New Site Development Update - January 25, 2021

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Re: New Site Development Update - January 25, 2021

Postby Astarion » Mon Aug 30, 2021 11:57 pm

Just some quotes from the FAQ regarding the haitus of the site and development of the new one I feel are important to reiterate:

Zayin wrote:
If people stopped checking in, would there be a way to notify them about the new site going online? It also seems strange that the building would take almost a year, but i have no experience with programming or maintaining a website. What will the bulk of the time be spent on? This is purely curiosity and you don't have to answer.

In the couple of months before relaunch, we will engage in a "get the word out" campaign to let everyone know. I also have the ability to send an email to everyone who's signed up, and we'll post updates about it here on the site.

As for development, the main reason it takes so long is because I have a full time job. I have to work on this in my spare time and on weekends. And to do it right and implement all the same features we have now, plus the new ones we want, all pretty much from scratch, will take time and diligence.

If there are some freebies released will they be left up for the term of downtime or limited and if so what might be the expected duration?

You might want to check in on Christmas, New Years, etc. Whatever we release will be left up for a reasonable amount of time (not a single day or anything), but not the full duration of the break.

Yes, while it was projected to be released in 2018, plans such as these are never set in stone. Just as well, Zayin logged in this past July, so he is checking in when he has the opportunity. This year and the past have been difficult on everyone, and with the hurricanes hitting as well as other rising issues, it is understandable for V2 to be on the backburner, or for Zayin to focus on working on it and not making an update here (especially if he is currently working on the behind-the-scenes portion of the site, he would understandably not want to share screenshots of that work).

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