heart = like; bold+arrow = that's fine)

Not so much: AKA: don't ask for this.
Animal RPs
(Dragons are the only exception, because dragons.)
Modern Life


IF you want to roleplay fandoms, here's a few things I've read or seen:
LotR - Very familiar with this universe, but have never written the tiniest scrap of fanfic about it.
Harry Potter - except cringe because childhood.
Bleach - I might drop my rule of "no canon characters" for this, because Ulqui & Grimm. <3
Naruto - Not sure how I'd go about this, though.
Inheritance/Eragon - Again not sure how I'd go about RPing this.
And a whole list of other books, movies and anime, half of which I don't even remember until you tell me the name.


Anyway, feel free to just shoot me a PM, and we can work something out!
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Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

Postby FairyCharmed » Mon Apr 18, 2016 2:28 pm

FairyCharmed wrote:
L o o k i n g × f o r × 1 × 1!
(Or a private group RP)


      Hello! My name is FairyCharmed, but please feel free to call me Fairy. I am looking for mainly a 1x1 Doctor Who or WhoLock (Doctor Who × Sherlock crossover) RP, though I'm not opposing a small group (3-5) RP c:

      About Me
      I am an English Language and Literature major college student living in Korea (South). I love to write fanfictions, especially for Doctor Who, and my English is good enough (I hope!) c:

      What I Will Do
      Doctor Who
    • OC × OC (friendship)
    • 10 × OC (platonic/friendship)
    • 10 × Rose (friendship/growing love for each other)
    • 11 × OC (platonic/friendship)
    • 11 × River (romance/adventure)
    • 11 × Missy (frenemy status ☞ friends)
    • 11 × Rose (reunion/friendship)

    • 11 × Sherlock (friendship)

    • (if there has to be pairings) m × f (I don't hate the other pairings but I feel most comfortable playing just m×f right now)

      (Key: Ones in italics are the one that I prefer to play)

      What I will NOT Do
    • m × m or f × f pairings (I have nothing against them; I just haven't done any of these types yet)

      What You Can Expect from Me
    • 3+ sentences per post (introduction post(s) may be ~2-3 paragraphs with 3+ sentences each)
    • Checking RP/Posting replies at least twice a day (sometimes I will get distracted by Flight Rising so please bear with me!)
    • Friendly OOC/Chat along with RP posts (if you like this, of course)

      What I Expect from You
    • Online at least once a week
    • Know some basic facts for Doctor Who and/or Sherlock
    • Write at least 2 sentences (or mirror my posts)

      Other Information
      I don't expect you to be able to post with fancy coding and stuff, partly because I can't do that ^^' also, I'd rather do RPs on the forums, not through PMs.

      Thank you so much for looking over my post and hope to start RPing with some of you ^-^
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Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

Postby Sycake » Tue Apr 19, 2016 10:27 pm

Hello! I'm Sycake but you can just call me Sy. I'm a RP newbie, looking to get into it. I figured here is the best place to start.

I consider myself semi-literate and I will try my best to match your paragraph length. As for my activity, I check back on Elde once a day so you can expect timely responses. We can use the board or PMs, it depends entirely on your preferences. I can RP as any gender, and while I do not care that much for romance, I'm okay with any pairing. However, I will not play cannon characters.

I'm honestly not very picky. As long as you can write few proper sentences, I'm fine with it. I'd prefer if you could hold the reins in the start but it all depends on what we choose to RP. I would prefer you to play original character, but if you really wish to play the cannon one, sure, go ahead.

If there's plot that you have in mind and that I haven't mentioned, suggesting it does no harm.
Eldemore. I'm still new and grasping the lore but I fell in love with it.
Anything fantasy or steampunk. We can use set world (from either books or games) or make our own.
Not interested:
Real life/High-school. It's just not my cup of tea.
Supernatural/Doctor Who. Don't hate me please.
Most animes. As much as I really like anime, there's tons I haven't seen yet, so I don't think I'd make that good of a partner for that.

Thank you for taking your time to read my post. I look forward to starting some RPs with you.
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Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

Postby Silverhart » Thu Feb 16, 2017 2:14 am

Salutations, all!

    Everyone probably knows me as that crazy purple-name person who stalks around Eldemore and occasionally likes to lick the tastier looking pets, but in case you don't know me, I'm Silverhart, and currently on the hunt to improve my roleplaying skills.

    Specifically I'd like a nice 1X1 or small group roleplay based around Eldemore. I especially like the dynamics a small group of three or four creative brains at work, but 1X1 is nice too. I'm open to any plots you might have, and always happy to throw some ideas around myself. I have one in particular in mind for my Keeper character Ayal, and the events following the destruction of the Keeper Monastery.

A little bit more about what I'm looking for:

  • Quality – I love the English language. I greatly appreciate when my partners use correct grammar, spelling, and pay attention to the more technical aspects of writing, character development, and story telling. I'm forgiving of mistakes, since I am much maligned by the great Ancient of Typos myself, but mostly all I ask is that I am able to understand your posts, and that there's enough for me to work with.

  • Length - I'm looking for a partner, or partners who will challenge me writing wise. My word count for roleplays typically comes in at between 250 – 500 words a post, but since I plan on using this to keep my writing skills sharp I'm looking to possibly write a bit more then 500 words a post, and to have partners willing to match or exceed that. But I'll also need partners who will be forgiving of days when I can't get my posts up that high, either because the story demands a quick response or plain old writer's block, and I will extend the same courtesy to them.

  • Time - I'm not too strict on the time it takes to respond, since I may very well be slow some days myself. More often then not it will take me a few days to respond, though I do my best not to let it go past a week. Feel free to give me a nudge if I'm not responding fast enough, and let me know if you need a break from roleplaying.

  • Something a potential roleplay partner should probably know up front is that I like to make fun of my characters. I like to put them in uncomfortable, embarrassing, or hilarious situations, and I am not above using slapstick, and bad jokes to get there. That doesn't mean you have to be the same with your characters, or that we need to avoid the heavy drama - good gosh, I love drama! - but don't expect the content of my posts to always be serious. A sense of humor is definitely required.

  • Note on Romance - I'm not interested in setting out for romance at all, and I definitely don't want my roleplay partner to get that idea. I can't stand writing sappiness or needless fluff, so unless there's a relationship planned out beforehand, if you want the story to turn down that way it will be with my characters kicking and screaming and ninjas bursting in to bust things up when it starts getting too fluffy. Which... if you want that, I guess I can't stop you. I mean - more drama right? XP
    I like to develop relationships with layers - not ones that are focused solely on romance. I do not like romance simply for the sake of romance, and I cannot do fluff at all. So if your character is angling down that path just know it won't be an easy one.

    Types of roleplays I'm looking for:

  • Eldemore! - We're on Eldemore, you guys - let's do some Eldemore stuffs! I have tons of characters I've spent time crafting, developing, and perfecting but have only written for a handful of them.

    Most all of my characters are available for roleplay, although some (Delwyn and Oscar for example) come as a package deal, and other's won't fit into every plot line. You can find them all here on my Charahub (until I'm able to transfer them all over as Eldsonas).

    I'm totally open to tossing around plot ideas, and jumping on one you might have or throwing around some of my own ideas.
    As I stated before I have a desire to use my character Ayal, a Keeper after he discovers the destruction of the Keeper Monastery. It'd be perfect for another scholarly sort or two to join him, perhaps another Keeper who escaped the devastation, or an aspiring Keeper who didn't reach the monastery.

    I'm also open to my characters having other relationships with other Eld characters to play off of, so long as it fits their backstory and personalities (Old comrades-in-arms, second cousins, an old flame, or rival, or perhaps they know each other through a shared acquaintance). These seem like fun to roleplay, and will give characters a starting ground to interact with each other.

A few other things I'm open to, but less interested in:

  • Historical - In general any historical setting pre WWI piques my roleplay interest, especially if there's an element of fantasy that can be played with. I'm pretty picky on this one though - there needs to be a nice juicy plot and an interesting world for me to really sink my teeth into, before I'll consider it.

  • Age of Sail - speaking of worlds I can sink my teeth into - give me a tall ship and a stiff breeze to roleplay and I'll be quite happy.

  • Fantasy - again, same as with Historical I need a real juicy plot and an interesting world to work with and get excited about - which is why an Eld roleplay would be perfect! XD Seriously though, if the setting is fantasy I need a premise and a setting that I'm able to play around in. A springboard for character and subplot ideas, and enough of a developed plot that I can build a character backstory from it. I'm happy to bounce ideas around if need be, but I'd rather jump into a world that was already somewhat developed *cough*Eld*cough*.

Look at my lovely, longwinded ramblings up there. If you've read this far - then congrats! You might have what it takes to put up with me as a roleplay partner! And if you didn't read all of that up there and decided to just read this last part... then I can't say I blame you. XP
My name is Silverhart and I am here to collect pets, draw fanart, and geek out over Eld related things. And all while simultaneously searching for the truth behind the very many excellent questions. I am a stamp enthusiast, a loyal minion to my Lord Sullivan, partaker of muffins, and a shipper of apologies.
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Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

Postby FooFarny » Sat Apr 08, 2017 7:27 am

Hello! I'm FooFarny And I'm looking for a 1x1! I been Roleplaying for about 6 years. Mostly on CS, eldermore or Kik or other sites.

I can post up to 2 maybe 5 sentences per post, I'm very friendly and love to OCC with you if that's possible. I'm a YouTube addict (or trash.. ) and I'm on everyday sometimes all day providing I'm not in school. I'm very supportive of the LGBT+ community so I can do MxM,FxF & MxF (tend to play the female but I can play male but it's quite difficult but I try)

Here are the topics I'm wanting to do

criminal Minds I'm seriously wanting an Criminal minds 1x1 it seems as no one likes it but I still have my hopes up! I will love you forever if you do this with me with the plot I'm so desperate to do.

NCIS x10000000000 (has plot)
Rizzoli and isles X 1000000000 (had plot)

Law and order x 100000000000000 (has a plot but it's centered around season 9,10,11 with Abbie Carmichael I will love you if you can do this with me!)

Gilmore girls: so desperate for this as well!

Girl meets world (has plot will love you and worship you if you do this with me)

Joe sugg x oc (I play oc) X 10000000000
Caspar lee x oc (I can play Caspar )

Lucky star
My neighbor Totoro
Wolf children

The lion king
Fox and the hound
Beauty and the beast
Winnie the Pooh
101 Dalmatian

Human roleplays
Animal roleplays
My little pony
Resident evil
Kingdom hearts.

Dan x Phil

I'm also wanting to do a slice of life roleplay! So basically two single people could live in the same apartment complex and they bump into each other? Go to the same university or somthing I don't know but I'm really craving this ^_^

I won't do Star Wars or history roleplays.

Note: my OC female will have some sort of disability or lifestyle difficulty. Most likely she will have type one diabetes, epilepsy or cerebral palsy. If you do not want this in my OC please let me know.

Thank you for reading!
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Re: Search for One x One Role-Plays

Postby CallMeEm » Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:56 pm

hi, I'm in the mood to roleplay, due to well, I'm bored and I have relay nobody to roleplay with :)

These things is what I usually roleplay ((my English is bad and I was born on the USA aaaa)):
The walking dead
Hunger games
Ender's game
Dead poets society
Big hero 6
How to train your dragon
Lord of the rings
The office
The lion king
Warrior cats
Video games
Assassins creed
And much more!

I have many oc, animals and humans, and I will be willing to make another for your oc if needed :).

I do single or double roleplay, which means I can roleplay one or two people.
Double roleplay is like this: I can play myself and a person of your choice, and you will play yourself and the person of my choice.

I can do any genres, and I just love to roleplay. We can make plots together or if you have some don't be afraid to ask!
DM me and we can either roleplay there or make a fourms ^.^

♋︎ ♒︎ ♎︎ ♏︎ ♑︎ ♍︎
☽ ● ☾

Hi there, call me Em here! Im an artist, writer, swimmer, colorguard girl, and
a lot more things into one small 5' 5" girl with curly/wavy dark brown hair.
Oh yeah, don't forget the glasses! Anyways, I just wanna say if you want to
talk, PM me. If you want to roleplay, PM me, and if you want to art trade or want
me to draw something for you, just PM me. Also, Im into Homestuck, Sherlock, DPS.
HIMYM, Dr. Horrible, Youtube, Warrior Cats, Phan, and much more.
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