LF: Closed Species Myo Designs

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LF: Closed Species Myo Designs

Postby Shiori » Fri Oct 04, 2019 6:56 pm

Hey there! I'm looking to get some myo designs for a closed species called Makoatls! I've got a bunch of myo tickets and I'd like to use them~ I'm fine with custom lines or designs/edits on a premade myo base~ I'm willing to offer pets and baubles for the designs~

Species Information: https://evolantiss.weebly.com/species-info.html
Trait Information: https://evolantiss.weebly.com/trait-guide.html
Premade Myo Base: https://sta.sh/01g56dhqw3lv

Myo Tickets I own:
Common x12
Uncommon x8
Rare x7
Very Rare x2
1 Legendary Trait w/Unlimited Below
2 Legendary Traits w/Unlimited Below
2 Illegal Traits, 3 Legendary Traits w/ Unlimited Below
If there's no number listed before the ticket type, assume it's unlimited~

For the Illegal Myo and the 2 Legendary Myo, I have the details all planned out for them. The other myos will most likely be freeform based on palettes/moodboards/trait lists. The Illegal Myo will be a 2-part design, so I have an offer for the design below.

The Illegal Myo will be a rather big undertaking, and as such I'm willing to offer this pet for it to be completed:
I can also offer instead of that pet about 800 baubles and some high rarity pets in my groups.

As for all other designs, I'm willing to offer wishlist pets of all kinds. Please keep in mind that I will not trade a legendary pet for a single common design. I'm more likely to offer higher rarity pets for higher level myo tickets.
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