[W] Art! [H] Legendary/Ultra Rare Event Creatures!

Post here if you are looking to request art work from other users.

[W] Art! [H] Legendary/Ultra Rare Event Creatures!

Postby Ticklicous » Wed Jan 12, 2022 3:57 pm

Currently seeking art, and offering up any of the creatures in my Special/Event group in my Homestead which you can view to see what I have to offer.

The characters I have that I would be seeking art of are available to view here: https://toyhou.se/Ticklicous/characters

Feel free to post here or PM me with examples of your art what pet you're after. I know for a fact some of the creatures I am offering are incredibly valuable so I won't be easy to sway with moderate or mediocre art if you're after those.
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