New Site Development Update - January 25, 2021

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Re: New Site Development Update - January 25, 2021

Postby Vespur » Wed Aug 03, 2022 2:56 am

Ages since I have been on this site....dead it feels.
There has been no updates to us. No word. Even a simple message saying you're doing something would
have been better than nothing for years. You built a community from another site and watched it
grow into loving fans. Ones who spent money. Ones who helped. Ones that stayed. To this day are still here
, and if I can find time to post this message, why can't they? I get it life and all. True. But why would
you post once a year when it takes no more than a simple minute to say to us you are here and trying? We want an answer
and once a year is not enough. I have given up.....the day my birthday happens....I will post once more and say goodbye. I had customs I worked hard for and no update....I am sad....I don't have my hopes up for this coming the same and move on....cause your community is doing the same since this is gone.
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Re: New Site Development Update - January 25, 2021

Postby LonelyRyu » Fri Aug 19, 2022 3:49 pm

I agree. Despite 'life and all' posting a quick message doesn't take more than a couple of minutes. Why not take the time to post a quick update while the baby is napping? Afte nearly five years, would that really be too much to ask for?

Nothing big, just a 'Hey everyone, we had to quit. Buh-bye.' or if the new site is up at least let us see a sneak peek.
Anything just to let us know you are ok.

Are you?
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Re: New Site Development Update - January 25, 2021

Postby *JACKAL* » Sun Aug 28, 2022 2:58 pm

Anyone read the comic Off White? Cos I see that comics future for Eldemore too. All good intentions of an upgrade, but then "life"
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Re: New Site Development Update - January 25, 2021

Postby // kzry » Mon Sep 19, 2022 11:34 am

Ooo a comic suggestion, I'll have to keep that in mind!

Poking my head around here again, admiring my stuffs (and lamenting the two phoenixes im missing)
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Re: New Site Development Update - January 25, 2021

Postby Asterlie » Mon Oct 03, 2022 2:02 pm

Very disappointing to see no word since 2021. I was really hoping this site would stay around for longer, but it really seems like it's abandoned at this rate. Idk, I think it's time I gave up on this site; I was really hoping it would turn around one day, but it doesn't seem like it's going to. It was fun while it lasted c,:


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Re: New Site Development Update - January 25, 2021

Postby FoxFlame » Mon Oct 03, 2022 8:10 pm

Halloween time again and I cant help but reminice all the past fun All Hallows Eve events

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Re: New Site Development Update - January 25, 2021

Postby Sany » Wed Oct 05, 2022 1:58 pm

Haven't logged in in forever, sad to see this site will likely remain dead. It was my favourite website :(


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